What Is MU-MIMO Technology?

What Is MU-MIMO Technology?

MU-MIMO Technology stands for multi-user, multiple inputs, and multiple output technology better known as MU-MIMO which you’ll find on router packaging.

Routers with MU MIMO

Technology can communicate with multiple web enable devices simultaneously. This
dramatically cuts down the time each one of your devices has to wait to connect to your
network, usually you won’t notice it but if you’re a gamer or streamer it can make your internet appear faster. MU-MIMO technology also breaks up your available bandwidth into separate, individual streams that can evenly divide bandwidth among your devices.
If you’re considering buying a new router, you’ll find this article helpful. We’re going to go over the advantages, disadvantages, and capabilities of MU-MIMO technology that will apply to all major internet providers like EarthLink, Verizon, MetroNet, and GotW3.

Advantages Of MU-MIMO Technology

If you opt to go with a Wi-Fi router with MU-MIMO technology you can experience these

● A better Wi-Fi experience for everyone connected to your network
● Decreases time for each device has to wait to send and receive data
● Distributes your bandwidth evenly
● Increases the number of devices that can connect simultaneously

Disadvantages Of MU-MIMO Technology

Even though MU-MIMO technology is great, it comes with some disadvantages as well like

● Only benefits your download speeds, not your upload speeds
● You’ll need both a MU-MIMO capable router and devices to take advantage of the
● It does not work with previous generation routers like b, g and n

Which Wi-Fi Routers Use MU-MIMO Technology?

AC routers are the first to use MU-MIMO technology. Previous generations of Wi-Fi routers like b, g, and n do not have MU-MIMO technology. Even earlier versions of AC routers did not have MU-MIMO technology implemented. Routers without it are far less superior due to their singular capacity for wireless connections at a time and less range. If you're in search of a new router with MU-MIMO technology, its best to look for a router that explicitly says it supports MU-MIMO on the box or the product listing.

What Devices Work With MU-MIMO Routers?

To take advantage of MU-MIMO technology, both your router and the receiving device have to have MU-MIMO compatibility to communicate properly with one another. Most modern devices are MU-MIMO capable, but those that are more than 2 years old are likely not and cannot take advantage of it. Your devices will still connect and work fine; you just won’t get the added benefit of MU-MIMO.

Why Should I Care About MU-MIMO Technology?

You should care about MU-MU technology if any of the following describe your household:

● Have 2-4 devices streaming or gaming at the same time
● Have many devices online simultaneously
● Have internet service with decent bandwidth
● Have capable devices that can benefit from a capable router

Do I Need My Router To Be MU-MIMO Capable?

Maybe, it all depends on how you and your family plan on using your internet. If your household has online gamers or streamers, a MU-MIMO capable router could be right for you. It’s also especially great if these activities happen at opposite sides of your home as MU-MIMO technology handles them well.



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