Soujiyi: Best Email Finder App in 2024

Data has evolved into a valuable asset that fuels innovation and decision making. Finding useful and trustworthy information might be difficult in the large ocean of data. Nonetheless, with Soujiyi, data discovery becomes a straightforward and efficient procedure. In this article, we look at Soujiyi’s background, features, interface, and ability to alter people and organizations.

Prepare to experience data exploration like never before with Soujiyi. Soujiyi transforms marketing and sales. Soujiyi automates and simplifies email prospecting by using powerful artificial intelligence, notably ChatGPT technology.

Introduction to Soujiyi.

Soujiyi has revolutionized email marketing by using ChatGPT technology and AI. Soujiyi automates and simplifies email marketing to help businesses contact their target clients more accurately and rapidly than ever before. Soujiyi is a Chinese corporation founded in 2021. Its name translates to “data easy,” and its mission is to make it simpler for businesses to find and utilize data.

Soujiyi searches the web for the most recent and accurate contact information for potential customers using powerful NLP algorithms. Soujiyi uses AI, big data, and machine learning to collect, evaluate, and verify millions of B2B data points, including buyer IDs, business profiles, and contact information. This potent combination allows businesses to personalize their email marketing communications to their clients’ interests and sectors, increasing connection and sales.

How does Soujiyi Work?

  1. Users of Soujiyi may be able to save time and effort since it uses new technologies to streamline tasks.
  2. With Soujiyi, businesses can personalize their email marketing messages to each customer depending on what they do and enjoy. This engages more people and boosts sales.
  3. With Soujiyi’s robust data and reporting tools, businesses can quickly assess the effectiveness of their email marketing. They can make a decision after they have all of the information.
  4. Because they are optimized, Soujiyi’s tools may help you get more out of your email marketing and increase your ROI.

Soujiyi: How can I acquire their help and learn from them?

You may get in touch with Soujiyi via the following methods and tools:

  • The platform’s Help Centre contains various feature instructions as well as information on typical issues and solutions. Learn how-tos, rules, tips, and frequently asked questions here.
  • Its blog contains news, articles, case studies, and other B2B sales and marketing information. Blog postings provide Soujiyi advise.
  • Soujiyi’s business features and tools are presented in a workshop. Livestream or record the session. The video explains how to use it and gives information.
  • The Support Team is accessible around the clock by phone, email, live chat, and ticket. They are skilled and experienced customer service representatives who can answer inquiries, handle problems, and provide assistance with operational and technical difficulties.

Figure out how effectively your email marketing initiatives are doing to improve performance and optimize your investment. If you follow the advice, you may utilize open, click-through, and conversion rates to figure out how successful your efforts are. Discover trends and patterns in your data to make informed choices that will help you improve your email marketing strategy and optimize your investment. Soujiyi recommends using analytics tools to track the success of your email marketing activities.

What are Soujiyi’s characteristics and solutions?

Soujiyi provides a variety of tools and services to help you with business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales. This includes:

A data subscription service allows you to view and download millions of pre-verified and current B2B data depending on your target market and customer profile.
Business, location, revenue, and staff size are just a few of the various criteria that may be used to search and organize data.

You also have the option of receiving data that is specially customized to your requirements.

Email Finder scans many websites, including Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and others, to find email addresses of potential purchasers, which you can then copy and paste.

You may download add-ons for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox that will help you find email addresses on any website. Send the addresses to your campaigns or save them in a system for monitoring customer interactions.

Campaigns that drip: This software allows you to send targeted, automated emails to leads so you can keep in touch until they respond or make a purchase.

You may set up many triggers and escalate them depending on the recipients’ actions, such as opening, clicking, responding, or unsubscribing.

Does Soujiyi Help in Business?

Soujiyi may help you and your business in a variety of ways, including:

A single platform with a variety of solutions and services may be used to find and validate B2B data, saving time and resources. Saves both time and money.
AI and big data technologies that create and analyze B2B data and content, as well as solutions that automate and optimize processes, may increase productivity.
To locate and engage with your ideal customers and improve performance, use precise and high-quality B2B data and content. The tools also let you examine and improve your sales and marketing KPIs.

Soujiyi Use in Business:

Soujiyi may be downloaded via the Apple Store or Google Play. Visit the website if you have a phone.
You may create or log in using your email address, phone number, or social media.
You choose your monthly plan. Credit, debit, net banking, and pocket money are all payment possibilities.
To utilize the platform’s features and services, follow the instructions on the screen: email discovery, drip marketing, sales CRM, data subscription, and email verification.
To increase sales, use Soujiyi to locate, engage with, and convert your target customers.

Soujiyi provides tools and customer support.

You can make the most of your Soujiyi experience by providing excellent customer service and using practical tools. Soujiyi provides personalized support as well as numerous help resources and lessons. The Soujiyi support staff may help with website troubles or email marketing plan enhancements. On internet forums and discussion sites, enthusiasts may exchange their thoughts and tips.

Last words:

Soujiyi blends human expertise with cutting-edge technology such as big data and AI to help you reach your marketing and sales objectives. Provides a variety of tools and services to help you find, engage with, and finally convert your target clients, including data subscription, email finder, drip campaigns, sales CRM, and email verification.

FAQs: How does Soujiyi affect email open rates?

Soujiyi recommends creating compelling email subject lines to boost open rates and audience engagement. Personalization, urgency, and curiosity may all encourage consumers to open and engage with emails.

How does Soujiyi ensure data quality and accuracy?

Soujiyi employs comprehensive data verification and validation techniques to assure the accuracy of its B2B data. This includes using machine learning to find and eliminate false or out-of-date data, as well as cross-referencing several sources.

Do CRM systems support Soujiyi?

Soujiyi’s smooth integration with CRM systems enables businesses to effortlessly incorporate new leads and contacts into their processes and databases.




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