22 Best ChatGPT Plugins to Use Right Now

ChatGPT plugins OpenAI ChatGPT has sent shockwaves across the digital realm. Its incredible features have made it one of the best AI tools to have on hand.

And their regular updates only make it better for users. ChatGPT plugins were added to the mix in their last release to ChatGPT 4.

Now you utilize the best ChatGPT plugins to extend the AI chatbot’s functionality and capabilities.

These ChatGPT plugins provide an infinite number of options and use cases. It is no longer confined to the knowledge cutoff in late 2021.

ChatGPT now contains over 800 plugins, with more being uploaded on a regular basis by different developers.

However, you are not required to go through all of them. We have selected some of the best ChatGPT plugins how to use chatgpt plugins that will be beneficial to a variety of individuals.

22 Best ChatGPT Plugins to Use Right Now


Now, everyone creates stuff. And, in order to connect with the audience, you must produce stories that are relevant to the audience.

However, not everyone can afford an artist or has the drawing abilities to create anything. This is where the Stories plugin comes in.

To begin creating its story, this handy ChatGPT component requires an idea or basic prompt. When you give it that, Stories begins to tell an entertaining story.

The best aspect is how it displays its story and pictures in a vintage-looking book. The tool has also made the pictures, which are neatly placed next to the text.

Just click on the edges of the pages to flip them. If you like, you may even request a physical copy of your story.

There’s an AI for it.

Right now, the AI market is booming, and you can’t just stay up. It is impossible to know all of them.

It includes everything from image editing tools to PDF converters and much more.

Do you need anything specific? The AI will give you a list of tools that can assist you if you only ask it what you’re searching for.

When I required a PDF converter, I did this, and it produced a tidy little list in no time. Give it a go and you’ll see what I mean.

Playlist AI

Spotify is an excellent tool for discovering new music. Friends and relatives may sometimes assist, but after a while, you reach a wall.

You won’t always be able to find a solid playlist with bangers for your favored songs list. Playlist AI will assist you in finding excellent music.

Simply describe a few artists, genres, or your current mood. It will propose over 12 songs in a personalized Spotify playlist created just for you. Simply add the Spotify playlist to your playlist or choose songs from it.


Nowadays, everything is in PDF format. Whether it’s something important for office job or something you need for your college tasks.

When you’re on the clock, it’s impossible to go through all of the documentation. You need anything that can assist you in obtaining the important points.

ChatWithPDF, one of the top ChatGPT plugins, is just perfect for the purpose. It’s like having a personal assistant for PDFs.

Assume you have a PDF draft of a report. ChatWithPDF may assess the material and provide recommendations for changes.

It’s like having a proofreader available at all times. It may also extract crucial information from the document, helping when dealing with a large or extensive report.

However, the plugin’s utility does not end there. You know how time-consuming it may be to find a certain piece of information if you are dealing with a big, thick text.

You may just ask it to find what you’re searching for. It’s like having your own search engine for your content.

Assume you’re searching for a certain piece of code on GitHub, a site where individuals store their code. But there is so much code out there that it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

So you’ll need a program that can search GitHub for you to find that code. This ChatGPT plugged we’re discussing does just that.

It’s like Google, but for code on GitHub. You give it a search word, like the name of a function, and tell it where to look.

For example, you may instruct it to search exclusively in JavaScript files or inside a certain repository (a location where code is kept on GitHub).

Show Me Diagrams

We’ve seen ChatGPT use text, video, and photos thus far. It can even make diagrams and show them to you using the Show Me plugin.

The diagrams might be about any kind of data that is accessible in the globe. You may also choose certain figures to create your own diagram.

If you are unhappy with the diagram, you may change it in the new tab. Change the diagram type, colors, figures, and more. You may also create private GST links with diagrams for certain persons.


This ChatGPT plugin is responsible for the AI tool’s popularity among students. Wolfram Alpha is like this search engine that can answer queries on just about everything – math, science, technology, economics, you name it!

Because it delivers very extensive, step-by-step solutions, it is quite popular among students, researchers, and professionals.

This is where it gets even better. Like texting a buddy, this plugin allows you to communicate with it. You may ask ChatGPT to clarify certain concepts, and it will give you extensive replies. I provided the plugin a challenging math issue to test. The Wolfram plugin for ChatGPT fixed it in a matter of seconds.

Chatgpt AccessLink Plugin Link

How often do you come across a web page that is jam-packed with information? It is impossible to read everything. Especially if you are limited on time yet need to cover all of them. And as a student, you can’t possibly read everything.

By just copying the link, you may get a summary of the content on a website. Just like the ChatGPT, it will quickly provide a summary of the full page.

This ChatGPT plugin is intended to handle material that can be accessed via a URL. This includes web pages, PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, pictures, and other types of files. It does not, however, permit direct file uploads.

2. ChatWithVideo

You don’t have time to view the complete length of a video in our age of shorts and reels. This ChatGPT plugin gives a text-based summary of the same.

It separates the video into smaller chunks, making the video easier to grasp.

Not only that, but you can also ask ChatGPT questions regarding the video. It will provide you with video information. I used this Joe Rogan video on John F. Kennedy to test this plugin. And the outcomes did not disappoint.

Speak Translator ChatGPT Plugin

Most of us only know two or three languages. However, since you utilize the Speak plugin to translate into any language, this is not an issue.

Speak mostly serves as a language instructor. It may help you comprehend verbs, conjugations, intricate grammatical subtleties, and much more than just translations.

To begin, just enter your language-related inquiry, and the ChatGPT plugin will provide an immediate answer. You may also use it in conjunction with an external service to convert text to voice.

ChatGPT’s Image Editor

Let’s face it: not everyone understands Photoshop, and picture editing in general isn’t for everyone.

With this wonderful ChatGPT plugin, you can now leave image editing to AI.

If you want to make some quick changes to your photographs, ChatGPT’s Image Editor is here to help. It’s like having a handy tool for making pictures smaller, chopping them, blurring them, or spinning them.

Mention what you want to do with an image and you’ll receive a straight link, as seen in the example above. You will be sent a link to the altered image, which you may download to your device.

Prompt Perfect

There are legitimate courses on exploiting AI to its greatest capacity, believe it or not. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pay money on them if you have this ChatGPT plugin.

Prompt Perfect offers useful conversation prompts for use with the AI bot. It delves into great detail on a subject, helping to deliver superior outcomes.

The plugin will provide a decent prompt that offers ChatGPT the perfect amount of instructions if you type in some basic text.

Simply put the word “perfect” before your prompt. From there, the plugin adds all sorts of detail and specificity that ChatGPT requires. The AI chatbot can thus give you accurate and useful responses.

Meme Generator

This is one of the greatest ChatGPT plugins that will make you laugh. We all like memes in various forms and settings.

AI now makes it exceedingly simple to create memes. Simply type in your context, and one meme with captions will be created immediately.

You may also just type in a circumstance and it will generate a meme for you. For example, if you tell it to create a meme about college life, it will generate a context and show you a meme.

You can even alter the captions on the meme and they will be updated immediately. The picture may then be saved just like any other file.

Questmate Forms

If you often need to create forms – not just for studying, but for anything else – then Questmate is for you. It is one of the most helpful ChatGPT plugins available. You may quickly create all sorts of forms for you.

Sure, you could use Google Forms, but who wants to deal with all those steps?

It’s simple to get started with Questmate. All you have to do is tell it exactly what you need, in as much or as little detail as you choose. And you’re all set.

In order to show you on a page, it will create a template. If you like it, enter your email address to get started in a matter of seconds. Then, using the dashboard, you can distribute the link and monitor the reactions.

Zapier Forms

For professionals and marketers alike, Zapier is one of the top ChatGPT plugins.

Zapier allows customers to connect over 5,000 different business apps, reducing the need for extra processes. This includes all major apps such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and many more.

You just need to make a one-time connection and approve certain operations.

Once that’s done, you can use ChatGPT to perform things like compose full emails or send extensive Slack messages.

When I requested it to write a test Gmail, for example, it was simple – the action was created fairly instantaneously, and I was able to send it. If you’re not in the mood to open your mail client, give it a go.


Web scraping is like a robot visiting a website and copying information. This might include detail like product pricing, reviews, articles, contact information, or any other material that is freely accessible on a website.

Previously, you needed a computer program or a specialized instrument to do this. Scraper, one of the top ChatGPT plugins for marketers and researchers, makes it feasible.

After choosing the plugin, you just need to enter the URL. The text from the website will appear in an orderly format once you give it a few seconds.

It does not scrape pictures, but it does collect the text and links. The Scraper plugin focuses on the headlines and ignores the rest of the page.


Fun computer games are important for children to play because they may help them learn and develop in a variety of ways.

They may make disciplines like math and science more entertaining to study. You are able to

Simply type in a prompt requesting enjoyable and instructive games for the kids. It will show you a list of available games in your specified genre.

The fantastic website ABCmouse is perfect for young learners aged 2 to 8. It has a wide variety of interactive learning materials like games, novels, music, and puzzles.

It also has a comprehensive curriculum for preschool through second grade, encompassing everything from reading and math to science, social studies, and even art.


We discussed translation before. Now, using the ChatGPT plugin, convert it to voice. It transcribes your ChatGPT texts into audio. You may obtain a downloadable link, listen on a website with an audio player, or even embed it.

Enter any text and request that it be recorded. Then, after a few seconds, the text will be turned into an AI-powered voiceover.

You may create podcasts from screenplays, add voiceovers to reels and shorts, and turn text replies into realistic audio for interviews.

And even convert written tales into interesting audiobooks. It may also generate audio summaries of articles, papers, or presentations, as well as narrate engaging audio tales.
Keymate AI is the greatest chat GPT plugin.

ChatGPT’s expertise was terminated at the end of 2021. That is, it is unaware of current information on the internet.

This is where the ChatGPT plugin may help since it utilizes Google to deliver the most up-to-date information.

It utilizes Google’s search capabilities to swiftly locate and summarize the most relevant search results from the first page for any phrase you’re interested in.

20. Instacart ChatGPT

You’re home alone, and the fridge is almost empty. However, you want to prepare a meal with whatever ingredients are still available at home.

AI, believe it or not, is capable of doing so. The Instacart ChatGPT plugin may offer a recipe based on the ingredients you have at home.

Not only that, but you can even ask it for advanced recipes for various foods.

Coming to the crux of the matter, it initially displays the ingredients required for the recipe. Then it describes the actions you must take in order to prepare and/or cook the food.

Chess ChatGPT plugin

The name says it all: this is a ChatGPT gaming plugin for playing Chess with AI. To begin playing, just speak anything after choosing the plugin.

You will be able to choose the color and rating level. The rating level is an Elo rating level ranging from 1000 to 3000.

It’s not as graphical as you may think. When you enter a chess move, it will be played before being presented in the conversation. There is no time restriction, so you won’t be rushed into making a stupid decision.


Did you know that you can use ChatGPT to make vacation arrangements and buy flights? It allows you to book flights and accommodations.

It also has your back with travel suggestions for the duration of your vacation. All it need are the fundamentals: where you’re departing from, where you’re going, and when you want to arrive and leave.

Once you’ve mastered that, Kayak has a plethora of flight alternatives available to you right now.

ChatGPT Plugin Installation Instructions

1. At the top of the screen, choose GPT 4.

2. Next, click No Plugins Installed to open the drop-down box. Then go to the Plugin Store.

3. Click Install after searching for a ChatGPT plugin.

4. Now, click No plugins enabled to open the installed plugins panel. By checking the box next to a plugin, it will be enabled.

5. The icon for the chosen ChatGPT plugin will appear below the GPT modes option. It indicates that a plugin for prompts is enabled and in use.

Uninstalling and Removing ChatGPT Plugins

As you did when installing a ChatGPT plugin, go to the plugin store.
Navigate to the Installed tab and then click Uninstalled on the ChatGPT plugin you wish to uninstall.

It will be uninstalled instantly, and you will be able to reinstall the plugin from the store.

Install the Chatgpt plugin again.

Questions and Answers

Are ChatGPT plugins available for free?

The majority of ChatGPT plugins are completely free. But, just so you know, some may direct you to their websites, where you will have to pay to use all of the features.

Can I use many ChatGPT plugins at the same time?

Yes, you may use three ChatGPT plugins at the same time. We may anticipate the restriction to be raised in the future as more users inquire in their Discord channel.

Is it safe to utilize ChatGPT plugins?

Yes, they are really safe to use since they are all thoroughly evaluated by the OpenAI team before being posted on the store. You may, however, be cautious and keep an eye out for any news about them.

Now it’s your turn.

These are the top ChatGPT plugins to test right now. Each of them has unique features and is valuable to a wide range of users.

As new ChatGPT plugins become available in the store, we will update this list.




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