10 Roblox Discord server in 2022

Roblox is a top popular online gaming platform with one of the largest user bases in the business. Because of its popularity, Discord has seen the emergence of several specialized network servers, discord login allowing players to meet unique Roblox users and interact with them one-on-one and in groups.

Discord servers are social networking hubs where individuals may network and speak with friends and strangers on the platform. A Discord server can go from a small group of people concerning a single topic to an exclusive community dedicated to online games, entertainment, anime, etc discord server status.

10 Roblox Discord servers

Discord server names users must now join Roblox Discord servers.

1. Creators Roblox

Roblox Discord servers

This server is a developer’s dream! So, if you’re a game creator seeking game production tips and tricks, this is the place to be! The server is part of a huge community of other servers with which it may speak and seek solutions to its inquiries discord server finder.


Roblox Discord servers

The top server on the list is the LFG GLOBAL Discord server, which is part of a growing fan community. It is featured because it is one of the most well-organized, well-managed, and well-assembled servers. The best part is that players may meet people from around the world and those interested in games other than Roblox on this server!

3. VendexX Clan

Roblox Discord servers

A Roblox Discord server for everyone. According to the server’s description, VendexX Clan is a small but growing community that is fair in its procedures and does not discriminate based on race, caste, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or culture. This might be the place for someone searching for a warm environment and nice Roblox and Fortnite players to play with.

4. Badimo

Roblox Discord server

Discord is a Badimo-owned Roblox Discord server (badcc and asimo3089). Users may use it to voice chat in-game, publish VIP servers, receive announcement notifications, brainstorm ideas, interact with Badimo, and have fun. Members include YouTubers such as DaRealBengo, RealKreek, RussoTalks, and many more discord download.

5. Bloxawards

One of the most popular giveaway servers is Bloxawards discord pfp, owned by Baheeg. It rewards players for participating in contests and remaining active on the server. Because over 21,000 active users are on the server, they should always endeavor to be as engaged as possible to win Robux discord server search.

6. Imperia

Join and contribute to the expansion of servers. Best discord app Imperia is owned by Hola Fishy and has 815 members. The server also has a large Roblox and Minecraft player population. The network is pleasant, amusing, and accepting of everyone joining the server. They also offer a separate area for music. Isn’t this a lovely combination?

7. Blox Global

Blox Global is a large community server with over 20,000 registered players! It is well-known for hosting Robux giveaways, Discord events, the Discord Nitro add-on, trading, and other activities! Users will receive additional benefits if they augment this server using Nitro. Among them are the ability to change their aliases, access to the unique “boosters” chat, and many other advantages discord server pfp.

8. Adopt Me Database

This Discord server has over 55,000 users and a strong community. Its main objective is to help players of the game Adopt Me! Furthermore, the Adopt Me Database server provides trading intermediaries, allowing players to trade their pets safely and securely. If you seek a fantastic and safe community, join the Adopt Me Database discord web browser.

9. Wiki W/Z & SB2

This Roblox Discord server is dedicated to the games Swordburst 2 and World/Zero, and it has large popularity. This server serves as a wiki where players may get the most recent information and updates on the games listed above. It’s also a terrific place to learn how to play these games and receive answers to any questions you might have about them.

10. Roblox Trading Community


The Roblox Trading Community is a Roblox Discord server devoted to Roblox trading. They have a large network of over 8,000 Roblox traders that can help you find individuals to trade with, accept and decline transactions, give trading advice, and keep you safe from common frauds, hacks, and more. They also have regular events like game nights and prize raffles.

How to Link Roblox to Discord Status

Follow these simple steps:

The first stage is to play a game discord server list. Otherwise, players would be unable to check their Discord status and how to join a discord server.

  • To proceed, sign in to your account.
  • Please go to the game’s page and press the play button.
  • Play the game on a computer.
  • Only then can the “Activity Status” function operate.
  • After joining, players must minimize the page and visit Discord.
  • Use the “-” key on the keyboard to minimize the game.
  • Remember only to use the PC for this function, as the mobile app may not support it.
  • Discord’s settings provide the “Activity Status” option.
  • It must now be activated.
  • Move the mouse cursor over the profile image to do so and click the gear icon.
  • After enabling “Display current activities as a status message,” users should now be able to view their Discord status.
  • Once they’ve found the profile, they’ll see the “Playing game name>” status next to their Discord name.
  • Discord is an enjoyable platform for players that enjoy staying connected.

Please use it carefully to receive all updates and experience additional games. 


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