Connect Discord Server to Twitch Stream or YouTube

Discord’s Streamkit contains a ton of helpful features for streamers. From coordinating locally with Discord to making custom overlays with OBS to including bots, there’s a ton you can do to control your community.

Turn on Integrations:

The main thing you ought to do is associate your Twitch stream or YouTube channel to your Discord account. Open up the client settings and change to the “Associations” classification.

Connect Discord Server to Twitch Stream or YouTube
After you’ve done that, head into your server settings and switch to the “Integrations” category. you’ll be welcomed with settings to turn on. The following image shows the YouTube Sponsor coordination, which gives your YouTube Sponsor a remarkable job in the Discord. Twitch has something very similar to supporters.

Connect Discord Server to Twitch Stream or YouTube

Set Up the OBS Overlay:

Connect Discord Server to Twitch Stream or YouTube

The OBS overlay gives an incredible method to interface your Discord talk to your stream. You can design a device that shows a continuous flow of the talk and afterward add that gadget to OBS as a program source. You could even include numerous channels and switch between them. There’s additionally a device for showing the server name and welcome, just as one for demonstrating who’s talking.

Enable Streamer Mode:

Streamer Mode isn’t excessively energizing, yet it is valuable. When Enabled, this element conceals touchy data about your record and shrouds the server welcomes to forestall misuse. It additionally cripples notices, so they don’t appear on your stream. When you empower it, Streamer Mode turns on consequently when you dispatch OBS and is incorporated with Discord locally.

Go Beyond the Default Features by Connecting Bots

Outside of what Discord underpins locally, there are parcels all the more outsider combinations you can give it a shot. With a large number of bots to browse, there’s more likely than not one to suit your necessities. Here are two we particularly like.

Moderate Chats with Nightbot:

Connect Discord Server to Twitch Stream or YouTube

In case you’re a Twitch streamer, you may, as of now, use Nightbot. It’s a visit balance and the executive’s bot for your Twitch (and YouTube) talk. Nightbot likewise has a Discord bot, which will interface with a similar bot that mods your visit to your Discord. You can utilize it to direct discussion there too. However, it additionally has a flawless element that synchronizes standard watchers of the stream to a Discord job.

Add Loads of Features with Muxy:

Connect Discord Server to Twitch Stream or YouTube

Muxy is a Twitch expansion and dashboard that brags a ton of highlights. However, their Discord bot interfaces every last bit of it to your server. You can set up alarms for when you go live, show details about the stream, and even post supporter and gift messages in Discord.


You can download and design the entirety of this from the Streamkit landing page. There are likewise various bots not highlighted on Streamkit that you can add to your server from the Discord Bot List page



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