Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay: Everything You Want Now

Profound Stone Cosmic is still a well-known game among center players while having been delivered for a long period. Depp Rock Cosmic is available on several platforms, including Microsoft Store, Xbox, and PlayStation. whether you and your friends bought this game on different stages, you may be wondering whether it includes a crossplay feature so you can play together.

This article will walk you through the crossplay component of Profound Stone Cosmic.

What is Profound Stone Cosmos?

Apparition Boat Games generated Profound Stone Cosmic, a web-based center FPS game distributed by Espresso Stain Distributing. After two years, the game was fully delivered on Steam, Microsoft Store, and Xbox One. It first arrived as early access in 2018. It was also delivered for PS4/5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2022 is deep rock galactic crossplay.

Profound Stone Cosmic is well-known for its high quality, engaging interaction, and dedicated engineering support. Four players take on the role of space bantam diggers on the planet Hoxxes IV, completing tasks and battling dangerous alien creatures. The game has four classes with unique capabilities and hardware, as well as a randomly generated and entirely destructible environment that adds to the overall intrigue. If you like center shooter games like Left 4 Dead or Helldiver, Profound Stone Cosmic is a must-play game.

Does Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay Exist?

Many players are wondering whether Profound Stone Cosmic supports crossplay since it has been established on various puzzle stages without Xbox to PlayStation. There is a Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay highlight, although not all stages feature it.

Profound Stone Cosmic players were divided into three groups according to where they acquired the game.

DRG players may play together on Xbox and Microsoft Store thanks to crossplay, which is only available for those two platforms.

Steam players cannot play with them, whereas Microsoft Store players may play on PCs. According to authority data, this is because the Xbox/Microsoft Store version is an Xbox Play Anywhere Title, which means you own the game on both Xbox and Microsoft Store.

For those looking for Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay between PS4 and PC, the PlayStation version is similar to the Steam version, allowing players to connect with others who have bought Profound Stone Cosmic on PS4.

Will there be a better Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay element?

The current crossplay feature in DRG is limited, allowing for cross-age play similar to PS4 and PS5, but falling short of true Profound Stone Cosmic cross-stage compatibility.

Phantom Boat Games seems to understand this as well. In 2022, they mentioned Deep Rock Galactic Cross Play between Playstation and Steam or Xbox in an update article for Season 2.

Phantom Boat Games has said that they would not make any promises about the crossplay highlight in 2023 due to their small group size.

How to Enhance Profound Stone Cosmic Experience with Fineshare VoiceTrans.

Multiplayer games, such as Profound Stone Cosmic, often include voice communication. Have you ever wanted to add extra delight to the interaction with a voice transformer? Legitimate communication may improve your cooperation with particular players. If this is true, VoiceTrans might be a good option for you.

VoiceTrans is a computer-based intelligent voice transformer and soundboard instrument. There are more than 30 sound effects available, including Darth Vader, Crony, and Toxin, that you may choose and use throughout the game. If none of the initial voice impacts fit your preference, the Voice Labo may help you create a new one by combining multiple sound impacts.

VoiceTrans enhances voice communication in Profound Stone Cosmic, making it more pleasant. Over 1000 computer-based intelligence voice models allow you to generate and transmit voice messages to your staff.


Having a crossplay feature in a multiplatform game like Profound Stone Cosmic is crucial since players are distributed across several stages. This article aims to provide answers to your queries concerning Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay, and we hope you enjoy the game.



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