Rubik’s Cube Apps

If you are a part of the Rubik’s Cube society or imagine the following, having an app on your phone supports you in many methods. Ranging from improving your solving steps to timing your moves, these apps can assist you out. Here are the best apps Rubik’s Cube that you can download on both iOS and Android. Let’s start.

Top Best 9 Rubik’s Cube Apps for Android and iOS

1. Go Cube

Go Cube is a 3*3 physical cube that each cuber can dream of. This can connect with your phone by a Go Cube app and tracks the cube move. It has a timer that stops instantly when you solve the cube. You can also review statistics for every stage of solving the cube and improve where you lack back. If you become a friend with a Go Cube, you both can compete with each other lively online. Or you can even play with anyone who owns a GoCube called Gocube Community.

If you are a beginner, it’s easy to see with a Go cube as it has many tutorials that can describe how you can solve the cube from the new stage. It has a backlight to it or play at night or even to look cool on top of all this.

Buy Go Cube (website)

2. Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

The supports Rubik’s Cubes app sized from 2*2*2 to 8*8*8, Pyramid, and Dodecahedron styles. You also get a timer selection to time your movements and put it on social media. You can also connect with Google Play Games and check out all the players’ leader board scores.

The most significant problem with the Rubik’s Cube games on phones is replicating the movement, which is right for every 3D object on a 2D screen. Related to other Rubik’s Cube games, Cube Rubik has more excellent UI and UX and better understand your swipes.

Download Magic Cube Puzzle 3D ( AndroidiOS)

3. FlatCube

FlatCube is a qualified 2D version of a traditional Rubik’s cube. You take a 3*3 square with colors placed in random places. You want to arrange them by placing every color in a row or a column. Related to the Rubik’s Cube, the entire row will be moving either horizontally or vertically according to your move when you transfer any block. It’s like solving one face from the Rubik’s Cube. As the levels progress, you will take 4*4, 5*5, and 7*7 cubes to solve.

For a few reasons, this app is not available on the Play Store. So, you require to download the APK file and install it.

Download Flatcube (Android )

4. Cube Algorithms


Cube Algorithm is an app that gives you many formulas in every step of solving Rubik’s Cube. It also provides you different techniques like 4LLL, CFOP, COLL, F2L, etc. The representation process is fair, but you need to have a bit of an idea of what these techniques are before even utilizing the app.

For example, if you have taken the CFOP method, which is the most popular method for solving Rubik’s Cube. It divides the step into 3 Parts – F2L, OLL, and PLL, as you expect in the CFOP technique. Now this shows you every scenario you can face in F2L and by tapping on it.

The app cannot be the one-stop destination for becoming a pro. The combination of YouTube videos to teach about techniques, and this Cube Algorithms app to implement strategies can do wonders.

Download Cube Algorithms (Android | iOS)

5. Cube Timer

Cube Timer is one of the best-used apps for Rubik’s Cube players. Cube Timer is an app playing Rubik’s Cube that is specially made. It is such a minimal app that provides a timer, lap times, and a formula to shuffle. Rather than creating a random shuffle, this app tells you to crawl in a particular way. It also allows your best score and Average scores.

Cube Timer provides all the choices on a single page so that you can check everything without moving through different options.

Download Cube Timer (Android)

6. Twisty Timer

Twisty Timer is a sort of Pro Timer app that offers timer and lap times, best score, and average score. You can get different timer choices for different sections like OLL and PLL. You can also create categories to manage multiple timers for multiple techniques. Twisty Timer works with varying cubes like 7*7, pyramid, Megaminx, Clock, etc. You can now also check a detailed view of your performance in graphs.

]During summary, the app provides all the features you need irrespective of which technique you use and which cube you solve.

Download Twisty Timer (Android | iOS)

7. ASolver

Absolver is an app that shows you the steps to solve a Rubik’s cube. You need to show the cube’s six sides to the app with the camera, and the app will teach you the steps to solve it. The most useful part is, it shows you the process in just 22 degrees at maximum for a regular 3*3 cube.

But you too have the choice for multiple cubes like Pyramid, Pocket cube, Megaminx, etc. This app’s whole purpose is to solve the cube you have given and show you the best reasonable way to complete it, so it doesn’t show the way or explain the steps to complete.

Download ASolver (Android)

8. Cube X

CubeX, on the different hand, is also sort of an Asolver app. But it shows you multiple options with many moves. It also offers you the formula for how it solved the cube. The best part is that there is also a pattern-solving option to convert the cube to different patterns and designs instead of only a decrypted state.

But, CubeX supports 3*3 cubes. If you have any different cube, you have to go with the ASolver app.

Download Cube X (Android)

9. Magic Cube Solver

Magic Cube solver is your cube solving partner for iOS. Like the previous two apps, you need to show the cube, and Magic Cube Solver solves it in less than 22 moves or less. This app also gives small guides on how to solve the cube and how it performed its actions. But, Magic Cube Solver only supports 2*2, 3*3, 4*4, and void cube.

Download Magic Cube Solver (iOS)

Best Apps to Rubik’s Cube Players on Android and iOS

There are many apps here for other purposes. You can also check out your requirement and download the app. My go-to app is Twisty Timer. If you are beginning, Cube Algorithms is the best way to start leaning. Or, if you wish to solve the puzzle, you can check out Cube X and Magic Cube Solver. Cube games on the phone are not good, but if you want to play something on our phone-related on the cube, Flat Cube is a lot more reliable. So what’s your favorite app, and what method you usually use to solve the Cube?


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