How to Prepare Yourself Before Blowing the Whistle

How to Prepare Yourself Before Blowing the Whistle

If you are planning to blow the whistle on something bad or unfair that’s happening around you, beware that your personal and professional life is going to suffer due to it. Being a whistleblower takes a lot of courage and despite what everyone tells you, exposing fraud or unfair dealings is not like being a rat. In this article, I am going to highlight three things that can help you prepare before you blow the whistle.

Research about It

The first thing that you should do before you report anything to the authorities is to make sure that you have a valid case on your side. If you make a wrong call, not only is it going to malign your image, but you are also going to go through unnecessary frustration. Reporting something late is always better than reporting a false thing, so you should not be afraid that the time to report an incident will pass.

Keep Your Identity Hidden

As I mentioned before, whistleblowing might have some serious effects on your personal and professional life. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stay silent. You should learn how to stay anonymous on the internet and only talk about the case with the relevant authorities such as your lawyer or attorney.

Consider the Implications 

You should remember that you are just a witness and not the investigator. You should not entangle yourself into something that you can’t get out of. You should keep it in mind that you are trying to do what’s right. Where the moral imperative outweighs the financial gains that you get from whistleblowing, there have been some cases in the US where the SEC has awarded a substantial amount of money to people who have uncovered an extensive corporate fraud practice.



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