Innovative Gaming App

Smartphones have completely changed the way we perceive gaming. Since the early introduction of
mobile phones, people enjoyed playing those simple yet effective time-killers like the snake game
finding its way out in the labyrinth. Today, games are much more than simple time-killers. Smartphones
are technological giants that offer much more than a simple gaming experience. They have all
technicalities needed for an enjoyable gaming experience in the comfort of your own home or while the
daily commute. Gaming on-the-go became so popular thanks to smartphones. Youngsters get bumped
into people playing their favorite games on the smartphone.

Smartphone Apps and Game

Smartphone apps, on the other hand, have even more to give to gamers from all around the world.
Download the smartphone app is all that it takes to start playing your favorite game. The majority of
popular video games are already transferred to the smartphone app store, so finding your favorite game
to play won’t be big trouble. There are various games that are available in the app store for download,
starting from card games and puzzles, ending with play casino games online here. Like that’s not
enough, the graphic chips in smartphones can run even the most demanding games in the app store. So,
there is no reason to wait, here are some of the most innovative game app that you can download today
on your smartphone device.

Monument Valley 2

The game with the eye-catching visual presentation was inspired by M.C. Escher environments. It was
released in 2014, however, it remains its title as an innovative game in the mobile gaming world. The
game has the charm of puzzle games and transforms them into an exciting gaming experience. Instead
of one, this game features two controllable characters simultaneously. The game consists of two
characters that players manipulate at the same time to navigate them through every level. While the
puzzles aren’t entirely complicated, they are still intriguing without being overly frustrating. Every new
level is pure joy. The colorful visuals, as well as the introduction of two characters in gaming, are the
things that make this game stand out among others.

Her Story

Moving on to a crime game that lets you reveal a murder. The story is about unrevealing a murder by going through the database of police interviews, including the one of Hanna, the women being interviewed about the death of her husband. All clips featured are live-action and Viva Seifert, the
award-winning British musician, is featured in one of them. By searching keywords, players can discover
more about Hanna’s interview and the story she discovered to the police. It’s a very unique detective game with innovative gameplay and gaming consoles. The more clips the player watches, the more he
becomes suspicious about the truthfulness of Hanna’s story, as there is surely something missing in the story. We won’t tell you anything more- this story is better experienced than told.


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