GB WhatsApp Latest Apk Download in 2020

WhatsApp is one of the various popular social media applications. Its features have now made it a hit with smartphone users. But if you need more from WhatsApp, then you need to turn to  GB WhatsApp. This is a reputed WhatsApp Mod that does one of the top best alternative versions of Facebook’s favorite social app. GB WhatsApp is for those who need to have some additional privacy and features in their WhatsApp. It well works like the conventional WhatsApp- chatting, sending and supporting images, video documents, group formation, sharing location, video and voice calling, and many more. Read until the end of the article to know all the information.

Therefore, if you are ready to try into WhatsApp’s new world, you want to use it for once. And if you utilize it, you will fall in love with this GB WhatsApp for assured.


 What is the GB WhatsApp, and how to get it?

Well, GB Whatsapp is a MOD or altered version of the real WhatsApp created by the tech fan groups GB WhatsApp. It comes with more extra features alongside the basic WhatsApp features. This is change, does everything special and unique. The best part is a user does not want to uninstall their official WhatsApp application top install GB Whatsapp. This works together with the official app. Additionally, you, too, do not need to root your device to install and use GB Whatsapp.

This app is not available is the typical Google play store or Apple iOS store. This is because a third-party developer develops it. You need to visit the official site from GB Whatsapp developing company GB WhatsApp and install it into some manual steps.

The app supports the android version of 4.3 and above without any problem. There are more many versions of GB Whatsapp, like V7.10, V7.20, V7.99, V8.00, V8.10, V8.26, V8.40, etc. This latest version is V9.1.0 that is now available on the official website of the developer company.

GB WhatsApp Latest Apk Versions 2020 (Info)

  • Version Name 9.1.0
  • App Size 51.0 MB
  • Needs Android Android 4.0+
  • App Title GB WhatsApp
  • Root Needed? No
  • Main Task-Based at WhatsApp By Extra Hidden Features
  • GB Whatsapp v9.1.0 Download 

You can now visit their site and download the favored version according to your android system. It also helps iPhone and windows phones. It would help if you chose iOS based on your phone OS. If your device does not provide application files from different causes, you need to change this feature first and provide your device to install applications from unknown sources. It is an easy process. You want to go to the “settings” section and click on the “security” option. Then click on ”allow download from unknown sources,” and you can easily download GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Latest Apk Download

The installation procedure is fast. The application is of size 52MB. So, that also does not clog on your device storage. You want to install it after the download is completed. This Apk supports a one-tap installation for more pleasant user experience.

GB WhatsApp Latest Apk Download

After installation, make sure to launch this app for once to check if it is working correctly. Now log in to your account and do connect to your friends into GB Whatsapp.

GB WhatsApp Latest Apk Download

 Features of GB Whatsapp

GB WhatsApp Latest Apk Download

If you speak about the features, then GB Whatsapp is way more beneficial than the official Whatsapp Apk. This Apk is best for these who need to use multiple accounts in a single WhatsApp. This MOD is popular and favored because of its exciting features and advantages. Hither are unique of the great features of GB Whatsapp.

1. Privacy Control

With GB Whatsapp, anybody can control their privacy settings in the WhatsApp. This provides them to manage and customize the privacy settings to suit your desires. That means you can change or control these privacy options of WhatsApp in your will.

  • Online status Hide

You can your online status hide and chat in WhatsApp away, getting people to know that you are online. This is excellent if you are in any official chat and do not want any trouble.

  • Hiding double tick or blue ticks

This is another favorite feature of GB Whatsapp. By this, you can hide message ticks. The feature adds the plain double ticks, blue ticks, and blue double ticks.

  • Hide recording status, typing status

By GB Whatsapp, a user can hide the audio message recording status or text message typing status fro a better professional look.

2. Personalized themes

This official WhatsApp may not enable you to personalize your app user experience. However, you can do it if you have GB Whatsapp on your device. GB Whatsapp regularly releases unique themes, and you can use these themes for free of price. You can also customize your gifs and emojis as by your choice. And, you can always get the calm and relaxed funny stickers in this app. The most apparent feature is the icon changing feature. You can change this icon of the app in the menu and notification section of your device. For you, you get the personalized WhatsApp that is different for you.

3. DND mode

With DND mode, a user can disable WhatsApp messages through GB Whatsapp. This means you can use DND mode if you require to stop using and sending messages for some time

5. Send a vast number of files and videos easily

By now, WhatsApp only enables its users to send 10 image files to their contacts at one go. It may not be suited for some time. So, if you are required to send more than 10 images to your contacts, make sure to use  GBWhatsapp. This is great because you can quickly send many images to your contacts and more various than one connection at one time. This saves time for sure.

The official WhatsApp users cannot send huge files of documents, video clips, and audio clips to their contacts. You can now only send files of the size of a maximum of 16 MB at one go. So if you are using the official app, you might need to break a large file in parts and send it part by amount. But, by GB Whatsapp, you can send audio files of maximum 50MB nad audio files of size 100MB without any difficulty. If you need, you can also change the file size limit from GB WhatsApp Apk.

6. Status

Inside GB Whatsapp, you can easily upload videos, quotes, or images in the “status” section by copying them. This makes sharing staus more enjoyable and comfortable. You can likewise upload videos of length seven minutes into GB Whatsapp in your status section.

7. “Dual apps”- many accounts inside an only application

For those who use the authentic version of WhatsApp cannot use many accounts at an available Apk. By now, WhatsApp has a regular WhatsApp app and a unique business WhatsApp app for their users. You require installing these two different applications to use two many WhatsApp contacts in a single device. But, GB Whatsapp begins with an exciting feature called“dual apps.”

Therefore, you can use many accounts in a single app. So, you can now separate your private and professional life for your service. GB WhatsApp needs features that make switching into different versions easier and hassle-free.

8. Auto-reply

Here is an exclusive feature of the official WhatsApp business application. However, by GB Whatsapp, you can auto-reply to every message of your contacts. You can set the message template into the “auto-reply” section, and the application will automatically shift it to your recipient.

9. Safer app

Although GB Whatsapp is a MOD, this is way more reliable than you think. The makers have designed this application for greater security. You can set a password and protect your data and application if you switch to it.

10. Regular updates

WhatsApp official-like, GB Whatsapp, also releases regular updates according to their users’ demand. All these updates are available on the official site. Also, you can download it from where. These updates include bug fixes, anti-ban features, base updates, more stickers and emojis, crash-related issues, and many more.

Further to these features, this also provides its users t become creative and play a developer’s role. In easy words, You can develop themes for GB Whatsapp and release them into their store. Different users can download your themes and use them on their devices.

So, if you compare GB Whatsapp to WhatsApp’s official version, you can surely realize the difference. GB Whatsapp is more beautiful, vibrant in features, and is excellent.


GB WhatsApp Latest Apk Download

If you require to back up your data, including images, chats, videos, etc. in GBWhtasapp, you can take it. The makers of GBWA have different methods for their users for back-up.


Apk back-up

This is equal to the official WhatsApp application. Although it is easier to know, you can go to “settings” of your GB Whatsapp Apk and tick on the “back-up” section to back up your full chat(among files). The app stores this back-up data in your smart device.

PC Back-up

Any user can back up their chats of GB Whatsapp in their pc or laptop for future reference by their unique software. You can also now send any back-up data from your PC after the backup is finished.

If you are about unsure safety, then you do not need to worry. This app does not pose any warning to your device. So, your device remains safe from different and malware cyber threats.

Please make sure to download this application form only the official website and trusted sources fro the optimal user experience.


Advantages and disadvantages of GB Whatsapp

Well, GB Whatsapp is a MOD of the original app. This works with the official application. GB Whatsapp is to those who want something more. Therefore, that comes with an additional set of features. Like any different application, there are great benefits and disadvantages to GB WhatsApp. 

The advantages of GB WhatsApp

  • You can use many contacts in a single application. That means you do not require to use WhatsApp and WhatsApp business to have two separate accounts in a single device.
  • A user can personalize WhatsApp accounts theirs with the help of GB Whatsapp. These themes include the icon design, account status, etc. Then, you get a personalized app for yourself.
  • Another advantage is its privacy features. With this application, you can use your online status hide, the blue ticks, freeze status, audio blu mike, etc. You can also typing status hide and recording status from your contacts in need. So, if you require better control over your WhatsApp profile, GB WhatsApp is the best.
  • GB WhatsApp allows its users to send multiple files (50MB video, 100MB Audio) and more than 10 images at one time. Additionally, you can more add a video of 7 minutes in your status section.
  • You can take offline backup in your smart device or use your PC to take a backup fo your chats.
  • GB WhatsApp provides you to protect your WhatsApp account with passwords for greater security.
  • You can also opt auto-reply, freeze for the only internet for Whatsapp as per your preference.

So, if you get with the advantages and disadvantages of GBWhatsApp,  the benefits are more than the disadvantages. But whats are the disadvantages?

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

  • It is not an approved modification of the WhatsApp application. Therefore, it is not available in the google play store or apple store. You want to download the app from their website. In this case, you must be careful and use only the official site of GB WhatsApp for the right file.
  • GB WhatsApp, If you use, then you may have a chance of data theft. It does not happen all the time; but, there are chances that your data can be collected. So, it would help if you were a tiny watchful of it.
  • This is not an official application. It is only a MOD developed by a third-party developer. So, your WhatsApp account blacklisted can become if you continuously use. So, it is greater to use it with temporary numbers.
  • You do not take automatic updates of GB Whatsapp. You require to visit the official website and check for new updates. This can be a little time-consuming.

After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of GB Whatsapp, this is clear that it is greater than the official Whatsapp application. The benefits can be significant. If you are ready to try something new, then it is always good for a try.

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