5 Ways to Create Powerful Podcast Intros

Podcasting is getting huge. In this post-Serial audio world, anyone with a mixing desk can
launch their own Podcast. The stats say that there are at least 850,000 active podcasts out
there. And if you’re thinking of starting one, its a fierce battle.
Don’t fret. You still have a high chance to grab listeners’ attention seamlessly by creating a
catchy and powerful intro. With such a compelling podcast intro, you won’t only be able to
improve your first impression of your show, but also make it clear what the show is all about.
Creating podcasts intro isn’t rocket science. However, there are a few things you should pay
attention to improve the quality and impact your podcast intro. We’ve compiled some of the
essential tips below, and so you should have no problem in creating a great opener for your
podcast show.
Let’s jump in!

5 Ways to Create Powerful Podcast Intros That Will Make Your Audience Attracted

#1. Add Cool Music and Sound Effects

Whenever you hear Friends theme song, you’ll instantly get into that Friends-viewing mode.
That iconic intro creates emotion and makes you feel a certain way. Doesn’t it?

In this matter, you need to try to achieve the same sort of message that you want to deliver
your desired emotional response when people listen to your podcast — using dope music in
your intro.
You can seamlessly pick the royalty-free music background and sound effects that align with
your brand on sites like AudioJungle, PremiumBeat, Audioblocks, and more. By all means,
you don’t have to break a bank just to create an exclusively-made intro. After all, getting
started is much more important than being perfect.

#2. Tell the Listeners Who You Are and What the Show Is

For your new listeners, all about your podcast show is totally new to them. So, don’t expect
they know your name and what this podcast is all about. Therefore, it’s important to always t
introduce yourself and your show in the intro.
Start by telling them your name. And if you want to be less formal, you can use a nickname.
After that, introduce the show and what kind of topics you talk about. Entertainment? Life-
style? Music? Or even business?
Its always better to also include who the podcast is for. Making that clear early on can help
your target listeners convince themselves to stick around for the whole episode.

#3. Use Voice That Fits the Music

The voice (along with your background music) on your intro can set your show mood and
tone. If you use upbeat music, the voice-over should be cheerful with a higher pitch.
However, if you use relaxing and slow music, it’s better to overlay a calm and lower-pitched
voice over it.
Finding the right characteristic for your voice-over intro can be quite tricky. To get it right, you
can start by learning how to master voice acting first. If you still don’t feel confident that your
voice can go well with the music you use, you can hire the professionals.

#4. Make It as Short as Possible

The most effective podcast intros are short and straightforward. Your listeners are busy, and
if you create such a long intro, don’t be surprised that they think, where this podcast is going
to start?
In other words, don’t waste your listener’s time with such a long-winded explanation about
your episode. Remember, its still the intro; you haven’t even started the episode yet.
Instead, tease them with just the high points and encourage them to stick around for more.
The ideal podcast intro is usually around 30 seconds, the shorter, the better.

#5. Start With a Question

If your whole intro is your first impression for your listeners, then your first sentence is your
very, very first impression. The first sentence of your podcast can be powerful to hook the
listeners. And the smart and intriguing way to start your intro is by asking your listeners a
A thought-provoking question can attract listeners as they feel like they’re being asked to. If
they feel that your question is relevant to their situation right now, its easy for them to relate
and tune in for the episode or even the whole series.

Wrapping Up

Podcasts have gained a lot of traction for the past few years. With the rapid growth of
technology, the way listeners consume it is quite different than it was before. Today
podcasts aren’t only produced in audio format but also in video format. Not to mention that
the channels vary too much from Spotify to YouTube.
However, no matter what format is and what channel you reusing, your podcast intro plays a
a big role in solidifying your podcast awareness in your listeners and setting the scene for your

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