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While playing the Minecraft game, you might have encountered different kinds of issues on your device. Resetting the app is one of the best methods you can use to come out of such a situation. In this article, two ways are using which you can easily reset the Minecraft app in your Windows 10 PC.

Minecraft doesn’t take much more space in your hard drive, but you may have your reasons to uninstall it. The procedure to remove this app is not similar to other apps you usually apply, and it’s slightly different. Follow the below steps to continue.

  1.     Reset Minecraft app in Windows 10
  2.     Uninstall Minecraft in Windows 10

Reset Minecraft app in Windows 10

To reset the Minecraft app in Windows device, use the steps –

1. Using Windows Settings

Use the following steps to reset the Minecraft through the Settings app –

  1.     Press Windows+I keys to launch the Settings app.
  2.     Select Apps > Apps & features.
  3.     On the right side, select the Minecraft app and click on the Advanced options link.
  4.     Scroll down and click on the Reset button under the Reset section.
  5.     If a popup confirmation message appears on the screen, again click Reset. 

2. Through the App data folder

Alternatively, you can reset the game using the App data folder in File Explorer. The procedure is as follows –

  •     Open the Run dialog box using Windows+R keys.
  •     Type %appdata% in the text field, and click OK.
  •     Inside the Roaming folder, open the .minecraft folder.
  •     Here select folders named Bin, resources, config, and mods delete them one by one.
  •     After deleting those specific folders, open the Store app.
  •     Click on the See more button (three dots), and select My Library.
  •     Select the Minecraft Game from the list and then Update it.

How to uninstall the Minecraft app

To uninstall the Minecraft app, follow the below steps –

  •     Right-click on Start and select Run option.
  •     Type %appdata% in the text field and hit enter.
  •     In the Roaming folder, right-click on the .minecraft folder and select the Delete option.

Tip: Before you delete the folder, make sure to copy the .minecraft folder to any safest place on your PC. You can use this folder when you reinstall the Minecraft.

  •     This will uninstall Minecraft entirely from your device.


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