Google Doodle Designs

Best Google Doodle Designs

Enjoyable, thought-provoking, and attention-grabbing, these famous Google Doodles have stood the test of time.

The Google Doodle wasn’t invented beside with the advent of Google. One of the favorite everyday things about the Google homepage was its simplicity: a logo, including any search bar. Founders Sergey Brin In 1998 and Larry page journeyed to the Burning Man festival and required to inform users of their need in case of servers crashing. 

One little Burning Man-style stick figure was added to this logo because of a novel out-of-office message. It did a hit, and so the Google Doodle arrived. An external contractor took on the Google Doodle design claim till 2000 at Brin, and the page requested PR guy Dennis Hwang to design a logo for Bastille Day. Ever since then, a team has asked, ‘Doodlers’ has organized and published Google Doodles regularly.

Extra time, Google Doodles have advanced from elementary logo tweaks to full-blown illustrations, animations, and beyond. Google is acknowledged for its hidden treasure elsewhere, also. As more extra fun, check out the best Google Easter Eggs and the lesser-known Google AR animals. But for now, we’ve chosen the best Google Doodle designs created since 1998…

The 36 Top Best Google Doodle Designs In 2020


Best Google Doodle Designs

Compose your melody with this AI-driven Google Doodle 

In March 2019, the world got its first AI-powered Google Doodle in the form of an interactive experience, which provides you to compose a two-measure melody of your selection. The Doodle then utilizes machine learning to harmonize the custom melody into Bach’s signature music style among the press of a button.

Lygia Clark

Best Google Doodle Designs

This affected Google Doodle pays tribute to a Brazilian art legend 

Artist Lygia Clark did a Brazilian painter, sculptor, also teacher who co-founded the Neo-Concrete movement, which tried to develop art from a passive viewing activity to an engaging interaction. This captivating 3D Google Doodle of 2015 was a fitting tribute to this groundbreaking artist.

Sochi Olympics

Best Google Doodle Designs

Google got a stand against Russia’s anti-gay laws with this rainbow doodle 

Near Sochi, the 2014 Winter Olympics became the center of worldwide protests upon Russia’s homophobic laws, and Google didn’t sit on the fence. This rainbow-hued Google Doodle created a unique but powerful statement, while the quote of the Olympic Charter here spelled out precisely where it stood.

Robert Moog’s 78th birthday

Best Google Doodle Designs

Google likes to give its users something to play with from time to time 

One of Google’s best-loved interactive doodles celebrated this 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the man who created the eponymous synthesizer, in 2012. His creation featuring gradually in songs by The Beatles, The Doors, and others, and this creative Google Doodle lets you try it yourself.

Wubbo Ockels’ 74th birthday

Best Google Doodle Designs

Dr. Wubbo Ockels did the Netherlands’ first citizen in space, and this Google Doodle celebrates his birthday. Famous for his positive outlook on life, he was a champion of sustainable strength. We like the zero-gravity effect shown here as he lightly undulates in space. And the mustache is pretty fun, too.

Carnaval de Barranquilla

The Doodle, created in celebration of a Columbian carnival, features traditional masks and costumes. 

The Doodle’s festive parade was created to celebrate Columbia’s Carnaval de Barranquilla, an annual cultural heritage festival that stems from indigenous, African, and European traditions. View out for the traditional masks and costumes amidst this character-filled, stylized illustration that’s sure to raise a smile. 

The Great Wave of Kanagawa

Best Google Doodle Designs

Hokusai’s numerous popular painting is brilliantly integrated into the Google logo.

Google Doodles often combine iconic art among the Google logo in creative ways, and here’s one of the great examples. Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai Celebrating from Celebrating the birthday, the Google Doodle from 2010 remixed his most popular painting, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, to beautiful effect.

Moscow Metro

Vintage Russian posters did the motivation for this Google Doodle, celebrating the 80th anniversary of Moscow’s Metro. 

One of the most astonishing surprises for first-time tourists in Moscow is that its Metro stations are sumptuously ornate: similar a cross among a palace and a museum. This Google Doodle gives 2015 you a taste of what’s in store, including an evocative illustration motivated by vintage Russian posters.

International Women’s Day 2017

This inspirational Google Doodle highlights the pioneering work of 13 historical women. 

In the Google Doodle, one little girl’s grandmother tells her a night story of her favorite heroines, from Ida Wells, US journalist from Korean activist Lee Tai-young.

Birth of hip-hop

There’s a ton about stuff going on in this multimedia Google Doodle celebrating the birth of hip-hop.

During 2017, Google celebrated 44th-anniversary hip-hops with an ambitious Google Doodle that combined a custom logo by graffiti artist Cey Adams, interactive turntables at which you could connect examples from classic tracks serving hip-hop history, with importance on its founding pioneers. 

Zaha Hadid

Groundbreaking architect Zaha Hadid An artful tribute to. 

Born near Iraq in 1950, architect Zaha Hadid captured the world’s attention and shattered stereotypes by her award-winning buildings. This Google Doodle from 2017 describes her next on The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, which draws on many classic Islamic design elements. 

Georges Méliès

The VR Google Doodle is a fitting tribute to the French illusionist and movie director.

The first-ever virtual reality Google Doodle in 2018, a collaboration among Cinémathèque Française, paid tribute to Georges Méliès, celebrated in this movie Hugotrailblazing French movie director. You can enjoy the full 360-degree experience utilizing Google’s Cardboard or Daydream VR viewers.

Virginia Woolf

Here minimalist illustration matches the style of Virginia Woolf’s narrative style. 

British author Virginia Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness style set her as both a popular novelist and a feminist icon. This 2018 illustration with English illustrator Louise Pomeroy celebrates Woolf’s minimalist appearance and includes falling leaves, a common visible theme in her work. 

The hole punch

The fun animation paid tribute to the hole punch at its 131st anniversary 

Google Doodles don’t only celebrate glamorous topics and the humble creations that have changed our lives in subtle ways. A perfect example is this enjoyable animated Doodle from 2017 paying tribute to the hole punch, an impossible German engineering feat that deserves to be marveled at.

Jules Verne

Dive below and celebrate the birthday of Jules Verne with this Google doodle. 

Google paid tribute to sci-fi writer Jules Verne on anything that would have made his 183rd birthday, including this interactive Google Doodle in 2011. This logo showcases a view of a submarine ocean, motivated by his novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Below the Sea, and you can search it using the lever on the right.

Claude Debussy

This magical animation gels wonderfully with Debussy’s Clair de Lune 

Spread by the movie Oceans 11, Clair de Lune is one of the many hauntingly gorgeous piano suites of all time. This animated Google Doodle, celebrating its composer’s 151st anniversary in 2013, makes it as this soundtrack on a Parisian riverside scene, and it’s quite magic.

Saul Bass’s 93rd birthday

Google’s Doodle gives animated tribute to the iconic work from Saul Bass 

8 May 2013 would have been a graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass’s 93rd birthday. Amazing of his best-known designs are easily recreated in an animated Google Doodle, which includes his act on Anatomy of a Murder, The Man by the Golden Arm, Vertigo, North at Northwest, and Psycho.

Freddie Mercury

Google Doodle Designs

During 2011, Queen guitarist Brian May collaborated with the Google Doodle team to pay tribute to his late friend and colleague Freddie Mercury. The event was this animated Google Doodle to celebrate Freddie’s 65th birthday, accompanied by classic Queen track Don’t Stop Me Now.

Charlie Chaplin

Google Doodle Designs

One mustachioed hero to another. This Google Doodle paid tribute to silent movie star Charlie Chaplin, with a video for what would have been his 122nd birthday. This shows a Chaplin lookalike read a Google newspaper, interact with a Google logo, and draw a Google Doodle, in typically shambolic fashion.

8-bit Winter Wonderland

Google Doodle Designs

This wintertime wonderland celebrated the birth of Frank Zamboni 

There’s zero like a Google Doodle that you can associate with, and the fun game is one of our faves. Dedicated to Frank Zamboni, the ice resurfacer’s American inventor, this features any pesky ice-skaters that create marks on the ice. It’s your job to ease things over, using the arrow keys. 

150 years of the London Underground

Google Doodle Designs

The design requires a new form in this Doodle, with ‘Google’ being spelled out within the railway lines. You need to watch it closely, but it is there! A design classic makes the Google Doodle makeover. 

London’s Tube map, produced with electric draughtsman Harry Beck in 1931, became one of the most fantastic design ideas globally and generally imitated everywhere. 

Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo

Google Doodle Designs

Google’s leading interactive comic is a joy to behold 

Inside Slumberland, a comic strip about a small boy’s adventures, Little Nemo ran in the New York Herald of 1905-1911. The 2012 Google doodle celebrated artist Winsor McCay’s 107th anniversary into an interactive comic strip. You tick the tab at the end of each animated section to go on to the next part.

The Brothers Grimm

Google Doodle Designs

Google said the story of Red Riding Hood through a series of 22 illustrations Crafted to celebrate this 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm, this Google Doodle from 2012 says this story of Red Riding Hood through 22 kind crafted flat-design illustrations. If you utilize the time to click through them all, you’re rewarded with an alternative finishing to the classic story.

Halloween 2012

Google Doodle Designs

A fun Google Doodle for Halloween 

Halloween has noticed many great offerings from Google, but this interactive Google Doodle from 2012, we enjoyed the most. This fun animation features a mysterious street with an eerie soundtrack by a series of friendly monsters to find behind each door. Search more Halloween Doodles, including this 2019 version in our dedicated Halloween Doodles post.

JFK 50th anniversary

Google Doodle Designs

This typographical feast marked the anniversary of John F Kennedy’s 1961 inauguration. 

In 2011, a first Google Doodle marked the 50th anniversary of JFK’s inaugural address, which involved the popu line: “Ask not what your country can do for you, suggest what you can do for your country.” The team used the words from Kennedy’s talk and ordered them to spell out the Google logo.

Will Eisner

Google Doodle Designs

This comic book-inspired Doodle was created in the thought of graphic artist Will Eisner. 

Graphic artist and comic writer Will Eisner are widely regarded as the father of the graphic novel. In 2011, the fashionable Google Doodle honored what would have been his 94th birthday by combining a 3D comic-style rendering of this Google logo by Eisner’s character The Spirit, a detective from beyond the grave.

Amelia Earhart

Google Doodle Designs

Google celebrated pioneering female pilot Amelia Earhart with this lovely illustration. 

In 2012, Google commemorated the life of pioneering female pilot, Amelia Earhart, the first lady to solo across the Atlantic fly, on what would have done her 115th birthday. This illustrated Google Doodle pictured here standing on an airplane, with ‘Google’ subtly painted on the wings’ bottom.

Les Paul

Google Doodle Designs

In 2011, to honor the late musician and inventor Les Paul, Google created the playable guitar as the day’s Google Doodle. In just 48 hours, Americans did it to record 5.1 years’ worth of music (40 million songs), and those songs did playback 870,000 times.

Robert Doisneau

Google Doodle Designs

A few photo-led access to the Google Doodle 

The most extensive Google Doodles have been illustrated or animated, but here’s an important exception. To mark what would have been the French photographer Robert Doisneau the 100th birthday, this Google doodle features four of his favorite images: The Tugboat, The Three Children, Dog on Wheels, and The Kiss.

Gideon Sundbäck

Google Doodle Designs

It’s not often Google makes you go ‘wow,’ but here’s a notable exception from 2012. Clicking the zipper on this first Google Doodle created the page split in two, showing the Doodle’s inspiration: Gideon Sundbäck, Swedish-American credited among developing the zipper. Look it in action in the video above.

John Lennon

Google Doodle Designs

A short music video of Imagine to celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday, the interactive illustration was created by the Google Doodle team’s Mike Dutton, who said: “I believe a starting picture will help me adequately – and simply – thank John for the memories.” 


Google Doodle Designs

Google’s leading interactive logo celebrated Pac-Man back in 2010 

Google revealed its first interactive Doodle in 2010 to mark the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game Pac-Man, which continues one of its best. The original game logic based on graphics and sounds and actual bugs from the 1980s masterpiece is addictive.

The Wizard of Oz

Google Doodle Designs

This Wizard of Oz illustration includes super-subtly the Google logo.

As of 2010, 71 years after Wizard of Oz burst upon cinema screens, Google honored the classic movie by this kind of tribute. Using the landscape to spell out the logo subtly, it depicts Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Toto the dog as they first spot the Emerald City.


Google Doodle Designs

The Google team celebrated Lego’s 50th anniversary with this great Doodle. 

This cool Lego doodle did create to mark the tiny toy brick’s 50th anniversary into 2008. Fun fact: Lego art should a unique place inside Google found.

Rs Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s hearts: both used the bricks while the casing for 4GB hard disks for a server they were made when developing the search engine.

Live lunar eclipse

Google Doodle Designs

Google marked the lunar eclipse with documenting the event (about) in real-time online. 

In 2011, an interactive Google Doodle designed the lunar eclipse in almost real-time. Science website Slooh provided Google with images from cameras set up in Dubai, South Africa, and the Canary Islands. If you tap on the slider underneath the Doodle, you could experience the eclipse in all its glory.

Martha Graham

This dancing animation is entirely fascinating.

The animated Google Doodle is one of the several impressive we’ve ever seen. Created to recognize what would have been the 117th birthday of American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, which features five dancing ladies who spell out the word ‘Google’ with their movements.


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