How To Get YouTube Premium for Free

How to get YouTube Premium for free

What is YoutubeVanced?

YouTube Vanced is a different and a modded version of the original YouTube apk, and it tends to be extremely popular within the Android community.

Several features are added in YouTube Vanced which are not quite likely to be found within any other YouTube version.

Is YouTube Vanced a legal app?

YouTube’s parent company hasn’t gone against YouTube Vanced yet, and there was no ban hammer struck on it, hence it can’t be considered unlawful. It isn’t illegal as it hasn’t caused a search giant to mobilize the legal team. The important thing to know is that YouTube Vanced doesn’t let you download any video files on your device in its Google play version. This is prohibited by YouTube’s terms of service.

Is it safe to use YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is safe to use, especially when you consider it as the third-party app outside of the Google play store that it is. However, there sure are risks involved when you install and use apps, no matter if it is from external sources or Play Store. The users are supposed to decide which app they must use, and which one should be trusted with their data.

How to install YoutubeVanced?

Many fake sites are being used due to their offers of malware-infesting along with an outdated and ad-riddled version of YoutubeVanced. It is important to install this app from a trusted website instead of using any other external sources which might turn out to be fake. This is used to install the various APK files of the YoutubeVanced. Follow the following steps to download YoutubeVanced:

  1. Initially, you are required to go to
  2. Click the download button to download the apk of Vanced
  3. Go to your file manager, then the download folder within your device, where you’ll see the downloaded vancedapk.
  4. Click install, and then you’re done with downloading and installing YoutubeVanced.

The ads on YouTube are sometimes extremely annoying, which makes the users consider using an app like YouTube Vanced, which is completely ad-free. Even though the ads help to keep an online website or site alive, but the users would love to experience an ad-free time on social media and YouTube.

The main features of YouTube Vanced

  • YouTube Vanced tends to feature the option of a black theme, which reduces the battery strain along with the eye strain as well
  • It provides an ad-free experience by blocking all the ads while videos are playing
  • You can play the videos or audio on Youtubevanced in the background, unlike the original version of Youtube.
  • The swipe control helps you control the brightness and volume
  • The auto-repeat feature allows you to enjoy videos like vines, tik-toks, or your favorite songs on loop
  • The comment section and the mini player can be toggled to the tablet version in case you don’t like it
  • You can enable customization on Youtubevanced, as you can override the codec options and force H264 for old devices as well.
  • It allows to force the HDR playback and turns off the 60fps as per the preference of the user
  • You can have a cinematic experience
  • The default video resolution can be forced, as high or as low as you prefer
  • You can override the screen resolution for a sharp 4k playback on any device
  • You can change the default playback speed between 0.25x to 2.0x



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