What are the Common Causes for PST File Corruption? The Crucial Points to Consider

PST refers to Personal Storage Table, an open file format that gets used for storing messages, calendar event, and various other things inside the Microsoft software. It gets used by several users. But was there ever a situation, where you came across a problem, such as any error occurrence which eventually resulted in a file corruption? In case the answer to this question is yes, you need to look into why the PST files got corrupted.

Simply put, the PST or the Outlook data files can get corrupted because of multiple reasons. There are times when the Outlook data files are corrupted because of any problem in the software or hardware disturbance. Also, besides that, the majority of the PST files are corrupted due to any failure in the hard disk, malware or virus problem or a network issue.

We all know that the Microsoft Outlook application is a leader in the domain of email communication. When it forayed into the corporate zone, the web-based email services such as Gmail wasn’t existing. Also, the server charges were high-priced. Over the last thirty years, it has been seen that the Outlook email client has developed and transformed itself as the multipurpose email client and a productivity tool. It carries on to rule over the desktop email client domain and has several users to carry on swearing by it. Even then this famous application includes a major error. The underlying PST data files are vulnerable to any data corruption. You will often come across a corrupted PST issue here.

Also, the PST files get adopted by every Microsoft Outlook format, which provides an extra method to store the essential data in the consistent formats. When you look that Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002 versions, you will find that the PST files gets stored in an ANSI format that includes 2GB as its maximum size. And as technology keeps progressing, the PST files get stored in the Unicode format in an Outlook 2007 version that has a size of 20GB. When it came to Outlook 2010, it has a 50 GB size.

This article aims to help others understand the reason behind the PST corruption. The factors listed below are the reasons due to which there is a PST corruption.

1. The header corruption that occurs because of download or file transfer

If you transfer the PST file across a network or even download the file from the internet, there can be a header corruption. It can result in the PST file becoming unreadable until you recover it.

2. Bad sectors and hard disk crashes

The hard disk that comprises of the PST file can sometimes crash, making the file available on it to become completely inaccessible. And in certain situations, the bad sectors can occur on a hard drive that can affect the PST data that’s there inside it.

3. If there are any virus attacks

In certain situations, the viruses are the cause for actively targeting the Outlook PST files and making them completely inaccessible. And even when you have completely eliminated the virus from your system, it is possible for the PST file to stay inaccessible because it’s metadata might just get messed up.

4. Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a type of malware that targets the computers by encrypting every content available in the hard drive. And if you happen to become a victim of this attack, there are chances of the PST data files to become completely inaccessible.

5. Power outages, outlook crash and hang-ups

When you are making use of an Outlook application, it is essential to correctly shutdown the entire application. But if you come across a sudden power change or the Outlook application crashes, it can have the scope to corrupt the PST data file underlying.

6. The data restrictions in the former outlook versions

In case you are resorting to an earlier version of MS Outlook, such as the 2002 edition or even the one older than that, the moment when the Outlook PST file gets to a 2GB limit, it might just behave erratically. And while this issue gets resolved in the latest editions, several small businesses keep on making use of the older Outlook iterations and keep on witnessing this problem.

7. The third-party software and incompatible plug-ins

At times, using the third-party plug-ins might result in an Outlook PST data file becoming corrupted. And because Outlook gets used widely, the developers can often result in plug-ins for extending the functionality of an Outlook application. But in certain situations, the plug-ins might conflict with the Outlook application and can completely corrupt the data file in it.

Recovering the PST data after there has been a data corruption

When you encounter a corrupted PST file, then you need to instantly recover it. You can do it by making use of a powerful PST repair solution or utility application. Such programs get designed to provide you with the best rates in recovery, simultaneously completing the complete recovery process within a very fast time. And it is very handy when you are trying to split a big PST file in small parts.

Having access to the recovery solutions

Today, you will have several companies that are providing you with the best PST repair solution. You need to make sure that you select the correct solution, so that the issue at hand gets sorted out. For this, you need to conduct a research and check out the solutions that are available. Make sure to read through the customer reviews of the solutions before you purchase. It will enable you to get a clear idea of the solution. It’s always best to opt-in for a repair solution by a service provider that has a fair share of positive reviews. If you want you can conduct a price comparison of the PST repair solution, then you can get the one that caters to your budget. Else, some provides charge an exorbitant price and you don’t need to opt-in for that.


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