The Best 5 Media Server Software of 2020

The Best 5 Media Server Software of 2020

Some users believe that media server programs and apps are a thing of the past. But this isn’t true; there are yet people who highly recommend using Best Media Server Software for Windows, Mac, and other devices to organize and share their favorite multimedia content that they have collected over the years. But, this popularity of Streaming Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime has shrunk the market of Media Server Solutions.

However, for some, it is still a feasible option to Photos, stream Videos, TV shows, movies, and much more without getting disturbed due to traffic congestion or irritating buffering issues. Then, if you are interested in finding the Best Media Servers for Windows and other devices, listed here are some of the best selections available right now!

Top Five Best Media Server Software List Of (2020)

The list contains both paid and free media server software for Windows 10 and other operating systems.

1. Plex: Best Choice Overall

I am assuming you don’t want much introduction to this popular media server solution. But if you want a quick run-through, Plex is the best utility to organize all your media content at one destination, be it movies, music files, photos, TV shows, and whatnot. This is very easy to set up and works on most of the operating systems.

FEATURES: Plex Media Server 

    • The best option for your media library categorization, sharing, and streaming.
    • Provides you to access your digital media collection from anywhere you want.
    • Supports 43+ languages among subtitles.
    • Works on the server-client model; can you create a server at PC and access it from your mobile smoothly.
    • Receives frequent updates to improve overall performance.
    • Best Streaming Devices To Play Plex Content: Android, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV Cube, iOS Phones, Google Chromecast, Smart TVs (Samsung, Sony, LG, also.)

Cost: $4.99/month| Download Now | USP: Holds potential to transcode video in real-time; this saves both time & effort.

2. Emby: Best Choice For Advanced Users

Emby is an open-source and free media server software for Windows and other devices to enjoy limitless entertainment. The service is relatively stable and reliable and reflects differently if it comes to its customization settings. It has excellent skills to convert and stream any media files so that you can simply enjoy your favorite content on any device.

FEATURES: Emby Media Server 

    • Just sign-in and play your favorite videos.
    • Enables you to enjoy Live content on TV.
    • Offers a unified web portal to access everything your stored digital files. You can access it with, just signing with your Emby account.
    • Provides you to organize local files with cloud-file syncing.
    • The Best top Streaming Devices To Play Emby Content: Smart TVs (Samsung and LG), Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Smartphones and PS3 and PS4 Pro (with Emby Premiere installed).

Cost: $4.99/month | Download Now | USP: Able to manage a dedicated content library for kids.

3. Best Open-Source Media Service Option

Kodi is the best option for someone watching for a robust media center packed with a classic interface. The open-source media center was initially founded as Xbox Media Center, XMBX. It features dedicated sections for Movies, Music, TV Shows, and also. You can save the content as local files and plugins.

FEATURES: Kodi Media Server 

    • Supports downloading skins & addons for TV Shows, Movies, and etc.
    • Capable of playing music, videos, DVDs, 3D Movies, unencrypted Blu-ray discs, slideshows, CDs, and whatnot.
    • Offers options to customize the user interface.
    • Tools to display lyrics and subtitles among movies or TV shows.
    • Supports streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, and etc.
    • Best Streaming Devices To Play Kodi Content: Amazon Fire TV Cube, Apple TV, Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, and more.

Cost: Free | Download Now | USP: Easiest to install, setup, and use the media server software. 

4. MediaPortal: Best Choice For Home Streaming

Aims to make a cohesive multimedia experience right on your PC, MediaPortal arrives as one of the top best media servers for Windows 10. It can very easily be connected to your local collection of music files, videos, TV shows, and etc. Additionally, you can access this content by its web portal, though badly, you can’t stream of there.

FEATURES: MediaPortal  

    • You can stream media, TV, radio to any HTPC or PC connected to your network.
    • Allows addons and plugins like Kodi media server software.
    • Helps to organize your complete digital media collection.
    • Supports watching Live TV and recording also.
    • The media server software is very cooperative with a collection of different media formats.
    • Best Devices To Play MediaPortal Content: Plasma, LCD, Smartphones, Projectors, and also.

Cost: Free | Download Now | USP: Supports checking current weather, latest news, and more. 

5. Universal Media Server: Highly Compatible For All Devices

Like much Best Media Server Software for Windows and other devices, Universal Media Server is a free and open-source solution. It can easily be installed on various devices, just like any new executable file to stream videos, audios, images, etc. The interface is simple and gives support for subtitles installed by many renowned providers.

FEATURES: Universal Media Server  

  • Free media server for Windows 10 and different OS.
  • It also supports DLNA compatible devices.
  • Supports plugins and addons.
  • Organize and manage audios, videos, and photos in one place.
  • It gives a powerful transcoder and supports a broad array of media formats.
  • Best Streaming Devices To Play UMS Content: PS3, PS4,
  • Roku Premiere, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Roku TV, Philips, Sony, etc.)

Cost: Free | Download Now | USP: Highly customizable media server software. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Media Server Software (2020) 

Q1. What is Media Server Software?

A media server is a PC application that helps users store digital media such as videos, audios, images, and different multimedia files to be available for fast accessing or sharing over a network. Using the top best media server software, one can now easily stream any media to NAS (Network Attached Storage), Android devices, PCs, Smart TVs, Apple devices, and etc.

Q2. Which is the Best Media Server Software?

Plex is one of the top best media services that can help you in taking care of a large media collection so that you can access many TV Shows, Videos, Movies, and also anywhere anytime. The media server software is very cooperative with Android smartphones, Apple devices, Smart TVs, etc. 

Q3. Why do I need a Media Server?

Becoming a media server on your side makes the streaming experience seamless than ever before. You can easily access everything your multimedia files from one network. It even supports to transcode the files into formats that can be read through almost all media player devices.

Q4. How does Media Server work?

A media server is built where whole your digital files are stored. It can be your PC or smartphone, or any different storage device. Speaking about the workflow, the Media server delivers files to you by a web server. For beginners, you go to a webpage located on the webserver > when you open the file you need to use, the server automatically sends a notification to the media server, telling which file you are looking for. This entire process is completed avoiding the webserver.

Q5. Can Windows 10 be a Server?

Yes, beautiful much any desktop can be used as a web server. You ensure it can connect to a network and have just the resources to run a web server software smoothly.



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