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Many people have a benefit in using Bluestacks Alternatives since you get to undertake Android applications on your PC as you’ll play games or use it for purposes like testing. Albeit you employ a Mac or iOS-based device, you’ll take enjoy Android through virtualization made possible using an emulator that replicates everything. The first function of an Android Emulator is to run your preferred Android applications on your laptop/desktop devices. It’s effortless to use an emulator on a Windows PC whether you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8 or maybe Windows 10.

From the various emulators available, Bluestacks are often considered as ideal for Mac and Windows OS. But since Bluestacks can get slow sometimes and also lag on individual machines, it’s always good to seem for its alternatives. During this post, we share the list of working Bluestacks Alternatives suitable for running Android apps on your required devices, whether its windows or MAC.

15 Best Bluestacks Alternatives For Windows and Mac

1. YouWave

BlueStacks Alternatives

It is the best Android Emulator for Windows PC because it equips your device to bring your excellent Android Experience. This Bluestacks Alternative is suitable for various versions of Windows that range from 8.1, 8, and seven to Windows XP. The top feature of this tool is that it supports both 64-bit and 32-bit architectures. Aside from that, it brings excellent support for your multi-player games online. In short, YouWave is offering an array of useful resources for the Android platform to extend user satisfaction. These impressive features make it one of the simplest alternatives to the Bluestacks.

Download Youwave Here

2. Dolphin Emulator

It is one of the Android emulators that accompany all features of BlueStacks. Most fundamentally, it’s more significant than the prevailing version to a particular extent. This best feature makes it suitable for running Nintendo, GameCube, Wii, et al. on your pc. It offers a high-quality definition to the users for better android experience on their PC. You’ll use this emulator on powerful platforms like Mac, Windows, and even Linux. Naturally, it’s an open-source emulator that will generally emulate all Android games and applications on your PC. It’s the foremost stable and fastest emulator well-recognized for its superior quality graphics.

Download Dolphin Emulator Here

3. Andy

BlueStacks Alternatives

Are you seeking a light-weight and great Android emulator for your pc, Andy may be a perfect choice for needs. It’s well-known for its unique features, including mobile application sync, cloud saves, mic, and camera integrating, generous support for PlayStation, Xbox, etc. The app is capable of working because the touchscreen controller to attach to the mobile device. This free tool is out there on the official portal that supports only Windows 8 and seven. It’s because this tool is made, especially for working with Windows 7.1. It not only focuses on gaming but also comes with an organized and clean interface.

Download Andy Here

4. GenyMotion

BlueStacks Alternatives

That Android emulator helps both hardware and OpenGL. Accelerators like Bluestacks. Using these tools, you’ll make use of the extra power of GPU or graphics on your computer. In summary, both apps and games on PC now function perfectly once you use this excellent alternative. It can run all types of latest Android applications and games on your computer. It’s good news for PC users that this emulator is out there for free of charge. This version doesn’t contain any ads, so users never quickly get tired of this tool. With this emulator, you’ll remap your keyboards or game controller support.

Download Genymotion Here

5. NoxPlayer

BlueStacks Alternatives

If you’re trying to find the only leading alternative for BlueStacks, NoxPlayer is an apt choice for you. The unique thing about this tool is that it focuses hugely on gaming. It means gaming lovers expect several gaming-related features from this emulator. It ranges from controller support to gameplay optimization. Favorably, this tool has everything which users required for taking their gameplay experience to a new level. Another exceptional feature of this tool is that it supports the gamepad, mouse, and keyboard of a computer. It enables you to precise the gaming experience even on the PC.

Download NoxPlayer Here

6. ARC Welder

BlueStacks Alternatives

This emulator is meant uniquely to run all standard Android applications on your laptop with APK files. Unlike Bluestacks, it’s the extension that anyone can use it for free of charge. The sole thing users got to do is add this extension on their browser. It let users run/test the quality applications on their Android devices. It’s helpful, mainly once you are performing on the web platform together with your browser. As an extension, it makes the method of running standard applications quicker and convenient.

Download ARC Welder Here


BlueStacks Alternatives

Do you want to use the new Android emulator for Windows? AMIDuOS is the perfect choice for your needs. The main specific feature of this emulator is that it enables users to open their desktop mobile games and applications quickly. Also, it facilitates various peripheral controls like cameras, microphones, hardware acceleration, speakers, and OpenGL. This tool is out there in both premier and free versions. Hence, you’ll now enjoy the full functionality of AMIDuOS for free of charge.

Download AMIDuOS Here

8. Remix OS

BlueStacks Alternatives

If you would like to use a singular Android emulator, you’ll consider Remix OS. This incredibly capable application is prepared to bring users with a tailored experience of their desktop while booking into one OS running Android. Also, users can utilize the compact USB drive or hard disc for installing this emulator and boot from it on many computers. Because the gaming emulator, it allows you to undertake new and awesome with wholly tedious controls. It brings multi-tasking ability for users to play two games at a time.

Download Remix OS Here

9. Leapdroid

BlueStacks Alternatives

Leapdroid is a superb software that permits you to run android apps on the Windows PC. The most highlight of this tool is that it allows users to make several emulator profiles easily. As a result, you’ll play/load similar games once you are logged-in from different accounts. With this emulator, you’ll get access to the touch gestures that are mapped for keys on the keyboard. Overall, the specialized features of this tool make it ideal for meeting your needs of utilizing the Android emulator.

Download LeapDroid Here

10. Limbo PC

BlueStacks Alternatives

It is another highly preferred Android Emulator that runs on the older Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows XP, and more. The great a part of this app is that it runs on Linux distributions and also the Ubuntu version. If you would like to use the lightweight and exceptional Android emulator on your desktop computers, you’ll utilize this app. it’s because Limbo PC supports an in-depth range of games also as applications. Hence, this emulator may be a perfect alternative to the BlueStacks emulator.

Download Limbo PC Here

11. KoPlayer

BlueStacks Alternatives

In this New Year, everyone wants to undertake to most okay and nicely working Android emulator. For meeting your precise needs, KoPlayer comes with beneficial emulating features. With this tool, you’ll run all types of Android games also as applications without facing any complications. By focusing hugely on mobile gaming, this emulator brings various gaming features. It includes controller support, gameplay recording, key mapping, and far more. They’re created to bring you an exceptional experience while enjoying the one that you love games on the laptop or PC. You’ll run plenty of android applications on the computer for entirely free with this emulator.

Download koPlayer Here

12. Droidx Official

BlueStacks Alternatives

It is inspiring to enjoy the best functionality from the free BlueStacks Alternative. If you would like to urge that benefit, you’ll make use of Droid X. it’s a specialized emulator suitable for emulating all Android games and also applications on your PC. Even this emulator is free, but it’s a reasonably clean interface. Aside from that, this Android emulator lets users download any games or apps directly like BlueStacks. It’s accessible for both Mac and Windows versions. This tool is straightforward to use and a perfect Bluestacks Alternative for all Android users.

Download Droidx Here

13. MEmu Play

BlueStacks Alternatives

If you search for an exceptional Android emulating tool, you’ll prefer MEmu Play. This tool gains more fame among people, thanks to its most outstanding features. They will make it the foremost stable and best android emulators present online. The only exceptional part of this emulator tool is that it brings support to both Intel CPU and AMD. Aside from that, it can smoothly run all apps and games without creating any hassles.

Download MEmu Play Here

14. ARChon

BlueStacks Alternatives

It is somewhat different from other Android emulators given during this list. Unlike traditional emulators, it installs within the sort of a Google Chrome extension. It runs the Android games and apps on the browser. It’s significant to understand that this tool only supports old games and apps. Hence, it’s not suitable for running the newest games and applications. Still, this extension may be a highly preferred tool for Chrome to emulate Android games also as apps.

Download ARChon Here

15. Bliss

BlueStacks Alternatives

It is not an emulator tool for Android. It’s because Bliss works as a virtual machine. The unique thing about this tool is that it allows the system to run Android from a boot. It means this tool supports all kinds of Android games and applications. Almost like the installation of each virtual machine on your Windows system, using Bliss is tedious. It’s helpful to understand that it can still be considered because of the best and useful emulator for your various needs.

Download Bliss Here


Now you’ll choose any from the Best Bluestacks Alternatives and begin to emulate android apps. We tried running all the above-listed Alternatives of Bluestacks on windows and also used Bluestacks on mac and located all of them work almost during a similar way with a clear difference between the speeds.


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