How to Install Netflix on Kodi in 2020 – The Latest And Up-To-Date Installation Guide!

As spoken in our expert guide to Kodi, this application can quickly become your family’s entertainment hub. And that we don’t need to tell you that Netflix is one of the world’s popular streaming platforms. Therefore, it’s not surprising to understand that you can combine these two ultra-powerful platforms during a very seamless very. So, the way to get such an enormous video library on your device? Or better said – the way to install Netflix on Kodi in 2020? Don’t worry, and we’ll tell you all you would like to know!

First of all, we have a couple of valuable pointers for you. The following Netflix addon for Kodi is legal – considering that it uses your existing Netflix subscription. And also, you would like to possess the newest version of Kodi to form this addon work. Just in case you didn’t know, we’re talking about Kodi 18 Leia. So, confirm to find out the way to update Kodi (the safe way) – and that we strongly recommend installing Kodi 18.6 Leia, which is that the latest available version of this application.

And finally, another note. The following addon works on all Kodi-compatible systems – except on AppleTV (tvOS) devices. That’s because Kodi 18 isn’t yet fully supported by tvOS, and that we haven’t any information about whether this may happen within the future. So finally, let’s start talking about installing and using Netflix on Kodi.

Also, we proceed. Further, we have a words of caution for you. Our reliable advice is to form sure you’re using Kodi safely and legally. With this said, we would like you to read our disclaimer also because of the following warning message.
WARNING: When Using Kodi, confirm to Always Use a VPN!

Without a VPN, you’ll be facing many obstacles when using Kodi. Apart from encountering blocked content, you’re also putting your privacy in danger. With this said, here’s why you want to usage a VPN while using Kodi:

Kodi Imposes Geo Restrictions: Numerous Kodi addons are restricted to certain countries only. By checking your IP address, these add-ons can block access to their content, which suggests that you’re missing out on a vast media library. A VPN resolves this problem by supplying you with a virtual IP address related to a particular country. For this purpose; we propose getting a US IP or a UK IP address because the majority of Kodi addons are restricted to those two countries.
Your ISP is Watching Your Every Move: your ISP collects all Without a VPN, of your Web data. This includes your Web searching history, any websites you visit, and any media streaming services you employ. Kodi may be a media streaming application, which suggests that a lot of you’ll face ISP-imposed throttling as a result. By hiding your Web traffic via VPN service, you’ll confirm that your ISP doesn’t know what you’re doing online and luxuriate in the complete speed based on your web connection.
You’re Putting Your Device’s security at Risk: Be very attentive about which Kodi addons you put in. Third-party sources can often cause malware and cryptocurrency trojans, exploiting your exclusive data and your device’s resources. With this say, know that VPNs reduce the danger of you getting infected with malware by implementing website blacklists. They don’t completely stop malware, but they will block access to malicious websites by using often-updated lists of dangerous sites (supplied by antivirus vendors). This is often exceptionally handy within the world of private Kodi addons.

Once again, be very carefully while using Kodi and believe your privacy and digital security. A reliable VPN helps you secure and improves your Web connection, unblocks everything that Kodi offers, and takes care of your privacy. And per our extensive hands on tests, we highly recommend you employ ExpressVPN – the simplest VPN for Kodi at the instant.

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How to Install Netflix on Kodi in 2020 – The Latest And Up-To-Date Installation Guide!

6 Steps to put in Netflix on Kodi in 2020

Let’s mention what you would like to understand. The following guide will teach you ways to put in Netflix on Kodi in 6 simple steps.

.First and foremost, confirm to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ on your Kodi. Click on the provided link for our easy step-by-step guide. Then, return to the present article and undergo the subsequent steps.
.Now, visit this GitHub page. Scroll down until you see a segment called ‘Installation & Updates.’ From there, download the CastagnaIT repository (it comes as a zipper file).
.Launch Kodi and click on ‘Add-ons’ using the most menu. .Then, click on the ‘Open Box’ icon within the top-left corner, slightly below the brand of this application.

Castagna Repository ZIP File Download

.Select ‘Install from ZIP file’ then navigate to the file you downloaded moments ago (the ZIP file). Once you discover it, click on the file to put it in the addon. We understand that a number of you aren’t using Kodi on a computer. So, if you employ it on a media streaming device, confirm to read this complete article, as we’ll explain the way to transfer the ZIP file to your media streamer (like the Amazon Fire TV, for example).

How to Install Netflix on Kodi

CastagnaIT Repository Contents

.Then, select ‘Install from Repository’ and navigate to CastagnaIT Repository > Video Add-ons > Netflix. Click on the ‘Install’ button to finalize the method.
.Plow ahead and open the Netflix addon on your Kodi. Input your email and your password, and you’ll get to ascertain your Netflix library. The first time you begin playing a video file, you would possibly be asked to put in two additional repositories. .Confirm to put in both of those (this will happen automatically, without much input needed) and comply with the terms of use you’ll see on your screen. That’s it!

Netflix Kodi Addon Home Screen Interface

How to Install Netflix on Kodi

.Important Note (Fire TV / Android TV): As you’ll see, the previously explained method requires downloading a zipper file. However, which will be a drag on devices like Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. That’s because these don’t have a USB port that might allow you to transfer the Netflix Kodi addon to your device quickly. However, there’s a solution:

.First, confirm to download the ES File Explorer on your media streaming device.

.ES File Manager UI

How to Install Netflix on Kodi

.Then, open the app and activate the ‘Remote Manager’ using the ‘Network’ tab.

ES File Manager Remote WiFi

Click on the prominent ‘Turn ON’ button to enable the Wi-Fi transfer method. Also, confirm that your computer and your media streaming device are both connected to an equivalent Wi-Fi network (such as your home Wi-Fi network).
confirm to write down down the IP address that you’ll see here;

Now, download FileZilla to your Windows PC or macOS computer (you’ll use this application to send the specified ZIP file).

FileZilla UI

.Finally, create a replacement connection via FileZilla by typing the IP address that you’ve previously seen (in the ‘Host’ field – top-left corner). This may connect your computer and your media streaming device, so you’ll quickly transfer any file.

.Dear readers, this is often where we conclude our article on the way to install Netflix on Kodi in 2020. just in case of any questions or technical difficulties, be happy to post a comment below. And eventually, enjoy using Kodi!


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