TOP BEST 40+ WORKING Kodi Addons List

The top thing approximately Kodi is that it permits users to circulation a spread of content material from all around the globe. Kodi has earned incredible popularity amongst online streamers simply because of its features and accessibility. The online streaming can position you to hazard and to stop that from happening, a VPN for Kodi is required, which would confirm your online privateness and safety.

The fact is that Kodi is often associated with piracy (and not too way back, there are some reports on cryptocurrency mining issues as correctly). But, this utility is tons extra than merely a medium for accessing copyrighted content material. You’ll discover a wide outsized variety of felony, and malware-unfastened Kodi addons that scrape tested content sources, and these aren’t merely collections of old films. This is often where you’ll locate addons that convey television channels, sports, cartoons, and recently launched movies that may be worth your interest. Without similar ado, here are the exceptional criminal Kodi addons.

Earlier than we continue, you need to recognize we’ll see consciousness on two sorts of addons. There are official addons that you merely could installation from Kodi’s official repository. Then, you’ll additionally find unofficial addons (nevertheless criminal, even though). For those, you’ll use the git browser. Here’s how to download addons using the git browser. Here Also check Working Best 4K Kodi Addons.

As noted earlier, we’ve found TOP BEST 43 Legal WORKING Kodi Addons List in 2019, and for your convenience, we’ve categorized them into different sections. Take a glance.

10 Must-Have Kodi Addons

First, we’re getting to listing a number of the top legitimate, respectable addons out there. The usage of those, you’ll see movement track, watch films online, and even play retro games.

TOP BEST 40+ WORKING Kodi Addons List

1. Spotify

GitHub Username: marcelveldt

Instead of adding your music to Kodi, you’ll simply believe a music streaming service. There isn’t a politician Spotify addon for Kodi – but we’ve following neatest thing. We’d wish to introduce you to the first popular unofficial (yet completely legal) Spotify Kodi addon.

As you’ll imagine, this addon is formed for those with Spotify Premium accounts. It works quite well and brings somewhat deep integration with this service. You’ll access your favorite tracks, inspect what’s trending, hear the first popular tracks worldwide, and many more.

2. Twitch

You don’t need to be hardcore gamer to understand Twitch. This live-streaming and on-demand video platform are all about gaming. And since you’ll find it in Kodi’s official repository, you recognize that you’re using the official version.

Twitch for Kodi allows you to use your account, watch featured streams, browse and filter the available content, or just to look for something specific. Either way, you’ll make sure that many gaming-related videos await.

3. ROM Collection Browser

One of the simplest things about the recently released Kodi 18 Leia is the indisputable fact that you’re ready to play ROM games. However, there’s the question of which addon do you have to install that supports ROMs? Well, we have a pick for you!

Thanks to an addon called ROM Collection Browser, you’ll launch various sorts of ROMs and standalone games. This suggests accessing a pleasant selection of retro games that you simply can play via your keyboard, mouse, or remote controller.

4. Plex

We understand that a lot of you’re Plex users – and transferring all of your files to Kodi could be a drag. However, there’s an addon made to assist you with this move, and it comes from Plex’s development team.

Using Plex on Kodi, you’ll create a media server that’s easy to take care of . you only got to add files to the central home server, and any device with Plex installed can play those files. How amazing does that sound?

5. SoundCloud

We’ll end our list of essential legal Kodi addons with SoundCloud. This is often an ancient and highly reputable platform for sharing audio. With this said, you’ll use it to seek out indie music or maybe to follow your favorite DJs. Many sounds are often found here, and it comes freed from charge, so why not expand your music library?

6. YouTube

As you’ll imagine, YouTube is additionally present on Kodi. You’ll easily access this addon and download it from Kodi’s official repository. And intrinsically, it provides a convenient thanks to access many hours of video content, all within Kodi.

Even though it doesn’t receive quick updates, YouTube may be a fully functional addon. You’ll check in to your accounts, import your subscription, like and watch videos. Therefore, you’ll get a fully-fledged experience.

7. DBMC (Dropbox Add-On)

Users of media streaming devices usually face a storage problem when using Kodi. Without having many storages on your device, you won’t be ready to import your media library. Therefore, the subsequent neatest thing is to integrate your cloud storage account – Dropbox, more specifically.

The DBMC allows you to add your Dropbox account to your Kodi simply. Then, you’ll be ready to view and play your cloud-hosted files. This suggests that you simply can still build a sizeable Kodi library, even without using an external disk drive.

8. PopcornFlix

In our article about the dullest free movie streaming sites, we’ve listed PopcornFlix together of the most straightforward options. Albeit you won’t find the newest blockbusters here, this streaming service does have a sound library of movie titles. If you wish to watch older movies and need to remain on the safe side of the law, PopcornFlix should be your pick. You’ll download the addon from Kodi’s official repository.

9. iPlayer WWW

BBC is understood for its original programming that also ranks very high on IMDB. Regardless of if you would like to observe incredible documentaries or entertaining TV shows, you’ll address the BBC. As you’ll see, this addon is known as iPlayer WWW. This is often BBC’s online media platform where you’ll watch full episodes, freed from charge. However, you would like to possess a VPN connection to urge a UK IP Address.

10. Live Tube

GitHub Username: tvaddonsco

YouTube features a new section of live streams. Albeit this includes live streams by almost any YouTuber, numerous TV networks are taking advantage of this also. This suggests that you simply can watch TV via YouTube on virtually any device. When it involves Kodi, the simplest way is to put in Live Tube, offered by TVAddons. It gathers numerous live streams that you simply can easily watch on your device.

11 Best Movie & television program Kodi Addons

We bet that tons of you enjoy watching movies on Kodi Addons, also as live TV channels. The subsequent add-ons use verified and legal sources to stream content. There are tons of choices, so confirm to select the one you think is that the best.

1. TVCatchup

GitHub Username: mhancoc7

This is a recently released add-on that allows you to watch on-demand TV shows. As such, it’s receiving regular updates, and its library is slowly expanding to hide more TV networks. At the instant, USTVCatchup allows you to watch episodes from ABC, DIY Network, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Freeform, HGTV, NBC, PBS Kinds, Smithsonian Channel, Sundance TV, and Travel Channel. As you’ll see, a good range of TV networks is roofed, which also includes a number of the currently popular TV shows. Please also note that you simply need a VPN for Kodi Addons if you’re outside the US.

2. Crackle

If you’re not conscious of Crackle, you’re missing out on a tremendous streaming service. Now owned by Sony, this is often a reputable streaming service that brings both movies and television shows. You’ll use it freed from charge and even access HD content also. The Kodi addons is often found within the official Kodi repository, which makes it easy to seek out and install Crackle. Regardless of if you wish to watch classic movies or something newer, this service is your answer.

3. Funimation NOW

In case you’re a lover of anime, we have a treat for you! You’ve probably heard about Funimation NOW within the past, as this is often perhaps one among the foremost popular services of its kind. Well, there’s the official Funimation addon for Kodi Addons that you simply can install during a matter of seconds. It provides access to a wealth of content, comes with a very nice UI design, and works with no issues.

Before you begin using this addon, you would like to understand one thing. Funimation is currently restricted to the USA. However, there’s a fully-working workaround. So, here’s the way to watch Funimation NOW outside the USA.

4. Charge!

GitHub Username: mhancoc7

A charge isn’t a typical Kodi addons. Once you install and launch it, you’ll be taken immediately to a live stream of a channel called Charge. This suggests that you’re only a couple of clicks faraway from live-streaming action movies, TV shows, and sports. Since this is often a live stream, there’s no on-demand video. Counting on the speed of your Internet connection, you’ll stream Charge adequately HD.

5. Comet TV

GitHub Username: mhancoc7

Just like our previous suggestion, this Kodi addons may be a live-stream of Comet TV. only in case you haven’t heard about this channel before, you ought to know that it’s dedicated to sci-fi. Apart from older movies and sci-fi classics, Comet TV is additionally known for exploring hidden gems. Those of you curious about sci-fi content will feel right reception . to put in Comet TV, use the Git Browser to look for ‘mhanoc7’, and this is often where you’ll find and download its ZIP file.

6. TV Land

TV Land may be a well-known name within the world of comedy. Alongside hugely popular comedy TV shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, you’ll inspect the first programming also. This includes titles like Teachers, Younger, and more. This addons provides access to full episodes that are already available on the website of TV Land. As such, you’re liberal to stream them with no fears. Finally, you’ll download TV Land from Kodi’s official repository.

7. Adult Swim

Do you wish to watch cartoons for adults? Just in case you are doing, you already know what’s Adult Swim. This nighttime programming block by Cartoon Network brings a variety of famous cartoons. This includes Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Samurai Jack, and more. You’ll use the Adult Swim addon to observe full episodes in HD resolution. If you’re into cartoons, you’ll see why this is often one among the most straightforward legal Kodi addons.


As you’ll see by now, this list contains a variety of kodi addons that function live-streams of individual channels. That’s the case with this addon also. TBD TV may be a channel that brings a good range of various sorts of content. However, it’s generally oriented towards younger audiences. You’ll address TBD TV if you wish to observe Internet-based TV series, comedy, animation, sports, and music. There are some pretty good documentaries also.

9. UKTV Play

If you’ve got a reliable VPN and if you wish to observe British television, UKTV Play could provide a solution to your needs. This kodi addons provides access to on-demand TV episodes of several British networks. These are Dave, Really, Drama, and Yesterday. As oddly as their names are, there’s quite a lot of excellent content found here.

10. Toonjet

We end this section with an kodi addons that’s all about classic cartoons. Toonjet offers titles like Looney Tunes, The Flintstones, and, therefore, the Jetsons. As you’ll see, these are old cartoons that also have a fantastic reputation. We are sure that a lot of you’ve got watched those in your childhood, so why not take another look or maybe better – present these amazing cartoons to your children. Toonjet is often downloaded from the official repository of Kodi.

11. PBS ThinkTV

PBS features a lot to supply, especially for a free streaming source. This addon offers a convenient thanks to watching TV shows, documentaries, and there are full-length movies also. If you’re into indie movies, you’re getting to love what is often found here.

When you look for ‘PBS’ using Kodi, you’ll also see a couple of their addons. For instance, there’s PBS Kids and PBS Kids Live – which are add-ons aimed toward children-friendly content.

9 Best Live TV Streaming Kodi Addons

Next, we’ll show you the most straightforward legal Kodi addons that provide live TV channels. While a number of these are paid services, you’ll still use the bulk of those freed from charge. Take a glance.

1. PS V

There are many live-TV services out there, and PlayStation Vue is one among those. As noted in our hands-on PlayStation Vue review, you’ll quickly get access to dozens of TV channels and completely customize your user experience. However, don’t make an error by thinking that PS Vue only works on PlayStation devices. There’s a politician Kodi addons that you simply can use. Of course, this is often a legal addon, and you would like to possess an active PS Vue subscription to use this one.

2. USTVNow Plus

GitHub Username: mhancoc7

USTVow may be a popular online streaming platform that brings an outsized selection of yank TV channels and networks. You’ll start freed from charge, where the free plan provides access to ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, ad My9. just in case you’d wish to expand that, you’ll choose one among the affordably priced plans that include just about every primary channel within the USA. Please note that you simply need a VPN with a US server to form this addon work.

3. Pluto.TV

Found of the official Kodi addons, Pluto TV may be an exciting combination of live TV channels and on-demand content. It comes freed from charge and provides access to TV stations like CNBC, Sky News, Bloomberg, and Cheddar. However, it also tunes into Internet-based content like Nerdist, IGN, and Internet Gold. It is a worth spending a couple of minutes on creating a replacement account and download the addon.


GitHub Username: BludhavenGrayson may be a UK-based startup that brings access to quite 100 TV channels from all around the world. You’ll use it freed from charge and watch a variety of channels that accompany occasional ads. Just in case you opt to upgrade, you’ll unlock all the channels and stream them in HD. Sine this company caters to the united kingdom market, you would like to be located during this country to use a VPN.


GitHub Username: BludhavenGrayson

Once again, we have an  website that brings variety f UK-based TV stations. It includes several BBC channels, France24, Russia Today, and several other others. The great news is that you simply can watch these channels regardless of where you are located. Downloading the addon via Git Browser, and you’re pleasant to travel.

6. FilmON Simple

GitHub Username: mhancoc7

By watching this addon’s name, you would possibly think that it’s about on-demand moves. However, FilmON Simple may be a famous Web-based repository of TV channels from all around the world. All of these are legal to stream, which is why we had to put this addon on our list of the most straightforward legal Kodi addons. Albeit you won’t find big-name broadcasters here, it’s always good to possess many alternatives.

7. Livestream

The final addon within the ‘live TV’ section is Livestream. This platform allows almost anyone to stream content to and from the online. Albeit it’s not as popular as a couple of years back, some broadcasters are still using Livestream. Apart from that, this platform is understood for public cameras, so you’ll inspect what’s happening around the globe. Livestream are often downloaded from the official repository of Kodi.

8. EYE Film

This interesting addon may be a creation of the attention Film Institute from the Netherlands. This organization focuses on restoring and researching movies, and it’s a sizeable library of around 40,000 films. Many of those are classics, but you’ll also find many blockbusters also. The addon comes with an attractive UI design; it’s easy to use and brings you plenty of movies. What’s not to like here, really?

9. Classic Cinema

In case you’re a lover of old movies, you’ve probably heard about the Classic Cinema Online website. This is often actually a movie repository that brings together property right videos found elsewhere online. You’ll find many different genres and every one of the films found here are often streamed rather than being downloaded

6 Best News TV Kodi Addons

On our list of the most straightforward legal Kodi addons are news addons. This is often where you’ll find some aggregators of stories feeds, also an official addon by major TV networks.

1. News

The first Kodi addons on our list of stories TV addons is an old but well-known name. NewsON is an aggregator of live-streams o just about every local TV news station within us. It brings a straightforward navigation panel, where you’ll be greeted by an inventory folks states. Then, you’ll see n inventory of local TV channels that have live streams available. The simplest thing is that each one of them seems to be working just fine.

2. CBS News (CBSN Live)

GitHub Username: mhancoc7

In case you’d wish to watch CBS News live, this addon is for you. Created by a third-party developer, this is often an incredibly merely addon. And you be greeted by the TV station’s live streaming. Install and launch it. You’ll pause it at any moment or close the stream. That’s just about it.

3. Sky News Live

GitHub Username: mhancoc7

If you reside within the UK, the probabilities are that you’ve heard about Sky News. This is often one of the first popular media outlets, known for its news-related content. Sky News isn’t only about the UK. The television station covers stories from all around the world. A bit like the previous suggestion, this addon is a gateway to the live stream.

4. Cheddar

When it involves dangerous TV channels that are all about finances and economy, there’s no lack of these. However, Cheddar are some things different. It’s about business and economics, but it’s made for younger audiences. You’ll decide between watching the station live or on-demand videos. Regardless of what you opt to observe, you’ll find much useful information.

5. Fox News

Be loved by conservative Americans, and Fox News is one of the first popular TV stations within the us. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there’s the official Kodi addon also . However, you won’t find live streaming here. Instead, Fox News is concentrated on on-demand videos. Still, the app is exceptionally frequently updated so that you won’t miss out on the newest events.

6. News

Last on our list is that the hottest channel in Canada. CBC is a great addon for those that watch to ditch their cable operator. The addon offers much useful content, and there’s the live stream also. In terms of stories, CBC is one among the most straightforward legal Kodi addons, with none doubt.

4 Best Educational Kodi Addons

Next, on our list of the most straightforward legal addons are people who bring groundbreaking content. We are sure that a lot of you enjoy watching documentaries, so this section is for you. Keep it up reading.

1. Vice

Starting as a little publication, Vice quickly grew into a mainstream organization. Based in the USA, it’s offices around the world. Their journalists are not afraid to tackle hard topics, which is why you’ll find numerous incredible documentaries here. Because of the official addon, you’ll stream many documentaries in only a couple of clicks.

2. Smithsonian Channel

Mostly supported history documentaries, Smithsonian Channel provides a variety of high-quality titles. The official Kodi addon doesn’t offer a live stream of the Smithsonian channel but instead offers on-demand content. As such, it performs admirably and can inevitably take hours of some time. This is often a must-have for any fan of educational and inspirational movies.

3. Space Telescope

GitHub Username: tvaddonsco

As you’ll tell by this addon’s name, this is often where you’ll find astronomy-related movies. Apart from on-demand content, Space Telescope also offers interesting live-streams. you’ll also spend time watching footage from the famous Hubble telescope. many contents await, and it looks like new content is being regularly offered.

4. TV Ontario

Even though this television station isn’t one of the well-known ones, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll find here. TV Ontario may be a publicly funded Canadian channel that’s all about educational movies. It doesn’t bring the foremost intuitive navigation, but it’s well worth the extra effort. There are dozens of exciting titles scattered across numerous folders, so spend a while exploring this addon.

Best Kodi Fitness/ Workouts Addons

On our list of the most straightforward legal Kodi addons are Fitness/ Workouts Addons.
There are tons of choices, so confirm to select the one you think is that the best is for you.
Enjoy your day


Pulse Fitness is one of the simplest Kodi Add-ons for fitness enthusiasts. It hosts a variety of programs starting from exercises, Yoga, dietary tips, gymming, and other fitness programs. There also are a lot of motivational programs to stay you going so that you don’t cheat your routine.

Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Music

On our list of the most straightforward legal Kodi addons is Streaming Music.
There are tons of choices, so confirm to select the one you think is that the best.


This is an excellent Kodi addons for music enthusiasts. It’s a well-liked add-on that has been there for quite a while now. The media library is well sorted into different categories like Billboard Top 100, top albums artists, rap, hip-hop, jazz, etc. you’ll even build your favorite playlist here.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn may be a trendy name among PC and mobile users. But it’s an equally popular Kodi Add-on also. It’s a requirement for Radio lovers. You’ll browse your favorite music or simply play your favorite radio channels from across the world. You’ll even sync it to the Kodi media player by registering a free account on TuneIn.


That would beat reference to our list of the pleasant felony Kodi addons in 2019. we’d want too many thanks for sticking with us till the hand over of the item. If you’ve got any questions or pointers, make sure to place up a comment beneath.


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