The Best Windows Text Editor Software In 2022

Every developer needs a text editor. You risk disliking coding if you don’t pick a good editor early in your career. Coding is challenging, but the correct text editor may make all of your tasks much more straightforward. This article will discuss the top editor you can download for Windows.

Features of the Best Windows Text Editor

How the best Windows text editor was created. The term “best” is arbitrary. However, we evaluate each editor on the list based on several criteria.


The text editor needs to be quick. The text editor must not slow down the other operating computer programs. Text editors are prone to become sluggish when dealing with and to run large programmes. However, becoming overly sluggish might impede progress and dampen the coding spirit.


Additionally, the extension support decreases the number of built-in functions, allowing customers to install the one they require. It facilitates customization and enhances performance.


Following the writing of the code, deployment and testing. The workflow is improved by integrating several tools, including Github and FTP.

Learning curve

learning curve Everyone does not want to learn a text editor because developers’ time is pricey. The better it is, the simpler it is for developers to plug and play.

Language Focus: 

Atom is used by HTML developers, whereas Python developers prefer PyCharm. The assistance and documentation for that domain are included with the domain-specific editors.


The style, appearance, and design of the text editor also matter.

Following are some best text editors for Windows,

1. Notepad++



A capable text editor for Windows is called Notepad++. It is a well-known, simple text editor that only works with Windows. The text editor mac best tool for replacing, locating, or comparing text is Notepad++.

It enables you to provide documentation for the remaining languages and develop code in more than 40 other languages. The editor provides automatic saving and completion tools that minimize manual work pdf text editor.

Additionally, numerous plugins for Notepad++ improve this editor’s effectiveness. Colour coding makes it incredibly easy to identify between distinct elements and makes it quick to cover and see areas.

2. Atom



The atom (text editor)  text editor Atom, developed by GitHub, is well-known for being hackable. Modern text editor Atom has a user-friendly interface. The text editor can be customized by adding or removing any component you don’t like. You can add your keybindings and key shortcuts.

The end user can highly customize the software, allowing them to make it their truth. To increase the utility of Atom, a sizable number of plugins are supported by the editor and can be installed atom text editor.

Atom provides specific practical IDE capabilities without draining the computer’s processing power. Tools for improving code quality, such as linters, hydrogen, and atom viewer, are some of these valuable aspects.

3. Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code

A online text editor text editor that receives regular updates is called VS Code. On average, VS regularly releases updates that include new functionality once every month.

It is an open-source editor made by Microsoft specifically for Windows. There are IntelliSense options in VS Code. It offers intelligent completions based on the definitions of functions, key modules, and variable types.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code has several modules and tools and is feature-rich. Users can download unique plugins from its marketplace as well. You can execute and manage the dockerized process with the help of these plugins, text editor online which also provide helpful tools like docker. The user does not need to switch windows to run the code because the editor also provides a terminal command.

4. Brackets



Adobe developed it as a simple open-source text editor. Thanks to its live update feature, you can see the changes you’ve made in real-time. The browser does not need to be explicitly reloaded to view the modifications. This quality distinguishes Brackets from other apps.

The Quick Edit is yet another superb attribute. You can style a tag directly in the HTML file without navigating to the CSS file. Additionally, it contains a built-in extension manager that is excellent for managing extensions.

The main business of Adobe is design. It is shown in the Brackets user interface. Brackets is a fantastic text editor for Windows, primarily for front-end developers.

5. NetBeans



Netbeans’ strength is in ancient languages. Although NetBeans supports additional languages, it doesn’t have the same power as the new text editors.

The code compiler is simple and appropriate for creating and running remote codes. With NetBeans, exporting and importing a project to and from GitHub is very easy.

When troubleshooting the code, the checkpoint is applicable. Every project has ready-made templates, which saves time in the beginning. Themes, typefaces, and widget customization in the NetBeans IDE perform incredibly well.

6. VIM



The Vim Text Editor has automated syntax highlighting, an error list, a set compiler, and HTML conversion. It offers a highly accommodating visual layout that is changeable. The windows can be divided both vertically and horizontally.

For web development projects using the PHP programming language, Vim is a great text editor. Every programme feature has dependable documentation, which is advantageous for new users.

System administrators and developers can use this sophisticated text editor. Developers want to operate in a terminal environment without a graphical user interface. Instead of using a mouse, a keyboard can be used to execute numerous tasks. Vim increases the coding task’s efficiency once you get used to the tool.

7. BlueFish



Another excellent text editor for Windows is Blue Fish. This straightforward text editor for Windows enables you to build straightforward HTML and CSS websites quickly. Bluefish works best for websites with static pages, such as sales pages or corporate websites.

The editor is the most lightweight and stable. In contrast to other editors, Bluefish uses less RAM and loads quickly.

The exporting of the files is made simple for developers by interacting with Photoshop. The project does not require manual saving. In a crash or kill, the software automatically recovers the project.

8. Emacs



This editor has been active for a while. The most customizable text editor for Windows may be Emacs. You may customize everything about this text editor, including the theme, the syntax highlighter, the menu choices, and the keyboard shortcuts.

Emacs does have a devoted following and firm support. The editor enjoys cult status. To integrate with Emacs, there are numerous plugins and add-ons available.

Engineers are maintaining this outdated text editor despite its many years of upgrades. Emacs is straightforward and has a minimalist feel to it.

9. jEdit



It is a text editor with a user-friendly interface and easily usable functionality. With large files, it loads rapidly. This software also allows you to organize your work and take brief notes.

The fact that the marker remembers its place is one of the fantastic features of the jEdit text editor. Various projects can be viewed in the same window and will all function without crashing. However, jEdit is the most incredible tool for writing Java scripts, while you may use it for any coding.

Java is used to create jEdit. As a result, it can be used with any computer. It is a simple and user-friendly text editor for Windows.

10.  gEdit



For searching and replacing code, gEdit is a superb tool. Customers who prefer working with GUIs rather than organizing mechanical line assemblies will find this suitable.

The mac text editor tool includes a built-in spell checker. The text colour and font can be customized in gEdit. The keyboard shortcuts can be modified to suit individual needs.

11. Light Table


Light Table

Another excellent text editor for Windows is Light Table. When reviewing any line of code, the text becomes more visible by highlighting, which also speeds up the process.

The project is automatically saved. Light Table has a few minimal system requirements and may be run without a powerful PC. It has code autocompletion built in linux text editor.

Questions and Answers

Which Windows text editor is the best?

The best Windows text editors are Atom, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Brackets, and Netbeans. Other than them, powerful text editors include Vim, Bluefish, and Emacs sublime text editor.

Which text editor for C++ is the best?

The two best text editors for C++ are NetBeans and Visual Studio Code best text editor for mac. For writing C++ code, Codeblocks and Eclipse are also fantastic text editors.

Which Python editor is the best?

The top Python text editors are PyCharm, Spyder, PyDev, Idle, and Wing.

A Conclusion

You must begin with a text editor appropriate for you if you are a beginning developer. The developers’ preferred text editor is typically the first editor they grasp.

The editors on this list are the top Windows text editors. I wish you luck in finding a text editor that complements your abilities.


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