Best Dispatch Software Service in 2022

Find the best Dispatch Software Service for your business. Below, you can compare product reviews and pricing. For additional information, consult our buyer’s guide dispatch software.

What is Service Dispatch Software?

Service dispatch software primarily aids in scheduling and route planning to ensure drivers can go to as many more jobs as possible in the quickest amount of time. GPS tracking is also included in more complex systems to provide better vehicle performance and driver behavior information trucking dispatch software.

Data analytics from service dispatch software assists firms in keeping cars in good working order, reducing trip time and fuel expenses. Dispatching functions are helpful for any large business that dispatches many technicians, drivers, and cars to customer locations.

Medium-sized and big firms frequently prefer industry-specific alternatives that include dispatching via independent dispatch software service. All-in-one industry-specific alternatives include additional specialist capabilities that assist with day-to-day business procedures.

Plumbing dispatch software, Trucking software, transportation dispatch software, computer aided dispatch software, HVAC software, transportation management software, taxi dispatch software, field service dispatch software and plumbing software are industry-specific dispatching systems its dispatch software.

Service Dispatch Software Features Feature Description

Job Scheduling

Assign jobs to the appropriate technician based on their expertise, availability, and urgency security dispatch software.

Route Selection

Schedule field personnel and drivers to particular regions to decrease travel time and fuel expenses while improving response times.

Assign last-minute/emergency calls to the nearest employee. Send instructions and detour information in real-time.

GPS Monitoring

Track drivers’ and field service technicians’ real-time positions and vehicle data such as speed, gas levels, and maintenance information mobile dispatch software.

Work Order Administration

Create work orders and monitor task progress.

Inventory Control for Parts

Track parts inventory on best service trucks to ensure that each vehicle has the proper tools and resources.

The capture of Electronic Signatures

Electronically capture signatures for delivery or services technician dispatch software.

Dispatch Software Service Scheduling

The scheduling component in dispatch software guarantees that only available technicians or drivers are assigned to jobs. You may also connect technicians to jobs based on their expertise or credentials.

Booking too many jobs at once or scheduling drivers at numerous time windows will only lead to issues. If a driver has too much or overlapping jobs to accomplish, the software will tell you so that you may make the right changes.

Service dispatch software also aids in the optimization of schedules depending on task location. This enables technicians and drivers to do more jobs in less time. The drivers can spend less time travelling between destinations and more time doing their jobs.

FieldAware scheduling and dispatch management

1. Dr Dispatch

Best Dispatch Software Service

Dr Dispatch is a small to medium-sized business transportation and brokerage dispatch software solution. This system aids in dispatching, cash flow management, equipment scheduling, and other functions. Whether you’ve been in the transportation industry for decades or…

2. FieldAware 

Best Dispatch Software Service

FieldAware is a mobile-first, cloud-based software built from the ground up to enable absolute flexibility and ease of use. With FieldAware, you will wow your consumers, increase the productivity of your staff, and remain ahead of the competition.

3. ServiceMax

Best Dispatch Software Service


ServiceMax Field software Management Service is intended for both equipment makers and service providers.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones are available to help field technicians and service managers access service delivery information and…

4. Omnitracs

Best Dispatch Software Service

Omnitracs has created comprehensive fleet management solutions for commercial fleets, including integrated software, SaaS apps, and analytics platforms. Omnitracs is committed to providing value to fleets of all sizes and…

Web, iOS, and Android Client OS Deployment Cloud Hosted.

5. Samsara Fleet Administration

Best Dispatch Software Service

Samsara fleet management system is designed for small to medium-sized organizations. The software is cloud-based and includes iOS and Android mobile applications. GPS tracking in real-time is available, allowing you to ensure driver safety and monitor… Web, iOS, and Android Client OS Deployment Cloud Hosted.


Today’s top trucking company software solutions are “integrated” systems. This signifies that the programs are connected. When you upload an invoice to your invoicing application, the data in your Accounts Receivable system are updated. The Client Operating System Web, Windows Deployment Cloud, or On-Premises.

7. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is a home service management software and mobile app that provides your technicians with the tools to conduct effective services and increase sales for your firm. Track equipment and components, get customer service information and job history… Web, iOS, and Android Client OS Deployment Cloud Hosted.

8. RazorSync

RazorSync is a mobile field service software system that allows you to plan jobs, make payments, and manage employees from any location. This software simplifies business processes to decrease billing cycles, operating expenses, and lost time…

9. FieldEdge

FieldEdge is the best Software management service for running your whole home service business. It blends a rich 40-year heritage with cutting-edge technology to produce a strong yet user-friendly system. Accessible from anywhere and constantly updated… Web, iOS, and Android Client OS Deployment Cloud Hosted.

Intelligent Service

10. Astute service

Smart Service is a QuickBooks scheduling software that allows you to integrate scheduling, dispatch, and other features into QuickBooks. This field software service assists in integrating your QuickBooks into one seamless software and is compatible with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and…

11. B2W Schedule 

B2W Schedule B2W Schedule software has heavy construction scheduling and dispatching functions. Replace whiteboards, spreadsheets, phone conversations, messages, and other out-of-scheduling, offline scheduling tools with a real-time alternative to drive…

12. JobOps JOB OPS

JobOps JOB OPS is a graphical task operation and production system built for enterprises that need to track real-time labour, materials, purchases, and other costs while monitoring the progress of each job throughout the manufacturing process.

13. LoadMaster

LoadMaster is truckload software that includes a comprehensive dispatch operations management system and accounting software created specifically for the transportation business.

14. Tailwind

Tailwind is a transportation management software that includes all of the functionality required for freight brokerage, carrier, moving and storage, and freight forwarding organizations.

15. ProTransport

ProTransport is a transportation software package that includes accounting, routing and dispatch management, fleet maintenance, and other features. The solution aids in the consolidation of your business’s processes into a single unified system to improve performance…

16. Envision

EnVision is a transportation management system (TMS) solution for any size or kind of transportation organization. The system includes dispatch, brokerage, accounting, payroll, IFTA reporting, and maintenance (for fleet and outside carriers).

There are several GPS tracking systems… Client Operating System Windows, Linux Deployment Cloud or On-Premises.

17. Housecall Pro 

Housecall Pro provides you with all the tools you need to manage your workforce and expand your business.

You’ll be able to let consumers book online, manage your calendar, dispatch technicians, produce accurate estimates, and collect money using this solution… Web, iOS, and Android Client OS Deployment Cloud Hosted.


MYSTC is meant to assist any trucking enterprise, regardless of the number of vehicles or time in business. However, MYSTC can be especially beneficial to companies just getting started in trucking. Trucking may be a stressful business at times, and… Cloud Hosted Client OS Web Deployment.

19. Wintac 

Wintac is an All-in-One best Business Management software that will help you operate a more transparent, efficient, and lucrative business.

FieldEdge software purchased Wintac. As a result, Wintac is no longer available for purchase or support. Please go to FieldEdge…

  • Price Points
  • Starting at $2,695 per user (perpetual license)
  • Windows Client OS Deployment Cloud or On-Premises

20. PowerPRO 

PowerPRO Transportation Software is a comprehensive trucking software that delivers all of your transportation business’s tools to flourish. Whether you are a carrier and a broker, the software will improve administration, combine accounting, and… On-Premises Windows Client OS Deployment.

Dispatch Software Service Route Optimization

Dispatch software Service aids in route optimization to cut fuel costs and increase response times. The software considers the number of left turns, the number of needed pauses on a certain route, and traffic conditions at distinct times of the day.

These variables are used to calculate the best potential route. Taking fewer left turns, avoiding traffic stops, and slowdowns will help save vehicle wear and tear and increase fuel economy. Having well-optimized routes also allows your drivers to perform more jobs each day. Drivers may spend less time driving and more time interacting with consumers. Faster response times will increase client satisfaction and allow you to arrange more appointments without recruiting additional staff.

Husky Intelligence Route Optimization

Husky Intelligence’s Route Optimization displays information on the task type, technicians, clients, and timetables to aid route planning.

GPS Tracking in conjunction with Service Dispatch Software

Using GPS tracking in service dispatch software, dispatchers may follow cars and transmit messages to drivers. The dispatcher will have access to vehicle data such as real-time position, speed, gas mileage, and maintenance records.

This guarantees that drivers are safe on the road and do not make unplanned stops. Dispatchers can also transmit fresh directions to drivers in delays or unforeseen detours. Customers can be notified if the driver is running ahead or behind schedule.

Several solutions incorporate or interface with fuel tracking systems to record and manage fuel expenditures. Fuel use and mileage statistics per state are kept to aid in International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting. Tracking fuel delivery also helps to avoid staff fuel theft.

Dispatch Software Service Varieties

Here are some examples of service dispatch software:

21. FieldEdge service Dispatch software

Best Dispatch Software Service

Many field service firms, such as HVAC technicians, plumbers, landscapers, and others, rely on dispatch software. These systems aid in field service scheduling and managing technicians’ real-time location.

Dispatch software centralises tech schedules and credentials to ensure that the proper people are allocated to the right assignment based on qualifications and availability.

Any additional jobs or last-minute service calls may be quickly booked into the closest available session. Dispatching is a key component of field service management software. Field service software is an excellent addition if you need an all-in-one software for billing, project management, and dispatching. The FieldEdge Dispatch Board displays technician schedules, current location, and works order information.

22. Trucks Dispatch Software IFTA fuel

Best Dispatch Software Service

Dispatch solutions send fresh orders to available agents and optimize the driver’s route. Route design improves client satisfaction by allowing for speedier delivery times.

Because fewer miles are traveled, fuel and maintenance expenses are also decreased. All-in-one trucking software includes dispatching, accounting, and fuel tax management.

IFTA fuel and mileage reporting are also aided by trucking software. Fleet maintenance is also an essential aspect of trucking software if you manage many trucks. If your primary goal is to manage cars, standalone fleet management systems frequently contain dispatch features. Tailwind includes dispatches. Tailwind’s Dispatches function gives dispatcher and carrier information, cargo data, and route directions.

23. Emergency Dispatch Software AngelTrack

Best Dispatch Software Service

It is critical to dispatch medical assistance, first responders, or police officers as quickly as possible. Dispatch software enables emergency responders to arrive on the scene as soon as feasible. During an emergency call, the dispatcher can transmit the location, directions, and a description of the incident to the appropriate department.

The nearest responder may then be sent to the site, guaranteeing the quickest possible response time. Some solutions use blueprints or plans of public structures such as schools. This permits responders to go rapidly through a structure to the scene. AngelTrack allows you to dispatch employees from the map in real-time.

24. Taxi Dispatch Software


Best Dispatch Software Service

Taxi dispatch software helps with taxi scheduling and dispatching to customer locations. GPS monitoring indicates which cabs are available, allowing you to dispatch the nearest one for last-minute pickups.

Some systems will allocate the nearest available taxi for a pickup. You may also schedule drivers in advance using the scheduling tool. Customers can download mobile applications from some solutions.

The software allows the consumer to hail a cab without making a phone call. Drivers in the area can accept the job using their mobile devices. Most applications allow clients to pay and tip via online ways and rate their taxi driver. TaxiCaller’s Map of Taxi Locations TaxiCaller provides a real-time map of taxi locations and the availability of each cab.

25. Field Service Management by Intuit

Intuit offers its solution, Intuit Field Service Management, available for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. This system is intended primarily for commercial and residential field service, repair, maintenance, and installation businesses.

GPS tracking, customer administration, mobile payment processing, work order progress monitoring, and other functions are all supported by Intuit Field Service Management. QuickBooks customers will be able to use Intuit’s Field Service Management system, which will allow back-office workers to handle both accounting and field service activities. QuickBooks will be unavailable to Intuit Field Service users.

26. QuickBooks Integration Third-Party Software

There are dispatching systems that integrate with QuickBooks, allowing you to handle accounting without purchasing a completely new system.

QuickBooks Work Order Scheduling and Dispatching. QuickBooks is the best tool for managing your business’s bookkeeping. However, if you need robust scheduling and dispatching capabilities, QuickBooks alone will not be enough. There are alternatives open to you.

Using a third-party solution that connects with QuickBooks may be preferable for certain firms. For example, such as IFTA mileage monitoring for trucking sectors will be accessible exclusively in an industry-specific solution. ServiceTitan, Housecall Pro, and Tailwind are several dispatching platforms that integrate with QuickBooks.

27. Mobile Dispatching Software Service Field techs

Best Dispatch Software Service

Field techs and drivers may view work data and real-time directions changes from dispatchers while on the road using mobile dispatching software. The software may also take electronic signatures from a smartphone or mobile device on the job site. Some solutions include specific mobile apps that employees may use to download job data, timetables, routes, and take payments. 



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