The Top 13 Online Event Ticketing Software

Online event ticketing software is the solution for event organizers who want to go paperless. Adopting the paperless concept eliminates the need to deal with paper, from printing the ticket to compiling a list of attendee candidates. With software, everything becomes more straightforward.

Whether you go paperless or not, everything ultimately depends on you — the event organizer. However, if you use event ticketing software, you won’t have to be as old-fashioned as using a spreadsheet to manage your attendee list.

Whether you like it or not, Eventbrite is the most well-known online event ticketing software on the market today. It not only assists you in ticketing sales, selling event tickets, but it also assists you in managing your event.

What if you’re not a fan of Eventbrite?

Other than Eventbrite, there are numerous other online event ticketing software options.
This article will provide you with a list of the best online event ticketing software, allowing you to select the service that is best suited to your needs.

1. Ticketbud

Online Event Ticketing Software

Ticketbud is another well-known name ticketing sales in the event ticketing software market. Some large corporations, such as TED, rely on this software to sell tickets every time they hold an event.

The features and abilities of Ticketbud are similar to those of SimpleTix.
This app also includes a smartphone check-in event for event organisers and attendees. The main distinction is in the fee structure.
Unlike SimpleTix, which charges a flat fee, Ticketbud charges a commission of 2% on each ticket sold.

This amount does not include the 99 cents you must pay for each ticket sold.
It appears to be a bit more expensive, but you will probably get more features.
To find out, you can request a demo to see what features this software has.

2. Eventbrite 

Online Event Ticketing Software

This is what it is. As I mentioned at the outset, big tickets Eventbrite is the most well-known brand of online ticketing software. Eventbrite is a versatile event management tool. This tool can be used to create registration, manage event promotion, and so on, in addition to selling tickets.

Eventbrite can be used to sell tickets for a wide variety of events. Eventbrite provides three ticket-selling packages from which to choose. Each package has a fee that varies in amount. One thing is sure: you will be charged a certain percentage of each ticket sold, plus a flat fee. When it comes to features, no one can deny Eventbrite.

3. SimpleTix

Online Event Ticketing Software

Some online event ticketing software will price you a percentage of each ticket sold.
The more costly your ticket, the more you share with others. SimpleTix is one of the services that offers a flat fee system if you are looking for one. SimpleTix is explicitly designed for selling tickets to performing arts events.

Using SimpleTix benefits your event attendee candidates in addition to making your job easier when selling event tickets. They will be able to pick their seats in your theatre, seats at tables, or even their booth at a tradeshow.

SimpleTix offers a smartphone app that assists you during the check-in process.
The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, can be used to check people in, scan their barcodes, search for people based on their personal information, and track entry progress. SimpleTix also supports integrations to help you get things done faster.

4. Accelevents

Online Event Ticketing Software

Accelevents is an all-in-one online ticketing software and registration platform that offers industry-leading functionality while remaining reasonably priced. The platform costs $1 per ticket and 1% of the ticket sale amount, with the organiser choosing to pass all fees on to ticket buyers.

Event organisers can create a branded event page and custom ticket types in minutes.
In addition, Accelevents allows a full suite of fundraising tools such as online auctions, donation pages, and text-to-give campaigns.

5. ThunderTix

Online Event Ticketing Software

ThunderTix uses a subscription model to sell its service instead of the five online event ticketing software mentioned above, which use a per-ticket fee system. You will be charged a monthly amount based on the plan you selected. You will not, however, be required to sign a long-term contract.

You have the best option to cancel your membership at any time. ThunderTix’s model is ideal for event organiser companies that hold events regularly. ThunderTix offers a 10-day trial period to allow you to evaluate its features and capabilities. ThunderTix provides event marketing and promotion tools, such as ad space on PDF tickets.

6. Tickera

Online Event Ticketing Software

Tickera is designed specifically for WordPress. To put it another way, you can easily integrate Tickera with your WordPress-based website to sell event tickets. The disadvantage of Tickera is that you must spend more money upfront to download the plugin.

The great advice is that you will not be charged for each ticket sold. If you have any doubts, Tickera offers a free demo that you can use. Tickera also includes standard online event ticketing software features such as mobile check-in. If you require additional features, you can install some add-ons.

7. Ticketleap

Do you want to host a free event? You will most likely want the assistance of Ticketleap to distribute the event’s free tickets. If you need to hold the best free event, Ticketleap will not charge you anything.

“There are no fees for free events.” Free should remain free. That simple.”

What about compensated events? Ticketleap is also excellent for managing paid event ticket sales. This software also includes resources provided by all of the services mentioned above. Ticketleap’s fee model and amount are very similar to Eventbrite’s.
You will be charged 2% plus $1 for each ticket sold. If you have any doubts, Ticketleap offers a demo to allow you to explore its features.

8. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is another well-known name in the event ticketing software market.
This software is frequently regarded as Eventbrite’s main rival. In addition to selling tickets, Eventzilla can assist you in managing your event, both before and during the event. All standard features of online ticketing software, such as mobile check-in, are already available.

Eventzilla is also an excellent option to hold a free event because you will not charge fees.
Eventzilla also enables you to request a demo, which you can use before deciding to use it for a paid event.

9. TicketSpice

Webconnex, the same company that created RegFox, created TicketSpice.
RegFox is event management software, whereas TicketSpice is explicitly designed for ticket sales. One of the appealing features provided by TicketSpice that you will most likely appreciate is Instant Funding, which allows you to access your funds instantly with daily payouts.

This feature is handy if your event does not have a sponsor. TicketSpice is an excellent choice if you want to make more from your events because it charges a lower fee than the majority of similar tools listed above. According to TicketSpice’s comparison results, you can save up to $9,000 per year compared to EventBrite and $16,056 compared to TicketLeap.

10. Yapsody

Yapsody currently has several special offers available at the time of writing.
One of these benefits is that there is no fee for the first 50 paid tickets on new accounts.
Non-profit organisations can also take advantage of special pricing.
Yapsody will not charge you if you want to host a free event.

Yapsody normally charges $0.59 + 1.75 percent for each ticket sold.
In general, the features provided by Yapsody are not significantly different from those offered by the preceding tools. There is also a mobile app for managing check-ins and marketing and promotion tools, integrations, and so on.

11. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is the solution for you if you need a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of your membership organisation, not just events.

Event pages with online registration and payments, some built-in emailing system, a drag-and-drop website builder, a mobile app, and automated member payments and renewals are with the features. Wild Apricot processes over 230,000 events each year, with over 5,000,000 registrants. Free 30-day trial period!

12. Bookitbee

If you want an online event ticketing software with a low fee percentage, Bookitbee is not the best option. You will be priced 2% + 75% for each ticket sold. This amount depends depending on which country you live in. Bookitbee does not provide any unique features. Bookitbee is especially well-suited for live music, sports, educational, and charitable events.

13. Picatic

If features are essential to you, Picatic may be a good option for selling event tickets.
This online event ticketing software includes all of the features required to sell event tickets.

Analytics, mobile check-in, tracking links, and many other features are available.
Picatic is also a good option if you have a WordPress-based site because it has a WordPress plugin that you can install.

Picatic is also a good option ticketing sales if you want to host a free event. Picatic does not charge for free events. If you are unsure about Picatic, there is a demo you can use to reduce your regret.

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