10 Ways to Increase Productivity

Around 85% of adults worldwide are not engaged or are actively disengaged on the job, which costs businesses a fortune.

Not being productive can result in financial loss, stunt a business’s growth, and make you feel less satisfied in your role. But you can reverse this by staying focused and boosting your productivity levels with useful hacks. Perhaps you’re currently struggling with this and you’re looking for inspiration.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 ways to increase productivity.

1. Make Lists

One of the best ways to increase productivity is to make a list.

Although it sounds simple, writing down your tasks will stop you from feeling overwhelmed by the workload. Aside from not forgetting anything important, you can divide your list into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep you on track.

2. Follow the “Two Minute Rule”

An effective way to increase productivity is to complete smaller tasks first. If you’re prone to procrastinating smaller items on your list, then follow the two-minute rule to maximize the small window of time you have.

For instance, if there’s a task that will take two minutes or less, then do it immediately. This could be replying to an email or tidying up your workspace.

3. Stop Multitasking

The research found that only 2.5% of people can multitask effectively, which proves it’s a waste of time. This is because our brains aren’t designed to hold multiple tasks at once. Plus, when you’re juggling jobs, then you’re not paying proper attention to one of them.

Instead, focus on a single task and work down the list.

4. Minimize Distractions

One of the top ways to increase productivity is to minimize distractions. Make sure you’re working in a quiet environment and keep everything you need within arm’s length. You should also turn off notifications so you’re not distracted. If you often reach for your phone, then keep it in a separate room or on silent.

Another major distraction is meetings, especially in-person ones. Instead of wasting 30 minutes every Monday, delegate tasks via email or on a short video call. But if you must have one, then arrange a standing meeting as these engage employees better.

5. Plan the Night Before

Out of all the productivity tips, this is the most underrated. Before you leave the office, write everything you need to complete for the next day. Aside from being in the right mindset, it also stops you from missing anything and lets you start work straight away the next morning.

6. Tackle the Hardest Tasks First

We are more energized in the morning, which is why you should tackle the hardest task first. This lets you complete the job in a better mindset and makes the rest of your day easier. So make sure you’re doing easier tasks like checking emails later on as it requires less brainpower.

7. Prioritize Sleep

Around 50 to 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder, which wreaks havoc on their mental and physical wellbeing.

Further, insufficient sleep makes it harder for you to focus and fulfill your tasks well. It also affects your working memory and logical reasoning, which are crucial tools for most roles.

As a general rule, adults should get between seven to eight hours every night. If you’re struggling with this, then don’t drink caffeinated beverages in the afternoon and limit your screen time. Instead, read a book or meditate before bed as it promotes a good night’s shut-eye.

8. Schedule Breaks

Although it sounds counterintuitive, breaks are the key to staying productive throughout the day. Make sure you have a 15-minute breather after 90 minutes of work. This will keep you focused and you’ll see better results.

You should also maximize your downtime. Avoid replying to emails on your lunch break or after dinner as it can affect your work-life balance. To avoid this, spend time on your hobbies and let yourself properly relax so you’re mentally prepared for the next day.

Further, adding a workout session can improve your productivity during the day. It’s a no-brainer that exercise improves alertness and raises energy levels, which is crucial during a slow day. If you don’t have time, then go for a 10-minute stroll or commit to a morning jog.

9. Batch Similar Tasks Together

If you’re set on increasing productivity, then batch similar tasks together. For instance, if you need to reply to phone calls, then carve out an hour in the afternoon to do this. Aside from staying organized, this will save you time.

10. Reward Yourself for Finishing a Difficult Task

We’re often too hard on ourselves, which can make us feel unmotivated to work. Because of this, you should always reward yourself for completing a difficult task or one you’ve procrastinated on for weeks. So the next time you have a small win, treat yourself to a 10-minute coffee break or a candy bar and you’ll see a boost in morale.

You should also curate the ultimate work environment by adding a personal flair. This will make you feel more engaged and excited about the task. For instance, keep a vase of your favorite flowers on the table or add pictures of your loved ones to put a smile on your face.

Learn the Ways to Increase Productivity Today

Although it feels overwhelming, there are many ways to increase productivity. Start by making regular to-do lists, minimize distractions, and always tackle the largest task first. You should also batch similar jobs together and schedule regular breaks as it boosts motivation and productivity. Good luck!

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