Top 15 Payment Gateway Plugins You Can Use with WordPress in 2021

Top 15 Payment Gateway Plugins You Can Use with WordPress in 2021

Online marketing is growing day by day due to the latest advances it is bringing into the market. The online ways of business and earning are providing a new horizon to the people for establishing and flourishing the business. The word press is a medium by which people express their content with others it can be in any form like the websites for the blogs, online business sites, etc. in the online business, the sending and receiving of money is a primary part that requires trust and worthy ways.

The payment gateway plugins are the platform that helps in receiving the amount from the WordPress site. There are multiple payment gateway plugins used worldwide like PayPal for which the PayPal fee calculator is used. Some of the reliable payment gateway  below. Have a look at these to select the reliable one:

1. WPPay Form:

The direct payment from the word press is easy to get into the WPPayform. It is an easy and convenient way to transfer money but people sometimes find it difficult to calculate money or confuses the figures. So a digital tool is a helpful way of calculating money like what the PayPal calculator does. The online modern problems are best to solve with the digital ways. in this plugin, the built-in stripe payment gateway is present that helps in receiving money from the stripe account. It connects with the stripe account of the issuer directly and receives payment instantly. There is also an advanced version of this gateway available with the name of the pro version which offers multiple other features of custom CSS, tax payment dealings, etc.

2. eMerchantpay:

Credit cards are the widely used payment method that people find quite accessible due to the relaxation it provides. eMerchantpay payment plugin provides amazing benefits and facility of money transactions for the online stores and WordPress. If the payment plugin is secured and safe to use, then online shopping becomes more comforting for the customers as well as the business persons. It helps in receiving the payments online.

3. PayPal:

Paypal is one of the most common and widely used methods of money transfer. People use it comfortably due to its high worth and reputation. The PayPal fees calculator helps to calculate PayPal fees which helps the user in identifying the amount of money to receive and send. One of the great things about this payment gateway plugin is that it does not require the merchant account to operate. The optional offer of the PayPal pro is also available for the users to transfer money for WordPress.

The offer of PayPal transactions is also safe to use for credit card holders., it is more beneficial than credit card transactions as it offers mere 6 currencies while PayPal provides 25 currencies.

The PayPal calculator fee also helps a person in accessing the Paypal payments for the shopping and retail setups.

4. Mobile payments

The growing advances in technology have proved to be an amazing role for entrepreneurs. Like the WordPress, website development that aims for the audience attraction which can be successfully used in presenting content further or online sale and purchase. The online sale and purchase market has developed so far that every second or third person is linked either with the purchase or sale. To make it more convenient and accessible, mobile payments have been made possible so people can pay from home or any place without going anywhere.

Other than this, many other useful gadgets, tools, and processes have been launched to enhance the people’s suitability like the PayPal fee calculator, invoice maker, transaction record-keeping apps, etc. such payment gateway plugins for WordPress are easy to install and operate so that any person can access these without any technical problem. The mobile payment system is so strong that it supports the national as well as international markets.

5. Stripe:

If you are searching for a cost-effective payment method, then stripe is for you. Many people go for the stripe payment method, as it does not charge the monthly fee or set up fee. It only charges the transaction amount at each transaction which is small and affordable for the users. While using stripe, you can also have the complete customization offer which helps the user in making transactions as per their choices and preferences. The automated payment system in stripe is also a helpful option for many e-commerce website users as the security level is maintained and intact.

6. Net

In the WordPress payment gateway plugins, is one of the safe ways because of its fraud and scam protection features. is PCI DSS certified plugin for WordPress.

This certification and the protection tools are worthy enough to secure the user’s data and
transact the money in a safe way. It not only benefits the customer but also the business person as safety is a mutual concern. The receiving of payments is an available option for worldwide users but the integration is only accessible to the users of Australia, the UK, the US, Europe, and Canada.

7. Checkout:

Checkout is not a simple payment plugin for WordPress but it also offers other services of the standard suite. The conversion of different currency forms and international transactions are a few of these services. availability of 15 languages and 80 + currencies make it super convenientto use for the majority of people worldwide facilitating  international transactions as well. It does not charge additional money but the per-transaction fee.

8. Stripe checkout:

Stripe checkout payment plugin has a built-in button for the stripe that makes the user go directly to his or her stripe account. The accepted payment methods for the stripe checkout plugin are debit and credit cards making it usable globally. The checkup of transacted money is reliable and secure making it a trustworthy option for WordPress.

9. YITH WooCommerce Stripe:

This payment plugin gateway for WordPress works perfectly for credit card users. If the business personnel is using this payment plugin for their WordPress, then it can help in enhancing the transaction numbers and sales due by offering credit card use which also ensures the customer’s trust. The user data and the payment history is easy to store through the credit card transactions that’s why it provides this payment method. Additionally, the refunding process is also an available feature in this payment gateway plugin. The fraud of the scam credit card payments can also be controlled well through this, as the blacklisting is possible making business persons aware of these.

10. Razorpay:

It is one of the top used payment plugin for WordPress in Asia. The promising feature of its high demand is the easy interface which facilitates the massive population in using the plugin easily.

There seems no complexity in the payment entering, calculation, and transfer due to simple and basic steps.

11. Quick Pay:

Quick pay payment plugin for WordPress is an integrated method with the WooCommerce.
There are multiple options available regarding the transactions like the cancellation of the
payment, API feature usage, refunding of the payment, automated payment protocols, etc. All of these features make it unique and facilitative to use by the people. the fraud protection is a built-in feature of this plugin that makes it highly competitive. The users are welcomed to directly use the quick pay method and transact money for WordPress.

12. YITH PayPal Braintree:

YITH PayPal Braintree is a payment plugin of WordPress that uses a PayPal account of the user for easy transactions through credit card. The Braintree account helps in dealing with the eCommerce transactions. If you have made a transaction written on the plugin but want to change it instantly the modification is available through the authorize button in it. The WPML and fraud protection tools support makes it fraud free approach with multiple language usage.

13. Fondy:

The Fondy is a payment gateway plugin for WordPress with a diversity of features and services.
The business owners can get the payments from the accounts easily without falling for the
complex coding. It provides complete coverage to the clients for making transactions and many other relevant things.

14. Braintree:

Braintree plugin gateway is accepting money for WordPress transactions. During the plugin use, there is no need for any additional cost to pay, the transacted amount that is conducted from one part of the world is not the same as conducted from another part as the transaction fee and the taxes of any country is different from others.

15. PayKun:

Paykun is one of the trendy and top payment plugin used for WordPress. The payment receiving methods can include debit card, credit card, QR code, net banking, and wallet. Some plugin gateways charge money for setting up but this is not in this case. The merchant Payment Paykun account is an advanced option which deals with the money related task s. it manages the transactions, make sure it offers refund and settlement options as well.



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