Find People With ZabaSearch: Easy Guide!

This article will guide how to find Zabasearch to search for information about people and how to remove data from the site’s listings.

What is ZabaSearch?

You can utilize the well-liked free tool for person searches called ZabaSearch. You can use ZabaSearch to locate details about people around the United States, such as their names, phone numbers, addresses, and ages. Additional details, such as a background check, are available as a premium service zabasearch free white pages.

The search engine contains three times as many home listings as the white pages, claims ZabaSearch. You can immediately begin looking as much as you like because registration is unnecessary.

What types of data does ZabaSearch hold? 

ZabaSearch can generally provide enough information to tell you where someone lives and how to contact them. However, you won’t learn much more than that.

You can choose to examine a list of people’s “complete profiles” after searching for someone. There, you can view a person’s address, phone number, age, and residence map. You can ask for directions to their house.

An option to find “additional information” for the person, such as another phone lookup, public records, or property records, can be found on the main results page. When you select those choices free, you will be taken to the website of Intelius, the parent company of ZabaSearch, where you can pay for access to that data.

How does ZabaSearch acquire that data? 

ZabaSearch doesn’t specifically state where it obtains its data, although the service’s website does state that it does it from “a broad array of public record sources.” The business noted that it cannot alter the information on the page and that people who have moved several times may appear multiple times.

How many methods of searching are there?

ZabaSearch offers free searches. 

The simplest approach would be to perform a name search for the person. Additionally, you have the option to restrict your findings to specific states. So, if you know the person you’re looking for resides in New York, you need to type their name and “NY” into the search box on the ZabaSearch homepage.

As an alternative, you can conduct a phone number search. On the home page, just type the number for ZabaSearch return results.

Exist any paid search options? 

Oh, yes. ZabaSearch is a free service to assist you in finding fundamental details about yourself or other people, after which you can visit Intelius to pay for more services.

You can perform a background check or look up a person’s other phones with the aid of Intelius. Using Intelius, you can look up public or property records.

The cost varies depending on what you want from the provider. You will have to pay 95 cents for a more thorough people search that includes details about their social networks and education. A background check that includes criminal records, court orders, and lawsuits costs $39.95, while a public records report that includes marriage and divorce costs $1.95.

How do I get rid of my search history? 

Here is where things start to become murky.

To unsubscribe from the service’s database, you can use the straightforward opt-out form provided by ZabaSearch here (opens in a new tab). You must enter your email address and any personally identifiable information before requesting that your data be deleted. Your information will be deleted from the database after seven days, claims ZabaSearch.

Google and Your Information 

Zabasearch merely compiles the information it lists for you; it does not host any of it.

It makes sense that many people are worried about the information available on Zabasearch and other websites. However, unless you’ve taken extraordinary care to ensure that none of your personal information is ever made public, this information will be available to the general public. Some of your information is available online, for instance, if you’ve ever purchased a home, gotten married or divorced, or donated to a political campaign or non-profit.

Name-Based Search 

On the Zabasearch homepage, type the first and last names into the text fields. Enter such facts if you know the person’s residence’s city and/or state. If not, choose All 50 States.

Using a phone number when searching on Zabasearch is an additional method of finding information. In the Zabasearch Reverse Phone Lookup page, enter the number.

If you don’t know who phoned you or want to discover if a reverse phone number search of your number reveals any information about you, you might try this.

Getting More Specific Results 

After conducting a name search, use the filters on the results page to focus your search on a single individual. You can specify a city and an age range.

Notably, Zabasearch only displays the name and address on its website, or perhaps just a portion of the address. Select View complete profile next to any person’s entry to learn more about them on Intelius if you want more results and don’t mind paying to find someone online.

How to Deactivate Your Account on Zabasearch 

Every piece of information Zabasearch gathers is freely accessible from various sources. This indicates that the information may be incomplete or inaccurate. If you no longer want Zabasearch to store a copy of your personal information, you can remove it. To access the Intelius Information Optout page, simply click Suppress My Data at the bottom of their webpage and then adhere to the instructions.

However, keep in mind that this will only prevent access to material on Zabasearch, not on the original places where the website found it. If that’s a worry, you should also erase your information from other websites.

Additionally, the website may reconstruct your profile if you remove your information from Zabasearch but your information changes. It will need to be deleted because Zaba search will treat it as a different collection of information.

Note: By deleting your personal information using that Intelius form, you are also deleting it from all other websites that employ Intelius, including AnyWho, in addition to Zabasearch.

How Does Zabasearch Gather Data? 

It uses open sources to find personal information. This could include voter registration information, real estate records, Yellow and White Pages listings, marketing forms, contest registrations, social media profiles, personal websites, and more.



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