Dell: how to fix my Dell Laptop Won't Turn On?

If your Dell laptop is not turning on or failing to boot up, there can be issues with software or hardware. However, dell laptop docking station if you are facing such an issue with your software or hardware, we will guide you on how to fix it if your Dell laptop won’t turn on.

Reasons a Dell laptop won’t turn on best buy dell laptop. 

Your Dell laptop might not be turning on for the following causes:

Issues with the battery or power source, harmed internal hardware, malware such as viruses, corrupted system BIOS, and corrupted Windows data.

Your power supply or the computer’s internal hardware is to blame if your Dell laptop won’t turn on when plugged in. You probably have a software problem if your computer freezes up when starting up.

Tip: Use our collection of frequently occurring computer error codes to diagnose the issue if you notice an error code on your screen during startup best dell laptop 2021.

How To Fix Dell Laptop

How to Fix a Non-Working Dell Laptop 

From the simplest and most obvious remedies to more complex ones, here are some techniques for troubleshooting a Dell that won’t switch on:

  1. Verify the power source. You probably need to replace the power supply if none of the lights on your computer turn on when you push the power button, even while it is hooked into the wall. If your computer’s charging light turns on when you plug it in, the cable may still be damaged, so if you have a multimeter, check the power supply unit.
  2. Take away any USB storage units. Your computer may be trying to start from the wrong drive. If this solves the issue, modify the boot order such that your hard drive is listed first best dell laptop.
  3. Restart your dell laptops. Remove any external hardware (USB drives, printers, etc.), switch the computer off, and unhook all cables before holding the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. It will use up any remaining energy. Next, reattach the charger and check if your computer turns on dell laptop battery replacement.
  4. Get rid of the battery. If your PC’s charging light turns on, but it still won’t power on, the battery may be issued. If your Dell laptop has a removable battery, you can repair it yourself, even though newer models don’t.
  5. Launch the Dell PC troubleshooting tool. When your computer turns on but cannot boot up properly, a built-in utility in Dell PCs can find issues. Although it might not instantly resolve the problem, dell laptop battery it might provide you with an error code that will properly help you.
  6. Start Windows in Safe Mode. Try starting your computer in Safe Mode if it turns on but won’t boot into Windows. You may run a virus check and remove any software creating startup problems.
  7. Clean your Dell laptop of malware. Your PC may freeze when it starts up due to malware and viruses. If feasible, how to screenshot on dell laptop start your computer in safe mode and run antivirus software to scan for security threats.
  8. Reset your computer’s BIOS. To reset the BIOS settings on your motherboard, clear the CMOS. Restoring the system BIOS to its default settings may be able to resolve booting problems because it is the first piece of software that your computer must run when it powers up.
  9. Speak with Dell customer service dell laptop deals. For more detailed instructions, how to connect airpods to dell laptop and go to Dell’s support page and search for your laptop model. Your dell laptop computers might be eligible for a free repair or replacement if it is still covered by a warranty.
  10. Reset your dell laptops to factory settings how to screenshot on a dell laptop. The only real solution is to perform a factory reset if your computer turns on but won’t start properly. Your machine will restart with a fresh installation of Windows, restoring it to its pre-purchase condition.

Advice: If you perform a factory reset dell laptop, all of your data will be lost; screenshot on dell laptop therefore, if you can, utilize data recovery software to restore any important files or software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my laptop not turn on even when plugged in? 

It can be a problem with the battery or power brick. If feasible, how to take a screenshot on a dell laptop try an alternative power brick; if that doesn’t work, try replacing the battery dell laptop charger. However, most recent computers dell xps 15 won’t allow you to remove the battery, dell laptop won’t turn on so your best option is to get in touch with the customer service department dell support of your laptop maker.

How do you retrieve files from a non-booting laptop? 

Use a USB drive to start up your computer and access your hard drive if it still functions but cannot boot into Windows. The files can then be transferred. Another option To Fix Dell Laptop is to physically take the laptop’s hard disc out and attach it to another computer dell xps 13.



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