Discord App: 6 Best Features You Need to Know

Discord App: 6 Best Features You Need to Know

Time back, no one thought to build an online community when there was no internet or social media. Fast forward to today, now, it’s as effortless as creating a new account on Twitter or Facebook.

Also, You and I can form an online community with our gamer friends. Btw, do me make one thing clear to you. Its method isn’t limited to gaming.

You can create or register a discord server based on your interest. Could you do it for dating or also Mental Health? It has something for everyone.

All you want to do is look in the right places. Interestingly, Discord takes even have a severe reduction related to Reddit. You’re secure as long as you don’t spam in a server.


Here are a few of the things possible for you to do on the Discord app –


Listen to your favorite music as you chat with your friend over VOIP or voice call.

Set the songs to the queue, and discord will do everything for you. On top of this, it provides the ability to adjust the mic volume and music volume in the background.

In doing so, you can instantly lower the volume of music and make sure it doesn’t overpower the on-going call.

Now, getting to the supported music service, Spotify is the best option as it allows you to import your entire Spotify playlist in the Discord app.

But, if you continuously use the mic and Spotify, you might find an occasional crash.

To fix this issue, I suggest using adjust your voice sensitivity or using the Push-To-Talk option.


If the discord app were launched, there would didn’t any screen sharing feature.

But, as its development advanced, the developers released screen sharing features through a series of updates.

You can now watch videos, clips, and movies along with your friends and family added to that Discord server. At a time, you can connect with nine different friends from the discord server.


As a gamer, if you’ve created the Discord app as an exclusive gaming app, well next, it’s time for you to clean your facts even.

Like the gaming community, you’ll find every different community here, from action games to anime TV series.

It all depends on what you like. Once you know your interest, it’s simple for you to find related Discord servers.


If it comes to the Discord app features, integration plays an important role.

This has built-in integration with some of the popular social media apps, music players, and also. As of now, it provides these of the following accounts to integrate with discord –

Twitch, League of Legends, Blizzard Entertainment, YouTube, Reddit, Spotify, Steam, Xbox Live, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype.


Discord app has a cool best feature that enables you to jump straight to your friend’s game.

To this, you’ve to press a single “Rich Presence” button, and you’re all set to use it. Among the addition of this unique feature, it hides the headache of manually adding your friends to the game.

Moreover, while playing games, add beautiful art pieces and detailed information to show your gameplay. If your friend is involved in joining and playing a game with you, he’ll send a request asking permission to enter.

Confirm the entry by taking your friend’s invitation.


Last but not least gets the most exciting feature. It’s the discord bots. In the discord app, bots play an essential role. Not only in Discord, but just bots are also useful for more reliable communication in apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

But, on discord, these bots give some additional features. At present, the Discord App has a long list of free and paid bots.

And all of them give some exceptional features. A music bot enables users to play their favorite songs, videos or integrate with official music apps.

Gaming bots give you to play some fun games in the Discord server, and moderation bots guide a server owner in managing and handling a Discord server efficiently.

The bulk of the bots are free to install and utilize. You can add new bots to a server when you’re an admin. However, you’re free to add as many as you need in your rooms.


If discord got the initial release in 2015, it was aimed at gamers as the target audience.

Still, it has grown as a leading chat platform (Mainly in voice chat). Last month, discord itself declared they’re shifting their focus from video games unique to multi-purpose communication and client apps.

Lately, Discord had changed its motto from “Chat for Gamers” to “Chat for communities and friends.” If they need to succeed as a multi-purpose communication app, it’s a must to add some new and cool best features exclusively for the contemporary audience.

That’s all for now. I’ll let you know if we get started on some great new features in upcoming updates.



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