11 Best Indian CamScanner app Like CamScanner

Today, scanning files and photos do not necessitate large machinery usage. Using popular Indian document scanner apps, a phone with a camera may scan files. These low-cost alternatives to Indian CamScanner app are both reliable and safe.

Now that the CamScanner app has been forbidden in India, you may experiment with several Indian scanner app to pick your favorite. The best apps for scanning documents use your phone’s camera to capture scans before storing them in editable formats.

11 Best Indian Scanner Apps for 2022

As CamScanner replacements, below is a list of the top Indian scanner apps in 2022:

1.Adobe scan

Adobe Scan is an India-used scanner app that includes OCR technology and a PDF producer. Adobe Scan, like CamScanner app, makes an automatic scan that you may send through email. These scans can also be saved to a document cloud for easy access.

The platform may trim numerous photos, alter all scans, and do auto-captures. Consumers also prefer Adobe Scan since it integrates effortlessly with other schedules on your smartphone. The scanner app for best Android and iOS smartphones currently supports other languages.

Adobe Scan has the following features:

  • Automated scans with no taps
  • Color correction and page rotation
  • Language recognition Auto-flash Page reordering
  • Correction of colour

2. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is a well-known document camscanner app that can capture data from whiteboards, documents, menus, and business cards. This 3d scanner app app can also take images without text for scanning documents.

You may use Microsoft Office Lens app for doing CamScanner similar operations such as reducing shadows and removing unusual angles. End users may import scanned files into platforms such as PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive. Once a scan is completed, the Android, iOS, and Windows scanner app allows you to save files in editable formats.

Key characteristics include:

  • OCR technology for text editors’ ID scanning
  • PDF conversion for file sharing
  • Pre-processing of images

3. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro scanner app in India makes it easy to scan and distribute captured documents. The application is well-known for its shadow removal feature, automatically eliminating shadows from scanned pages.

Text may be converted into editable text using OCR capabilities. Scanner Pro also allows customers to perform several scans at the same time document scanner app. This scanner app is excellent for all types of files, whether they are books, IDs, or agreements. You may convert all such scans to pdf output and safely keep them on your device.

Key characteristics include:

  • Image enhancements
  • Multiple scans are grouped.
  • Renaming files
  • Adding dates is as simple as clicking a single click.
  • Image resolution (low/high) for storing

4. DocScanner

Document Scanner is a document camscanner app for scanning photos, receipts, documents, and reports. The best top scanner software in India also makes restoring scanned documents easy. The best scanner app is also used to rotate and re-cropping the scans.

Document Scanner is a simple app that records all scans so that you may access them as required. Cropping photographs and hanging them into PDFs is very easy with this document scanning app.

DocScanner’s main characteristics are as follows:

  • Editing and file import
  • Mode of grid layout
  • Sharing PDF files
  • Mode of batch scanning
  • Easy page size management
  • PDF Converter for file conversion

Document Scanner Price: Doc Scanner software scanner in-app purchases begin at 137.


  • It is easy to scan documents in the required size and form.
  • Passwords can be provided to documents for added security.
  • Document restoration takes only a few documents.
  • Option for quick search
  • Excellent scan quality
  • Most helpful in managing PDF files
  • Easy bug fixes


  • Auto-rotate for PDF files may not continuously operate.

5. Kaagaz Scanner

Kaagaz Scanner is an Indian CamScanner app popular for document scanning and pdf storing. In addition to speedy scanning, this Indian scanning app allows you to share documents via email and other social media networks. Kaagaz is one of the top Indian apps similar to CamScanner, which also provides rapid auto edge detection.

Furthermore, the app allows you to scan in eight different Indian languages in five distinct modes. The simple solution is excellent for scanning invoices, business cards, and documents. You may also choose any document from your device and save it in the Kaagaz Indian app for later scanning.

Features of the Kaagaz Indian Scanner App:

  • Automatic document classification
  • Scanning images
  • Support for several languages
  • Cropping and filtering
  • Optional magical colour
  • Various screening modes

6. AIRScanner

AIRScanner is a document scanner app from India that includes AI-powered reading assistance. The Indian scanner app is extremely safe since it keeps all files in pdf format in your phone’s local storage.

AIRScanner, also known as a reading helper, is now accessible as the Indian scanner app for Android smartphones alone. The app is one of the top scanner apps in India since it has features that make reading in the English language easy for everyone.

AIRScanner Indian Scanner App Key Features:

  • Using an AI dictionary to grasp the meaning of words on a scanned copy.
  • AI Narrator that aids in the comprehension of text on a scanned page
  • Support for several languages
  • Documents may be shared via a variety of apps.
  • Image quality control

7. Photocopy.ai

Photocopy.ai, like CamScanner, is a popular Indian scanner app. This Indian app for document sharing is entirely free pdf scanner app. It is a secure solution that does not require the user to sign in. Scanning and sharing are both easy with the Photocopy.ai scanner app.

This Indian scanner app for mosly Android and iOS smartphones can also convert photos to text. Photocopy.ai allows you to fine-tune scans easily for contrast and brightness.
You may even scan the pages of a book with this Indian scanner app’s numerous filters.

Photocopy.ai Indian Scanner App Features:

  • Support for several languages
  • Extraction of text
  • OCR is an abbreviation for optical character recognition.
  • Recognition of handwriting
  • Image manipulation

8. TapScanner

Using the TapScanner camscanner app, you can convert your smartphone into a pocket scanner. Using this scanner app, you may scan any document and convert it to PDF format. It is viewed as one of the top scanner apps in India because of its user-friendly layout and numerous picture options.

This scanner app may also be used to scan receipts and cards. Managing scanned documents is easy with the TapScanner document scanner app, which allows you to export scanned files in PNG or PDF format code scanner app. End users may be confident in the software’s capacity to detect borders automatically before scanning begins.

Features of TapScanner:

  • Cropping, borders, and filters
  • Automated detection of document borders
  • Document recovery search engine
  • PNG file sharing is supported.
  • Signatures through electronic means

9. Google Drive Scanner

Using scan documents, Google Drive Scanner,and store them as searchable PDFs.
This doc scanner app can scan billing bills, receipts, and letters. Any text within a document may be searched using the built-in search function.

The software, like the CamScanner app, is built on processing intelligence, which instantaneously formats the scanned document. Google Drive Scanner may also be utilized to edit scanned documents. To use the application, click on the create document area and then pick the scan tab to begin scanning a file.

Google Drive Scanner has the following features:

  • Effective search engine
  • Save files in PDF format instantly.
  • Mode offline
  • Integration with Gmail Document sharing

10. PhotoScan scanner app

Scan photos with your phone’s camera and save them with the PhotoScan scanner app.
This scanner app’s prominent features include automated edge identification and glare-free picture scanning. Furthermore, the application provides editing controls as well as extensive filtering options.

With the PhotoScan scanning app, you can improve the quality of your scans, apply digital effects, and organize them. Use your phone’s camera to point it at the image or file, then click the scan option. Scans may be examined for borders and boundaries, and their corners can be required if necessary.

PhotoScan has the following features:

  • Correction of perspective
  • Intelligent rotation
  • Multiple image stitching
  • Import of photographs
  • Automatic correction
  • Removes glare and reflections

11. TurboScan

TurboScan is a multi-user scanner ideal for notes, whiteboards, receipts, and other similar documents. The lovely thing about this CamScanner app is that it can capture multi-page documents. Another noteworthy module is the ’email yourself’ capability, which can be used to send files to oneself to store them through emails.

TurboScan makes scanning and sharing many documents easy, and sharing may be done in JPEG or PDF format. This qr scanner app makes it easy to add additional pages to scans or delete certain pages.

TurboScan has the following features:

  • Adding images
  • Automatic detection of document edges
  • Correction of perspective
  • Document naming
  • Clear scans
  • Page reorganization
  • Password protection

Which Indian Document Scanner App Do You Use?

Indian document scanner apps are excellent options for all of your scanning needs free scanner app. Scanning forms, notes, qr code scanner app or documents is as easy as saving them in pdf or another format.

The platform may also scan numerous pages into a single pdf file. Indian scanning apps may also accomplish colour correction, page reordering, shadow removal, and cropping. You may check out this small list of components to see how well a document scanning app works camscanner login.

  • Reliable text recognition
  • Various colour modes
  • Document storage and synchronization
  • Image extraction from text Image correction tools
  • Uploading a document
  • Light and shadow adjustments
  • Support for several languages

Scanning documents using an Indian scanner app is as easy as exporting them to the desired destination. The built-in OCR technology may be used for more than simply text conversion; it can also be used to search for documents using a specified search word.
Using scanner apps, you may save all of your scans and access them from anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Most ad-free Indian scanner apps are safe and do not save your information. Most of these apps include free versions and cross-platform features for broader use. Perform scans, export them to a format of your choice, and share them all at once with other collaborators camscanner harmful.


What is the top best software for scanning documents?

InsSig OCR Solutions, Pocket Scanner, PaperSave, id scanner app, FineScanner AI, and GoFileRoom, police scanner app are the top scanning software for improved document management and increased company productivity.

Which app is superior to CamScanner-like PC software?

Doc Scanner is ideal for managing document scanning operations due to its powerful document processing features. Its distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

* Directly fax/print scanned documents * Detecting page borders * Sharing JPEG/PDF files * Quick document scanning * Page size management

What is the most effective free scanning software?

The best free scanning software for retrieving, sharing, and capturing scanned files is Office Lens: For improving image quality in scanned documents KRYSTAL DMS: For capturing, managing, and retrieving documents. Easy Scan: It is a simple app for fast document scanning Windows Scan: Supports touch-based inputs for document scanning.

Is Document Scanner an Indian app?

Yes, Document Scanner is an India doc scanner application with an upgraded user interface and a sophisticated PDF toolkit.

Is Adobe scanning completely free?

Adobe Scanning is available for free on mobile devices running Android or iOS. You must pay monthly fees to use Adobe Scanning for PC. The Pro version costs $1,000, while the Standard version costs $879.


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