7 Best Android Screenshot App - No Root Required

Best Android Screenshot App: The phone’s screen is rather simple. Simply press the Volume Down (or Up) and Power keys simultaneously for a second, and your phone will snap a screenshot, which will also be saved in the Photos app.

What if you want to do something else with your screenshots? For example, as a tech blogger, I take a lot of screenshots and annotate them for posts like this one. The standard way to editing screenshots now is to first upload them to a computer and then use image editing software such as Photoshop.

However, there is a better method to modify screenshots without having to transfer them to the computer. This is where sophisticated screenshot apps for Android enter the picture. During my quest, I came across these tidbits, which, for better or worse, piqued my interest. I hope you find these helpful.

7. Best Android Screenshot Apps

1. Screener

Look no further if you are an app developer trying to market your screenshots. Screener is more than simply a screenshot app; it also allows you to place screenshots into device frames and apply backdrops and other effects. The app is easy to use. You begin by collecting screenshots, then launch the screener app and choose a device frame. Reflection, shadow, and backdrops are now available. You have the option of adding a custom backdrop color or blurring it. Once finished, save or share the screenshot. The app includes 100 handmade gadget frames like the Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, and others.

2. Screen Crop

Screen Crop, as the name implies, allows you to swiftly crop your screenshots once you take them. What distinguishes it from the rest is that it can be configured as a fast settings tile (requires Android 7.0 or above) from the notification drawer. You have the option to save or share the screenshot once you take it screenshot app.

There are no advertisements or in-app purchases. This app, however, will cost you $0.99 to use.

3. Touchshot

Touchshot builds on the previous applications by giving you the option to record your screen. A screen video recorder that captures anything that appears on your screen.

When you launch the app, you will see options to capture screenshots, screen record, modify images, and change settings. You may capture screenshots by shaking the smartphone. A widget option is available to create a quick shortcut. When taking a screenshot, you may instruct the app to delete the status bar and softkey bar. This will significantly improve the appearance of the screenshot.

Because Toucshot is also a screen recorder, there are extra options for selecting frame rate, bit rate, resolution, and record sound.

When you launch the app, a window will appear to describe the procedure, which is rather straightforward. A floating bubble will emerge, allowing you to take screenshots and record your screen.

You can alter the image after capturing a screenshot, although your options are restricted when compared to some of the prior apps. You may add text, draw with your fingers, and utilise the Image Stamp, which consists of four little pictures like arrows and smileys. Simple things.

Bottom Line: Another ad-supported free app that enables you to video record your screen but lacks the image editing tools seen in the previous app.

4. Screenshot Touch

I was about to give up until I discovered Screenshot Touch. So, what exactly does this handy little app have to offer? Plenty.

The app is really rather simple to use. It provides a floating button that you may use to capture screenshots and record your screen to make a movie. But that’s not all. The ability to take screenshots while browsing is a feature that many people seek but cannot find in screenshot app.

Assume you’re viewing a website and want to take a screenshot, but there’s additional material behind the screen. You can take a screenshot of the full page with Screenshot Touch, even if it is not visible on the screen. That is incredible. I, like most others, used to take many screenshots before discovering this app, but not any more.

The screenshot may be saved in JPEG or PNG format. Image size may be reduced by compressing photos using the Image Quality option. You may also use the shaking option to capture photographs and remove the status bar. You may alter the frame rate, resolution, and bit rate on the screen recorder settings page. The notification area bar is a huge time saver. From there, you may access the whole app. Image editing options include MS Paint-like features such as circles and squares, line thickness, pen form and opacity, and color.

Bottom Line: This is the most comprehensive screenshot and recorder app I’ve seen on the Play Store so far. It contains everything I could desire in an Android screenshot app.

5. Super Screenshot

Super Screenshot enhances your standard screenshot with additional features. The procedure for capturing a screenshot stays unchanged. You must utilise the gesture function or press the button combination. However, after you’ve taken the screenshot, you’ll be presented with various options, including the ability to add a text message in whatever color you choose, blur particular sections of the image, and resize the image.

The app will also support handwriting, which is ideal for the moment when you want to draw an arrow to attract attention to a certain area on the map. When you’ve finished editing the screenshot, you’ll be presented with sharing options. The app is ad-supported and completely free to use.

Start the app by pressing the “Start Capture” button. The app is now running in the background. You should see editing options the moment you snap a screenshot. If you don’t see it, depending on your vehicle, launch the app manually from the notification area.

Bottom Line: Super Screenshot is a fantastic little app for editing and annotating screenshots, but what if I needed more out of this experience?

6. Screen Master

Screen Master goes much farther than Super Screenshot. While the standard editing options such as colored text, crop, blur, and annotation are all available, this powerful screenshot tool also enables you to add stickers and emoticons.

I also like the blurring option here since you no longer had to rub the screen with your fingers; instead, you can choose an area and it will be blurred. Mosaic is the name given by the developer to the fact that the specified area will be pixelated.

What’s nice is that you can move the area around after you’ve picked it. It simplifies life. When used on presentations or blogs, this appears more professional than using fingers to generate uneven blur effects. There is also a zoom option, which is useful on a smaller screen.

Start by launching the app, which will display a floating button on your screen. Simply press the button whenever you want to capture a screenshot.

The app is free and ad-supported.

Bottom Line: Screen Master goes above and above by letting you add stickers, emoticons, and a zoom tool. There is much more we can do!

7. Screenit

Screenit is yet another app that allows you to take screenshots on your Android phone. Screenit’s built-in picture editor, like most of the applications on our list, includes a plethora of editing options, including rapid crop, color effects, frames, stickers, overlays, and the ability to draw lines or type text.

What distinguishes Screenit from the rest is its ability to automatically crop the status and/or navigation bar from screenshots. There are two versions of the app available. The trial version is accessible for 48 hours before you may unlock it with a one-time payment or continue using it for free with advertisements enabled.

Final words:

Screenshot Touch is now my primary screen capture tool since I enjoyed it so much. It is the best screenshot app on the Play Store right now, with features like lengthy screenshots, screen recorder, image editing, numerous formats, and a slew of other options.

Except for Screen Master, which lacks scrollable lengthy screenshots and some more editing capabilities, no other software on the Play Store comes close. You may try both and see which one you like.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you know of any more worthy candidates who should be on the list.



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