8 Mistakes To Avoid While Using a Cloud Service For Accounting

8 Mistakes To Avoid While Using a Cloud Service For Accounting

Whether you already have an accounting cloud service or are considering moving to the cloud, you should know about these crucial mistakes that most of the users make. We are going to mention four such common mistakes that you need to avoid so that there are no issues with the cloud service.

Let us look at the important mistakes to avoid while choosing or using a cloud service for accounting.

#1 No Proper Utilization Of The Cloud

There are accountants and bookkeepers who do move to the cloud but do not utilize it as needed. They think of it to be too modern for themselves and stick to the old setup that is the on-premise one as it feels easy to use with all the experience. The users do know that the cloud service would be faster, more reliable, and efficient but at the end of the end, it is all about comfort. But when you think about it, it is not even the comfort level as the cloud hosting software is quite similar and in ways even easier with additional features.

8 Mistakes To Avoid While Using a Cloud Service For Accounting

In recent years, small businesses have changed a lot of their accountants, and not working with the cloud services was one big reason for it. Even the clients started leaving the accountants and not moving to the cloud was the number one reason for it. The use of modern technology is really important to the clients, as with it there is the lead in the transition to online accounting services. If the accountants or bookkeepers who have been kept for the work cannot keep up then the clients won’t take much time to find someone who will do it easily.

Points to remember:

  • Stay with the cloud to move faster
  • Learn to use a cloud-based accounting system
  • Roll it out to the clients as quickly as possible, and plan accordingly
  • Be strategic and swift with the rollouts to the clients for ensuring scale
  • Tough to start with it but once you get over the obstacles then the results would be worth it

#2 Not Familiar With The System

The only way you can understand the different types of cloud accounting and the web-based financial solutions that your business needs, is by understanding where your current system is falling short. Get a thorough understanding of the current software provider and ask the accounting team of yours to advise you if something needs to change.

If you have a clear understanding of the working of the software, and the point where it makes life a bit harder for your team then you can be ready with a better solution or have options for it, for the accounting purpose at the right time. When you are confused about the software that your accounting team is using then you need to ask them and get a walkthrough of it. The programs can easily be compared with this process.

#3 Ignoring The Advice Of The Accounting Team

If you are handling the accounting of your business yourself and know how to do it properly then it is fine. But if you are not aware of the major challenges that the sector faces then it is going to be a problem for you. Before you opt and utilize a cloud-based provider do talk to the accounting team of your business. You need to understand the features that are needed for the accountants to do their job in an efficient manner.

So, you need to create a list of things and ask each of the vendors you talk to how the software will meet the needs of your team. If the service provider has not got the answers to your questions or tells you that the services would not be able to suit your needs then you need to look for some other vendor.

8 Mistakes To Avoid While Using a Cloud Service For Accounting

#4 Not Thinking About The Budget

There are plenty of options available in the market, and many affordable ones as well to simplify the process for the team and also save money on the employees. Before committing to a certain program you need to be sure that you can afford it. You need to calculate how much your business has been spending on accounting software and think how much more can you add to it for a better option. The whole point of this is to look for a cloud accounting system that fits your budget and you do not fall into the trap of paying more than you can afford.

#5 No Proper Research of The Cloud Service Providers

If you are in a hurry to choose the best solution for your firm, then there are high chances that you are going to settle for the first service that you will find. In place of falling into this trap, you should take your time and choose a service that turns out to be worth your time and money. Do the research and analyze the moves of the competitors to get some idea of what should be done. Try to know about their representatives and make sure all of your questions are answered before going for a decision.

#6 Not Trying The Demo of The Software Before Buying 

Once you have sorted out the vendors, you need to check how their software works with the business setup. You also need to ask the thinking of the team of yours about the service. The best way is to request a demo from each of those vendors that you have sorted out, get insights from the employees who would be working on it the most, and then take the decision. If you are opting for the software without demoing it then there would be no guarantee of the service being suitable for your firm. Therefore, let the team go through the demo, and give feedback before you choose the perfect software for your business.

#7 Not Utilizing The Support Of The Provider

During and after the implementation of the services with a business, the best providers offer support to them. Some of the firms do not utilize it well and that is one of the biggest mistakes that a business can make. If the team has just started to work with this kind of process then it would be more problematic.

The support that the provider offers is just a phone call or an online chatting session. This is the fastest way to resolve the issues and troubleshoot which would otherwise interfere with the workflow of the business. You can use it for your advantage and there is no need for any kind of hesitation in reaching out to the provider if any kind of trouble comes or there are ongoing issues.

#8 Not Re-evaluating The Needs of Your Business

The needs of business changes with time and the cloud-based service that you are currently using might not be a proper choice in the near future. So, it is important to take time to re-evaluate the needs of your business each year and make sure that the service that you have opted for works according to your needs at the required time.


These are some of the mistakes that people make while using or opting for a cloud hosting service for accounting purposes. Therefore, it is important to keep these things in your mind and work on the software accordingly. The growth of your business depends on how you use what you have and change what is needed at the right time.

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