Top Appliances For Every Homeowner

Moving into a new house can be a lot of fun. Especially when you get to re-do your entire house and buy new electronics to make your home more fancy. With state of the art modular kitchens and exquisite living rooms being the trend today, filling out a good kitchen appliances list and investing in a good LED TV is absolutely essential. A kitchen appliances list gives you a chance to think of all the appliances you would need to elevate your gourmet skills to the next level. It should enable you to cook everything you love for you and your family! When you do get these new appliances, you may wish to consider getting a warranty for them from somewhere like First American Warranty ( to give you peace of mind that, should something go wrong with them, any professional repairs that they need will be covered by your warranty.

Top Appliances For Every Homeowner

Here’s are some must-haves as part of your basic kitchen appliances list:

1. Pressure Cooker:

As Indians, most of us eat rice at least once a day. Nothing cooks rice better than a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers are also very useful to boil vegetables and dals. Brands such as Prestige and Pigeon offer very affordable pressure cookers.

2. Food Processor:

Preparation always takes more time than the actual cooking. A food processor does half the prep for you in less than no time. The processor can make doughs, chop vegetables, blend aata, and do much more. A food processor simply needs to be on your kitchen appliances list.

3. Microwave Oven:

Microwave is an absolute lifesaver. Never has heating food been easier than with a
microwave. You can also make quick snacks, cakes, boil vegetables, and reheat food in very
little time. Every home needs a microwave and you can easily get one both online and in-store.

4. Mixer Grinder:

If you’re a fan of chutneys and spicy powders, you must have a mixer grinder at home. You
can easily make all kinds of pastes and powders with a mixer grinder. You can also make
juices, and idli dosa batter in a mixer.

5. Dishwasher:

Doing the dishes is such a boring task. Most of us hate doing the dishes, especially after a
long day of work. A dishwasher is a blessing in such situations. You can just throw your
dishes in the dishwasher and let it do all the washing.

Your kitchen is not the only room that needs upgrading though. Your living room is just as
important too because its where you’ll be relaxing the most. A good LED TV is a must for
you to Netflix and chill. In fact, today you can buy a zero down payment LED TV and pay
back as and when you please.

You can also buy kitchen appliances on a no-cost EMI. Today, with companies like
ZestMoney offering no-cost EMI on Kitchen appliances and zero down payments on LED TVs,
even to those without a credit card, there’s no reason why any appliance is out of reach.
You can avail ZestMoney across platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart to buy a TV or
kitchen appliance of your choice on no-cost EMI. You can easily make your repayments over
a duration of 3,6,9 or 12 months.

So, upgrade your kitchen appliances list and buy your dream zero down payment LED TV today!



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