Best 8 Mattresses

Best 8 Mattresses In 2020 You Can Buy

Traditionally, the sole thanks to buying the best mattress were to go bent a store and begin plopping yourself down on the bed after bed until you found one that felt right for you. There’s nothing wrong with this method, buttons have changed in recent years with “bed-in-a-box” online shopping.

Now we have a variety of online mattress stores with unique, interesting ways of helping you discover the proper mattress…and tons of great deals on purchases and shipping.

But if you’ve never considered buying a mattress online before, you’ll be feeling some stress at the idea: where does one begin? What site is that the best to shop for a mattress on?

We’re getting to assist you out by pinpointing the best online mattress stores around, what makes them worth finding out, and everything else you would like to understand when trying to find the best-reviewed mattress on the market.

Note: Are you trying to find the best time to shop for a mattress? Fall and early winter are often excellent times to seem because there are tons of deals happening at this point. the other end of the year, around early summer, can also be an honest choice, since mattress stores often attempt to get obviate tons of merchandise around this point.

1. Helix

Best 8 Mattresses


Excellent shopping method
Good customization options


Mattresses are generally costlier than competitors

Helix is trying to re-invent the way you buy mattresses, and it’s impressive. First, you’re taking a quiz that asks about your body, your sleep position, how firm you wish your mattress, what your silent partner prefers, and other key questions.

Then Helix makes a suggestion for a mattress customized specifically for you with a spread of features like body contouring, different levels of support, sleep zones, firmness level, mattress “feel” and more. These mattresses generally start at $1,000.

Helix also offers free shipping, free returns, and a 100-night return window for you to hold out a sleep trial and structure your mind about whether or not you wish the mattress. That’s almost the best you’ll hope for on any mattress website, and allows you to undo your decision if the mattress just doesn’t compute.

2. Casper

Best 8 Mattresses

Casper offers many choices.


More choices than most online sites
Easy to shop for any bedroom accessories, too


Mattresses may have too many layers for a few shoppers

Casper may be a highly reliable hybrid foam mattress site designed to form picking out a mattress easily. It starts off with a simple choice – three layers, four layers, or five layers of foam?
From here you’ll continue to select the proper size and choose other features sort of a foundation and adjustable base.

You also buy other furniture there, including beds, nightstands, and other important components. Prices for a mattress range from several hundred dollars to over $2,000 supported what you’re getting.

Both shipping and returns are free, and you get a 100-night “trial” to ascertain how well you wish the mattress before choosing to shop for it, an excellent addition that you simply should search for in any online mattress company because sometimes you only don’t skill a mattress will feel.

Mattresses also accompany a 10-year limited warranty.

3. Puffy

Best 8 Mattresses


Top-tier motion isolation
Free delivery
Lifetime warranty


Edge support could use some improvement
costlier than comparable mattresses

Puffy may be a fairly new online mattress store that has been soaring into popularity in recent years. the corporate has followed a path almost like many other online mattress companies, using viral marketing and increasing hype through buzzwords like “the internet’s most comfortable mattress.” it had been even featured as a giveaway on the Ellen Show back in 2017.

Puffy offers two different options: the Puffy Mattress, which starts at $795 for a twin, and therefore the Puffy Lux Mattress, which starts at $1445 for a twin. The Puffy uses two memory foam layers while the Puffy Lux uses three layers for max comfort and support.

The Puffy mattresses shine when it involves motion isolation and conforming. If you progress around tons and disturb your silent partner, you’ll definitely want to think about this foam mattress. It restricts your movements so others within the bed hardly feel a thing.

You also get a lifetime warranty with any Puffy mattress you own, which is far better than what many other companies provide. Another great point about this company is that they donate mattresses to children’s homeless shelters.

4. Leesa

Best 8 Mattresses


High-quality, mainstream foam mattresses
Great nonprofit and eco-friendly involvement


A touch expensive for the merchandise

Leesa makes your mattress choices both best and reasonable. you’ll pick the Leesa foam mattress, starting at $525, or the extra-support Sapira mattress, starting at $995.
They are both great choices for those trying to find a smaller mattress on a budget, and for people that don’t necessarily need the extra-layered options that companies like Casper offer.

Additionally, Leesa features a big specialize in nonprofit activity and eco-friendly work. They donate one out of each ten mattresses they sell, plant one tree for each mattress they sell, and usually spend tons of your time supporting over 1,000 nonprofits around the country. that creates them an ideal fit if you wish to support others together with your big purchases.

Finally, Leesa also offers the top-tier 100-night free trial and free shipping and returns, which is usually nice to ascertain.

5. Tuft and Needle

Best 8 MattressesTuft and Needle mattresses are affordable and cozy.


Very affordable mattresses
Unique foam mixture, plus graphite cooling gel


Beds could also be too firm for a few buyers

Tuft and Needle is another burgeoning online mattress store with a singular approach to service, and specialization in very affordable memory foam mattresses, with prices that start at just $350 for a basic twin mattress and rising to only $750 for the highest king-sized model.

The company uses its own foam mixture, plus graphite and cooling gel to assist the bed feel easier and help keep you cool.

These are simple, firm mattress beds, by design. Tuft and Needle pride themselves on skipping all the frills and providing no-nonsense mattresses that are likely to appeal more to younger buyers.

Like many others on our list, the corporate offers a 100 night free trial, a 10-year limited warranty, and free returns (with the promise that the mattress is going to be donated to charity when returned).

6. Nectar


Cheaper than other options while still offering high-quality memory foam
1-year trial


Some issues with customer support
Very noticeable off-gassing

Nectar is usually compared to Casper and Purple, which may be a huge compliment for a corporation that’s newer to the web mattress game. With quirky, viral marketing strategies, Nectar has found itself in the middle of attention on the web.

You only have one choice of the mattress with Nectar, which is sweet if you don’t like many choices, but bad if one specific model doesn’t work for you. A double-size Nectar mattress starts at $524, while a king-size will put you out a cool $1024.

The mattress features three layers of memory foam with medium firmness. The thick layers of froth on this mattress provide a bigger amount of sinkage for max motion isolation. It’s almost nearly as good as Puffy’s motion isolation, but it’s still superior to other competitors. Unfortunately, this level of sinkage could also be uncomfortable for people that like better to desire they’re sleeping on top of a mattress.

Nectar offers a really unique 365-day test period. Compared to most other companies’ 100-day trials, this looks like an eternity and provides you much time to understand if the Nectar mattress is true for you.

7. Allswell

Allswell has extremely affordable, popular mattresses!


Foam and coil mattresses for more traditional products
Most affordable mattresses online


Product availability is often hit or miss

Allswell uses a mixture of froth and coil support for its mattresses, a perfect option if you favor more traditional mattresses and aren’t a lover of layers and layers of froth.

The mattresses themselves (divided into two different classes) are very affordable, starting at around $295 for a twin and not rising above $1,000 for a king.

In addition to the 100-night trial and therefore the 10-year limited warranty, the corporate also offers its own option setup and mattress removal services.

However, one problem is that Allswell’s low-cost mattresses are popular – which may affect availability, especially at busy times of the year. meaning that popular sizes, like a queen, might not be available within the class of mattress that you simply want, which may be frustrating if you don’t want to attend.

8. Bear

Bear’s mattresses are ambitious, fitness-oriented products.


You get to undertake advanced mattress materials different from many options on the market.


Some claims are scientifically silly
Prices are often high

Bear features a very unique offering for a selected segment of the mattress market – fitness fans who want the newest in mattress materials.
The company offers a Bear and Bear Hybrid mattress (the hybrid is thicker and uses springs, but that’s the most difference).

The mattresses use graphite-gel memory foam, smart fabrics for support layers, and other tricks designed to assist athletes recover quickly and sleep better.

Unfortunately, there’s also some severe pseudoscience, like “infrared therapy” claims (aka, materials that feel cool) that are mostly nonsense, despite the FDA labels. Ignore this, and specialize in the important sleeping benefits instead.

Bear’s mattresses also are pricier than many of our picks, starting at $540 – $1350 and rising quickly then.

Fortunately, for those that want to undertake the newest experimental mattress materials still have a 100 night trial and full refund option for returning the merchandise.

Buying Guide

Return Policies

Return policies should offer free returns within the test period once the mattress is bought. As long as you ship the mattress back within this window, you ought to be ready to get a full refund. After all, you’re buying a mattress design online – you ought to be to return it freed from cost if something doesn’t compute.
confirm you read return policies carefully to ascertain if there are any caveats or requirements for creating returns…there usually are.


you’re buying an upscale, heavy item online, and shipping costs shouldn’t be a consideration. Every mattress site worth visiting will provide you with free shipping for your purchase. If they don’t, it’s probably all a scam anyway.


A mattress site that walks you thru the choice process is extremely valuable. await tips, tests, explanations, and other information that will assist you to make the proper purchase.
Helix’s mattress quiz may be a great example of this, but other stores even have very helpful resources, articles, and descriptions which will lead you in the right direction.


what proportion are you able to customize your mattress? Online customization options are limited, but they’re still better than picking a mattress from a store.
Search for options to settle on the sort, size, firmness levels, and feel of the mattress padding used. Accessories aren’t nearly as important, because you’ll get them anywhere, but the power to settle on different mattress features may be a great sign.

Other Reviews

Always check out online reviews! take care of the reviews on the location itself: these offer insight, but they’ll even be curated. Instead, look for reviews on other sites and on social media to ascertain what people think.
What mattresses do others like? What was their buying experience like? How did they feel about shipping and returns? These points can provide you with valuable information!


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