Best 10 Spare Tire Carriers in 2021 

Best 10 Spare Tire Carriers in 2021 

We don’t need to dwell on the apparent importance of having a spare tire on the go, do we? This bottom line is that it comes in handy whenever you get a flat. Where do you keep it? While there are several choices, the best one is to have the best spare tire carrier on your car/truck. However, since not all of them come in the same make or quality, you have many factors to consider before taking the best one for you.

We’ve got a great time consulting experts and testing many spare tire carriers to establish the most suitable ones, which we’ve made a list of and shared with you. This review highlights the 10 best spare tire carriers in 2021. You can immediately take one from the list or use our customers’ guide to get one from the flooded store out there. Here’s the discussion.

Best 10 Spare Tire Carriers in 2021 

1. Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson Spare Tire Holder

Different heavy-duty carriers shield you against disappointments in the field and from servicing compared to badly installed carriers. It provides a safe offset from your truck’s body, spares you the linked repair charges if it were closer to scratch off the paint. The carrier holds your tire at an edge the same way a boat hull has it.

This holder’s steel construction is a different fortune that ensures it’s reliable and durable. It features a tuff place zinc finish, a protecting layer that won’t provide rust or corrosion on the carrier. It ships with a full range of mounting hardware and instructions that help you maneuver the process quickly and without a hitch.


  •  Includes tires of sizes 13 to 15 inches
  •  It goes with 5-hole rims
  •  Weight: 4 pounds
  •  Goes with trailer tongue rims of up to 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide
  •  Complete mounting hardware included

2. The Kemimoto XP Spare Tire Carrier

If you have an RZR, it’s your take because this spare tire carrier of Kemimoto is yours. This innovative bracket installs in the trunk without taking up the bedtime. So, it leaves enough place for your luggage. Its anti-slip tube locks cling on the rear metal tubes to put your spare tire high enough not to hurt your rearview.

While it takes many sizes of tires, it’s evident that you’ll use it for the RZR because that’s where it’s made to fit. The sturdy steel metal construction guarantees that it lives long while delivering the most excellent of Spare Tire Carriers service. What’s more, it won’t leave a tremendous dent in your wallet. If you can’t decide out how to DIY install the bracket, utilize this included user manual.


  •  It allows tires up to 30 inches
  •  It begins with four chrome lug nuts
  •  Best for XP 1000 RZR models
  •  The bracket comes with all installation hardware
  •  It comes in two various sizes of threads

3. Tow Tuff TTF-08HD Spare Tire Carrier

If you need a spare tire to tow along with your trailer, you should take the spare tire carrier from the retailers. The TTF-08HD contains heavy and oversized tires using four to 8 bolts — whichever your tire has. This will carry tires with diameters from 13 inches upwards. With a high weight capacity, you won’t trouble to let yourself down even on the bumpiest roads.

The heavy-duty steel structure will stay long while holding on to stellar performance over the years. You have all the hardware you want to mount this carrier into your truck fast and carefully. And, the mounting process won’t take much of your time, nor will it demand advanced engineering skills. Enjoy the whole year’s limited manufacturer’s parts guarantee.


  •  The steel is powder-coated to create it resistance to corrosion
  •  Weight mass: 120 lbs
  •  Its size: 24.25 by 6 by 7 inches
  •  This carrier adds a stiffener bar
  •  Carrier’s weight: 16 lbs

4. LIBRA Heavy Duty Tire Mount Trailer Spare 

The LIBRA spare tire carrier mounts at your truck’s rear flange fast and seamlessly (all hardware and instructions included). Its heavy-duty and powder-coated steel construction is the best material you can have for this sort of tool. It mounts in a convenient location at your truck without the demand for drilling.

The carrier will keep your tire at a reach (6.25 inches) from the rear flange to avoid accidents that can cause damage. It’s flexible, so you can always tweak the parts to suit various sizes of trailer tongues. To the height, the carrier suits up to 5″ and 3″ for the width.


  •  Most suitable for 4 or 5-lug wheels
  •  The steel material powder coating stops rust and wear
  •  The mounting hardware is zinc-plated
  •  The bracket’s weight is 6.55 pounds
  •  It runs on 4″ and 4.5″ bolt patterns

5. Tyger Auto TG-TR8J84078

If you have a Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2018) and require a spare tire carrier for your spare wheel, you won’t go opposite with the TG-TR8J84078 from Tyger. The mount installs securely on your Jeep’s factory or aftermarket bumper to guarantee a secure stay without problems of getting off on rough terrain. You won’t get any mounting hardware as the package includes all that.

Among its pre-treated steel alloy development, the tire carrier won’t easily break or bend even if the vehicle is on the roughest terrain. The steel is also powder-coated with a dual layer to guard it against rust and scratches. While, if you want more clearance, feel free to use the added third brake light brackets. You have a five-year anti-manufacturing checks warranty.


  •  It fills tires with sizes up to 37 inches
  •  Weight: 40.4 pounds
  •  Installation instructions added in the package
  •  Color: black
  •  It needs a drill-free, bolt-on installation

6. EAZ LIFT Spare Tire Carrier

Create an external carrier for your trailer utilizing the universal EAZ LIFT Spare Tire Carriers. The durable mount is simple to install and uninstall with all the needed tools included in the package. You don’t require to drill any surface to install it. The carrier works with many sizes of trailer tongues and different tire lugs.

You’ll pay less for more if you decide to buy this mount. Its strength and performance are on another level with the heavy metals used for its construction. The stainless steel material utilized is thick and pure. Your car’s end will now be safer with the carrier’s enough clearance and tightness.


  •  Tire diameter adaptability: 4, 4.5, and 4.75 inches
  •  It suits many trailer tongues up to 6 inches tall, including 3.5 inches wide
  •  Complete mounting hardware (included) do zinc-plated
  •  The steel is coated with corrosion also scratch-resistant powder
  •  Color: black

7. Quick Products JQ-HHD-1005 Spare Tire Mount

The JQ-HHD-1005 suits flexible and fold-down applications. Its holding bolt features a clevis pin, which makes it flexible. The RV tire carrier is a common one that suits the greatest wheels, including the Kesley Hayes and Fayette types. Fixing the mount on your RV’s bumper isn’t rocket science and all the installation hardware ships with the package.

This carrier will suit all 5, 6, and 8-lug wheels correctly without movements. You’ll save quite a lot by purchasing it at a highly economical price. The carrier also comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which further reminds you that you have the right quality. Don’t delay clicking the link for even better suggestions on Amazon.


  •  It also comes with all installation instructions
  •  It accommodates 4-inch box bumpers
  •  Length: 18 inches
  •  Weight: 9.8 pounds
  •  Color: black

8. TeraFlex 4838130

The heavy-duty TeraFlex tire carrier is a different choice that keeps your spare tire safe and makes the wheel instantly detachable by a single-hand action. When installed alone, the mount uses wheels with sizes up to 35 inches. But, you can install it alongside the included TeraFlex HD hinged carrier to provide a larger size.

This carrier goes with all JK Wranglers. The manufacturer is a quality producer, then you won’t want to dig deep for product quality. Utilize it without worrying about the rough terrains as it will hold tight to your vehicle and the spare tire. Repeat, this carrier doesn’t work out much cash from you.


  •  It’s usable with a wheel spacer
  •  Fits the full range of JK Wrangler models
  •  If installed by the HD hinged carrier, it allows wheels with 37 inches size
  •  Material: CNC steel
  •  Color: black

9. MAXXHAUL 80071 Spare Tire Mount

Whether you need to utilize it for your boat or trailer, you’re safe with a MAXXHAUL for the most extended distances and rockiest terrains. It holds your tire in a dignified posture and at an angle to give enough clearance so that there’s no connection with your vehicle’s finish. A security locking bracket protrudes from the holder, and it’ll help you prevent theft.

The MAXXHAUL carrier features sturdy steel construction. Its different steel material is powder-coated so that it doesn’t fall victim to rust or scratches. This works best with 4-lug wheels with the 4 4-inch bolts and 5-lugs with 5 on 4.5-inch bolts. You’ll love how quick it is to mount the carrier on your vehicle.


  •  This comes with a locking system
  •  Weight capacity: 100 lbs
  •  Carrier weight: 5 pounds
  •  Color: black
  •  Complete mounting hardware added

10. The Extreme Max 3004.4553 Spare Tire Holder

The 3004.4553 fits standard trailer frames and tongues effortlessly with a few tweaks, even without drills. Consequently, you can forever eliminate it at your convenience without leaving a mark on your frame. Because it suits almost all four and 5-lug wheels, it eliminates the requirement to buy another carrier, and that’s only one of the reasons it wins as the best tire holder in 2021 (and possibly beyond).

The carrier’s durable steel construction is what you need for optimum durability and performance. This mount will resist rust and scratch with the added zinc plating to hold up to its stunning looks throughout its service life. This comes with a two-year parts replacement guarantee besides retailing at a highly affordable cost.


  •  Suits trailer tongues by width up to 3 inches and height up to 4 inches
  •  This mounts on the front or middle part of your trailer
  •  All mounting hardware and instructions added
  •  It needs no drills or cuts during installation
  •  Weight: 6.7 pounds
  •  Color: black


You want to spend quality tire carrier training for a tire emergency, whose occurrence is always possible. The suitable carrier will not just hold your tire firmly yet also fit your car ideally without using up much of your required space. It should also save you money and serve you for the longest time possible. Fortunately, such is what we’ve suggested to you above.



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