Wellhealthorganic.com: know the causes of white hair few step to naturally?

Concerned about Grey Hair at an Early Age? Here’s a guide hair smoothening on what causes white hair at an early age and how to prevent it.

Are you worried about premature greying? Are you one of the young people who is suffering with greying hair and looking for tips and ways to get rid of it? You’ve come to the correct location! Continue reading to learn the reason behind white hair at a young age and how to prevent it.

But before we get started, let’s define hair greying.

Greying hair is a normal process that occurs with age. You may notice that your hair is getting grey as you age. The pigment melanin, which is responsible for giving your skin colour, is found in millions of hair follicles throughout your body. Your hair follicles lose melanin as you age, which causes your hair to go grey.

Wellhealthorganic.com: know the causes of white hair few step to naturally?

What causes white hair at such a young age?


Genetics is one of the main factors for early greying, while the underlying causes are unknown. Your genes are responsible for either abnormalities in the cells responsible for melanin formation or not creating melanin at an early age.

Even at an early age, your genes may have a part in turning your hair grey. It’s possible that you have white hair at the age of 15 by chance.

Genetics have a significant impact in the colour of your hair; for this reason, there is little you can do to reverse the change. There are several possibilities for semi-permanent and temporary hair colour changes accessible in the current cosmetic business, so there is something for everyone. You may be worried about the look of your greying hair from time to time, but there are many techniques to hide it. That is, by dyeing your hair!

What causes white hair at an early age?


When you are under chronic stress for an extended length of time, you are more prone to have premature greying. Stress will make your hair grey considerably more quickly, no matter how hectic your family life is or how weary and overworked you are. Stress has been linked to hair follicle stem cell depletion; in other words, if you constantly stress and hate yourself, you are more likely to get white hair.

A lack of vitamins and minerals

Follicle whitening may also be caused by iron, folate, vitamin D, or vitamin B12 deficiency. Premature greying of hair is linked to low biotin levels and folic acid insufficiency.

Oxidative stress is a kind of stress.

White hair may be caused by oxidative stress. When free radicals outweigh antioxidants, this happens. Antioxidants are essential for fighting free radicals, but if they are insufficient, they cause ageing and a variety of other health problems. Vitiligo is a skin disorder caused by over-oxidation. Premature greying results from the destruction of hair follicles.


An unbalanced diet might hasten the greying of one’s hair. Those who eat a lot of processed meals, cold drinks, and salt and sugar increase their risk of free radical generation in the body, which may cause their hair to grey. Consume a nutritious diet to prevent grey hair and keep your hair healthy.

A number of medical disorders

A few medical disorders have been linked to premature white hair, therefore we must consider them as potential contributors. Grey hair may be caused by thyroid conditions and autoimmune illnesses. An autoimmune condition causes inflammation in the body, which may influence the colour of the hair.

Your thyroid gland also has an impact on your hair colour. When you have a thyroid disease, your body experiences hormonal imbalances and a decrease in melanin production. As a result, your hair will get grey.


Smoking is not only bad for your health, but it may also damage your hair. When you smoke, your blood vessels constrict, decreasing blood supply to your hair follicles. Toxins in cigarette smoke may damage hair follicles, causing grey hair to appear sooner than anticipated.

Peroxide of hydrogen

The hair follicles create hydrogen peroxide, which accumulates on the hair shafts over time. Bleaching causes greying and ultimately white hair. You may be able to restore your hair’s original colour by eliminating this build-up.

Chemical-containing hair products

Shampoos and conditioners include ingredients that inhibit the development of melanin, which may result in premature greying of the hair. When used frequently, bleaching chemicals and hydrogen peroxide components in hair colours may turn the hair white.

What causes white hair at an early age?

How to prevent getting white hair at a young age

The following tips can assist you in getting rid of your white hair.

1. Stop using shampoos on a regular basis: If you use shampoo on a daily basis, please discontinue usage. Replace it with a gentler and more natural shampoo. Shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that interfere with pigment development and contribute to hair loss.

2. Use natural hair dyes: Tea and coffee colours are great natural hair colours. To activate the colour, just boil them for 15 minutes. After the essential oils have cooled, mix them in.

3. Use natural conditioners: Make a paste of gooseberries and black walnuts, mix it with essential oils, and apply it to your hair to moisturise it. This keeps your hair silky and prevents premature greying. ‘

What causes white hair at an early age?

4. Eat dark chocolate: The copper in dark chocolate encourages the body’s creation of melanin, which is beneficial in avoiding grey hair.

5. Eat foods high in vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 helps prevent hair bleaching and preserve scalp health. Fresh fruits and vegetables (cheese, avocado, yeast, oranges, plums, and cranberries) should be included in a vitamin B12-rich diet.

6: Henna is a natural pigment that promotes hair growth. By using henna at least once a week, you can prevent premature hair whitening. It not only prevents your hair from whitening, but it also makes any existing white hair vanish.

7. Hair oils: Olive and almond oils may be used to moisturise your scalp. You may also use potent herbal oils to treat damaged hair. Oiling is one of the most efficient and natural methods of removing white hair. It is also a sure-fire strategy to prevent hair bleaching at an early age.

What causes white hair at an early age?

Grey hair develops as we age. Loss of hair colours in your early twenties or thirties may also result in white hair, which is primarily caused by ageing. While greying hair cannot be totally reversed, you may make adjustments to your food and lifestyle to slow the process. By using the solutions listed above, you may learn how to get rid of white hair. However, be patient since the results will take some time to appear.

What does having white hair at an early age indicate?

A shortage of vitamin B-12 may also result in white hair at an early age. Vitamin B-12 is essential to your body. Aside from giving you energy, it also supports healthy hair growth and colour.

Is it possible for white hair to become black again?

In attempt to restore hair colour, one 2016 research on mice investigated molecular mechanisms that regulate hair pigmentation. The mice developed melanocytes, which are responsible for the production of melanin in their skin and hair. Identifying these pathways and devising a treatment to target them, according to the research, might help restore colour to grey hair.

With the proper diagnosis and treatment, grey hair may be transformed black. However, if the condition is hereditary or age-related, it is unlikely to be reversed. You may, however, slow down the process by consuming a well-balanced diet and carefully caring for your hair.


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