Self-made Individuals 2020

We often come across people who take us by surprise with all the success they manage to achieve in the very less time. it is not always that the successful individuals you come across are all self-made. Some get served all the wealth served on a plate while some strive to achieve everything in their lives. A self-made individual is the one who starts everything from scratch and builds something out of it for himself. We see them all in their glory but the struggles of tens of years go unseen.

It requires a great amount of motivation and a strong will to keep fighting until you actually make it to the glory. This article will disclose about a handful of individuals who worked really hard to reach the point where they stand today.

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg is a very famous politician and author from America, who is also a very successful businessman today. Bloomberg before starting his career in the industry of real estate used to live a life full of hardships, which was nothing but a bed of sorrows. Mike didn’t become what he is today in a single night. He invested his time; he fought and made his way to the position he is today. He has also been Mayor of the New York cite three times in a row and has served the city in the best way possible. Before becoming a politician, mike used to work as a broker for a company and soon realized that he had learnt enough and it was time for him to start his own company. Mike now runs his own company that is a financial advising firm serving people around the globe.

L. David Patterson 

David is a California based, politician, entrepreneur, financial advisor and a business consultant. He is also currently working as the treasurer of Hawthorne city. He is a member of the Democratic Party and also holds the record of being the first African American to hold the position of the treasurer. He graduated in the field of business administration majoring Entrepreneurial studies as a primary and major focus. Patterson won by a significant ratio of 70 % of the total vote count two times in a row and got successfully elected for another period of 4 years. Apart from holding the recognition of being a famous and dedicated politician, L. David Patterson is also offering services as a professional business consultant, financial advisor and is also significantly inclined towards social working and participating in activities for the cause of helping children. David also holds legal working licenses in the field of health, property and casualty, and real estate brokers. He is working and serving in the economic sector by working as a financial advisor and business consultant. He is one of the cores supporting bodies of the non-profit organization Shoes for youth.

Marc Timothy 

Marc Timothy is another USA based successful entrepreneur who started from the bottom but with consistent devotion and dedication managed to achieve success in his life. Marc’s company provides solutions for financial problems and is a renowned business solutions providing firm. Timothy spent most of his life living on the streets and would spend days without having a proper meal. One day while sitting at a bench roadside, he realized that it was time he actually starts building himself. He started by begging for work on the street, went door to door to ask for it and would do odd jobs for people in exchange of few bucks. He met a guy who offered him to work in his firm as a broker and that was the turning point in his life. He worked hard and kept chasing his dream until he made it. It took him almost 7 years to save enough to start his own firm on a very small scale, which now is a company providing solutions to clients around the globe.

Melanie Spenser 

Melanie is a France born American who migrated to America in 2006. This 43-years old woman has fought all his life all by herself. When she came to the USA, she had only 10 dollars in her pocket and no place to go. Today, she is a proud owner of three restaurants in different cities of the country and says, she is planning to open two more franchises very soon. She started her career by working in houses as a maid and used to babysit for working parents. We got a chance to have a detailed and she told us, there were days she used to sit outside big, fancy restaurants and tell herself, one day I will be able to afford a meal here. Today, I own three of the fanciest restaurants in the country, she said. Upon asking what made her keep going, she said I was a dreamer all my life, if it weren’t to achieve them, she would have still been sitting in her country doing nothing. Never stop dreaming! She added.

These are the few names that made the most out of their lives. They didn’t find success served on a plate but worked hard until they achieved something in their life. 


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