5 Ways To Fix Your Wi-Fi Woes The Easy Way

5 Ways To Fix Your Wi-Fi Woes The Easy Way

Do your Wi-Fi woes have you down? Don’t let them! Before you panic or get frustrated that your Wi-Fi isn’t working as it should, here are five ways you can fix your Wi-Fi problems on your own.

Whether you have HughesNet, Verizon, Frontier Internet, or GotW3 4G, these five ways won’t take a technical expert to do and are so easy anyone can do.

1. Reboot Your Router

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. Before you get to work troubleshooting your router, simply reboot your router. This will often fix your connectivity issues. Restarting your router can interrupt malicious attacks on your network and unwanted guests too. To restart your router you’ll need to unplug it for about a minute and plug it back in.

2. Change Your Routers Location

Sometimes your Wi-Fi problems stem from the location of your router. If you have dead spots or weak Wi-Fi where you need it most, try moving your router. If your family has tucked your router in the closet, back of the bookshelf, down in the basement or behind a big appliance; it is seriously cutting down your Wi-Fi range. The optimal placement for your router is out in the open in a centralized location. If you can, place it in the same room that you use your internet the majority of the time.

3. Password Protect Your Wi-Fi

If you don’t have a password on your Wi-Fi network, do it as soon as possible. When your Wi-Fi network is open for anyone to connect to it, anyone will connect to it and seriously slow down your network. You may have a power user or someone with malicious intent connected right now. To boot unwanted guests off and keep them off create a strong password for your Wi-Fi.

4. Update Your Routers Firmware

If you have a newer router, your router may already update its own firmware in the background, but its always good to check. Your routers firmware is very important software that keeps your router functioning at its best. It doesnt update nearly as often as your laptop or phone, but it will receive occasional updates. Firmware updates are to fix any security problems, vulnerabilities or software exploits that a cybercriminal could take advantage of.

Checking your routers firmware version is super easy to check too. Simply download your
routers app and it will be a couple taps away. If your router has a firmware update available, update it as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that while your router installs the firmware patch, you won’t be able to use your Wi-Fi. It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes and once you start the update, let it finish or you could have bigger problems.

5. Upgrade Your Router

When all else fails, it may be time to upgrade your router. If your router is more than two years old or you’ve been leasing from your internet service provider, purchasing a quality router can fix all of your Wi-Fi problems. Router technology has changed a lot in 2 years with better range, faster speeds and more features.



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