Simple Vs. Complex Website Development

Simple Vs. Complex Website Development

A simple and complex website serves different purposes. What are complex websites? A complex website is one that use advance layouts and programmer use advance codes to develop such websites. The perfect example of such sites is E-commerce websites. Similarly, simple websites have simple navigations and tabs. Below is a brief comparison between simple and complex websites.

1. Simple Website Designs Gets More Conversions

Many researched indicate that simple websites offer more conversions as compared to websites with complex designs. E-commerce websites experience an upward trend in their sale when they make simpler layouts.

Overcomplicating things in an attempt to make them more attractive and catchier have the opposite effect. If you want to scale your product then you had to have a strategy that will attract people. Don’t try to force your ideas on people, as it will have a negative impact on your business.

Many types of research indicate fancy page designs with complex site structures drive away visitors. On the other hand, minimalist website designs make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for. Simple websites should be convenient and easy for the user to search. All the tabs must be in front of readers, and the individual who is surfing your website must easily browse the pages without getting into any trouble.

2. Easy To Maintain

Simple websites are always in fashion. The world is moving at a fast speed. With the advancement in technology, web designs are coming and going. So, if you keep things straightforward one thing is for sure you will never be out of fashion. Simple website designs are always user number one choice.

Simple designs are easy to maintain and do not mean that you have to update your website. Many business owners prefer such designs because they do not require many changes and you can go years with updating them. However, if you have a complicated website you will have to update your site to keep with the modern trend. These changes are sometimes expensive and require great effort and work on your part.

3. Easy To Surf

If someone visits your webpage, he is there for a purpose. As a web designer, you should make things as simple and easy for the user. So, they can enjoy an uninterrupted user experience. Your graphic skills must be perfect to achieve that. You need to eliminate the need for endless scrolling.

Every tab of your website must be perfectly aligned and the entire page must be in perfect sync. Menu and navigation also plays important role in this regard. Design your pages in a way that it becomes easier for a user to find the relevant products and services. Do not overcrowd your main page with everything. Try to create different sections for different products and organize things in a fully systematic manner.

Eliminate any distractions from your website and provide a user-friendly and engaging experience to visitors. You can achieve all this by simplifying things. Do not overload your user with endless choices. If you crowd your website with photos, backlinks, unnecessary pages, and irrelevant content, you will lose traffic and your website will become a paradox for the visitor.

You can make notes of things that you think are not good for your website. Try to create an experience for the user that can last in their memory. For example, you can ask the visitor to sign up for your newsletter. But it can prove detrimental if the visitor is looking to make the purchase. In such a case, if the pop for signup request will come on screen, the user will become distracted. There will be fewer chances that he will make the buying decision.

4. Meet Visitors Expectations

People usually have set patterns in their minds. They have a specific image of a good website in their minds. So, designing your website by keeping people’s choices in mind could help you to build a good website. Notice most of the successful websites have similar web designs. The reason behind this is simple, people have expectations, if your site meets those expectations then there are chances you will get the desired conversions. Again, keeping things easy and providing people with what they are looking for could benefit you in many ways.

Some websites confuse their visitors with a layout that is hard to comprehend. When you eliminate the ambiguities and live up to the hype of visitors you have a better chance of turning them into valuable consumers. If your webpage is not sticking to typical web design models, no one is going to give value to your work. Make sure all your buttons are in the ideal places, so the user will have no confusion can proceed conveniently.

5. Appeal to Users

Visually complicated WebPages have low appeal among users. A simple design can help to create a bond with the website and establish a relationship that makes the user keep coming back to your webpage. However, the wrong choice of fonts and photos could set the user off and gives the wrong impression. This contributes to a high bounce rate.

The best format for all websites is simple designs. It also depends upon your target audience if you are looking to target the people who are old then a dull color choice with light fonts could be perfect. Similarly, if your readers are young people they prefer a shadier outlook with a perfect layout. So, make a design that appeals to the segment of the population that you are looking to target.

6. Good Loading Speed

Simple websites have a fast loading speed. Fast loading speed provides improves user experience and value for SEO purposes. Studies have found that if websites take longer than 5 seconds to load users will bounce from that webpage.

Google also prefers sites with the faster loading speed and rank such websites on top pages. Keeping things simple and organized can deliver you the results that can do wonder for your search engine ranking.

Last Words

Simplicity has a way to appeal to people. Many website development agencies can develop a site that will meet your expectations. Many studies have shown that the human brain always hates complex structures and we humans are wired to prefer and select simple things. So, in contrast, simple websites are adaptable, provide a better user experience, and can get you more brand loyalty.

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