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Best 7 Free Games Torrent Sites of 2020

Everyone needs entertainment in his life for relaxation following a confusing routine. Excellent like movies, unusual likes excursion, and many like them like to play games. Games are an essential part of human life. As technology changes every sector of life, it also changes the gaming programs by introducing video games. Video games are now popular for people. Playing a game is not challenging for users. If the user has a PC with excellent specs or android mobile with good terms, one can enjoy video games on PC or mobile in Top Games Torrent Sites. Moreover, companies like Zooqle also launched play station, Xbox, and PCs for video games.

The gaming industry has deserving hundreds of billions of dollars in 2020. Never matter what price of the game is, if the player is interested in playing, he’s ready to pay its fee because interest has no merit. What would you take if you need to play a good game, but you don’t have enough money to pay for it.? Indeed, at once, you are supposed to leave your favorite game. But it looks painful, but what if we notified you of the best free games torrent download sites of 2020? Of here, you can download favorite games. This article also benefits you to know how to download games from these top games torrent sites.

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Best 10 Free Games Torrent Sites of 2020

Below, detail all the best games torrent sites that help you download the games and let you enjoy on your PCs, Xbox, or a PlayStation.

1. Torrents Game 

Best Free Games Torrent Sites

This is one of the old ones, and the first site for games torrent site built-in 2004. Now thousands of most latest games available all time on this game torrent site. They found many platforms for clients’ satisfaction with Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, and MAC.


The most crucial benefit of this site is that it has been in business for a long time and is popular until date, so it is considered a virus and bugs free site.

The alphabetical arrangement of games makes it easy for users to find out their concerned games.

In contrast to other sites, this site works even if the adblocker is activated.


Few admins can’t control sites such as this. Due to these bugs fixing, take Tim.

 2. The Pirates Bay

Free Games Torrent Sites

The Pirates Bay is the newest site develops for torrents downloading. The Pirates Bay has large movies and video downloading, but it has also created free games torrent platforms. The various genres of games make TPB one of the best games torrent sites. Often PC games are essential. Moreover, downloadable games torrent for XBOX, PlayStation, android systems, and different gaming genres are also available for gamers.


  • TPB is a well-renowned website. Therefore, we can say that it is trusted as free games torrent site.
  • The Pirates Bay is one of the largest updated games torrent site that consists of all the latest downloadable torrents, so all video games torrent links are available at this site.
  • Many countries around the globe block TPB due to copyrights of movies, Tv shows, and games, but the good thing is that many more unblocking sites like VPN directly support The Pirates Bay. 
  • .
  • Ads are the most annoying things for internet surfers. TPB is a non-profit site, so it is protected from useless ads.


  1. Due to many links available on the site, sometimes the user couldn’t find the right torrent link or dead linked found. It is a problem that wants to resolve.
  2. Many users experienced viruses linked found on torrent. It is happening due to many torrent links available on site, and no one can say sure that torrent is virus-free. So it is recommended to the user that the user must use authentic anti-viruses.

3. Skidrow & Reload

Best Free Games Torrent Sites

A very gametic look website Skidrow & Reload, is also a popular name as free games torrent site. It is an excellent gaming site with both downloadable torrents and online games related to other torrent sites. The powerful mixer of classics and new games makes this site well-reputed in people. Every upcoming game information user can find from here, and this a plus edge of this site.


  • This site is mainly for games to find each genre of classic, new, and upcoming games.
  • The upcoming games information is available only on this site.
  • The unique feature of “Request a game” makes users easily find or request any game.
  • Skidrow & Reload is more focused on PC’s games, but games for other platforms’ are also available direct downloadable and torrent downloaded. Both options are available on this site.


  • The name of Skidrow & Reloads is quite a long name and not easy to remember for users.
  • This is a master site for PC games, but games for other platforms are also available.

4. 1337x

Free Games Torrent Sites

People who use torrents for movies, videos, documentaries, TV shows are well known of 1337x. The content of 1337x is to make him a top searching torrent site. The is 1337x for the games where you can find the games’ downloadable torrents. This site includes traffic in millions due to which you can get help also to find out any video games.


  • Trending or particular game name, both options are available on the site. You can either find games by trends section or direct search.
  • As the contrast of another site 1337x its self, a proxy site named best 1337x to unblocked proxy sites, which unblocked it countries where the site is banned due to copyrights.


  • The most significant burden of is relatively heavy torrent traffic, making it challenging to find a particular game.

5. KickAss Torrents

Free Games Torrent Sites

Those who are regular visitors of torrent sites are must easy with KickAss torrent sites. KickAss has the most excellent digital library, which makes differentiate from other sites. The millions of users search KickAss daily get benefits from it. With the popular in a digital library, KickAss also has the best, famous, high rated, standard, trending video games in thousands of thousands in quantity. So the reason why KickAss has a separate section for games from where you can find out PC games and games for PS’s, MAC, Linux, Xbox, and many others.


  • A well renowned and updated site gives you the best knowledge of video games.
  • Although KickAss has blocked in many countries, it can be easily accessed through the unblocked KickAss Torrents proxy list.


  • In massive data, it is not easy to find out the single file within no time. Although the user can find it, it is time taking here to see.

6. TorrentsZ2

Over 60 million follower traffic makes this site one of the popular sites for downloadable torrents. You can get all types of movies, videos, documentaries, TV shows, and video games. The user-friendly site makes it popular in the community.


  • This game torrent site is relatively easy and user friendly.
  • A large number of torrents, even in millions, can any time find out on this site.
  • Like TPB, this site is also advertisement free, which is far easier for users.


  • Likewise, all sites torentz2 also facing problems of virus contain contents, so it is up to users to use carefully or use trusted anti-viruses software.


RARBG is one of the various searching torrent websites for entertainment material, E-commerce, ebooks, documentary, and of course, renowned as a free games torrent site. The Latest and updated free games torrent site links available on site. This makes RARBG a well-known site in internet surfers.


  • RARBG creates a community blog for gamers, which makes this site differentiate from others. You can share games links there also. So it is relatively easy to get any game link there.
  • The searching tool is date wise, which helps users to update daily.
  • As we discuss, it is a user-generated site. You may found different free torrents which not to easy to find out on another side.


  • The just check of this site is that it includes advertisements that annoyed its users.

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How to Download Free Games From Torrent

Torrents that give users ease to enjoy free of cost but here question how to download from torrents? Here is what we are telling you that how can we download free games from torrent. The steps are.

  • Client application app: at the initial, you have to download any torrent application. Some famous torrent applications are you torrent, Bit torrent. These two applications are quite renowned and support for all types of torrent links.
  • After completing the torrent application download, you have to go to the site mentioned above and determine your desired.
  • After that, copy the magnet link or download it .Torrent files.
  • Open your Torrent client app and paste the magnet link or upload the .torrent file.
  • Torrent client will now fetch all the necessary details. It needs to download the file.
  • After a while, your game will start downloading.

Note: Downloading speed depends upon your file size and on internet speed.


To find out a good game according to your desire is a challenging task. However, the sites mentioned above would help you find out the best games torrents Site for you. I wish you loved this article and found an excellent free game torrent site that suits your gaming needs. Please let us know which torrenting platform you use for downloading games? Use the comment section to share your thoughts. While you at it, don’t forget to share this article on your social media wall and help us spread the word.

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