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10 Best Mac Torrent Sites in 2020
Bad news, guys. There has been a crackdown facing torrent sites in Singapore after a supreme court in Singapore required ISPs (Internet Service Provider) to need step upon some torrents and video streaming sites. And as you’ll have thought it, it’s been hard to download media through torrents or stream that season you’ve got been waiting to release for therefore long.
It may show much bad, but there’s still a ray of hope. We’ve compiled for you Apple fanboys, an inventory of torrent websites so you’ll watch the shows you’re keen on just without the effort. But, it’s always highly recommended to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to secure yourself once you are within the realm of the web. Online privacy should never be threatened. It also helps in handling copyright issues plus keeps you anonymous.

Top 10 Mac Torrent Sites to Download & Stream Torrents  2020

No matter what the regulations torrent sites face, the amount of users is consistently booming. Everyone appears to be utilizing torrent websites for many reasons. Being a result, torrent sites also are increasing to ‘cater’ to the present growing quantity. So, there are many options still available for Mac users and you’ll enjoy all of them. But not every website is sweet enough, right? Well, you don’t get to sweat all day in search of an honest torrent site, because we’ve just done it for you. Here you go, enjoy.

Apple Torrent

Best Mac Torrent Sites

The Mac App Store you always used? During this case, you have. But you always used the second Mac App Store? AppleTorrent is that the other. It’s got all the games you’re keen on and also the apps. Their collection is great. They’re working hard to become the best and I’d say they’re doing great thus far.

Mac Torrents

Best Mac Torrent Sites

Mac gamers will reasonably conversant in this site. That’s popular with its separate tab for all the games that are available at Mac. There are some attractive nifty features this site offers which may be fully used once you create an account thereon. There’s also an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) portion just in case you are feeling lost on the location.

7 Tor

Best Mac Torrent Sites

This site is for movie fans. Every one these people like movies, seasons, documentaries, and stuff like that; the site is for you. This site allows you a singular and diverse video category where you’ll choose from theatre, foreign movies, Hollywood and seasons, etc.


Best Mac Torrent Sites

The movie needs to watch your beloved actor but can’t get its name? Torrent4all has this given out for you. You’ll watch for movies by actors and find those they need to be starred in. Plus they need a good sort of movie stuff, so you’re presumably to seek out the movie you were trying to find.


Best Mac Torrent Sites

Popular by non-native English speaking people the torrent site remains that love English movies. That’s a large variety of flicks also as seasons plus it provides dual audio with them. Through the process, people can watch English classics in their favored dubbed audios.


Best Mac Torrent Sites

The site provides a large number of torrents. Before downloading, this gives you something files and contents a torrent link includes. During this process, you’ll have a peek into what you’re getting to download into your Mac and make certain that whether it’s legitimate or not.


Best Mac Torrent Sites

Many torrent programs and databases which isn’t all about just movies, seasons and documentaries, etc. It also features a large number of games for Mac which for you to explore.

Extra Torrents

ExtraTorrents is one of the most important torrent websites. This provides a great number of movies, apps, software for Windows, and a specific section with Mac torrents.


Best Mac Torrent Sites

The different site that gives a really clean and specific look for torrents so you’ll get what you’re trying to find in less time. It allows categories to settle on from; like movies, TV shows, web series et al.


Do you understand popular Piratebay? Piratebay3 is its twins’ brother. It runs forward in improving your search by adding the “audio” category within the searches, allowing you to look for audio content like songs and podcasts. And to not mention, it also has regular categories for your searching activities.

Which does your best Mac torrent site? Please answer within the comments below.


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