20 Best Top YouTube Channels for Medical student

It is no mystery that every medical student has tips and tricks for making the learning experience more exciting and successful. YouTube’s valuable content propels the site to the forefront of alternative learning techniques – it’s simple, fun, and keeps you awake and focused. The ever-expanding quantity of medical channels and videos on YouTube is ideal for aspiring healthcare professionals. Don’t start from zero if you want to learn about the best medical channels for 2020.

Here is our list of the best 20 medical YouTube channels that will make studying medicine more uncomplicated and fun Youtube channel list.

Best 20 medical YouTube channels

1. National Library of Medicine of the United States NLM | 20,900 Subscribers

medical YouTube channels

The world’s most prominent medical library’s YouTube channel has content as diverse as its worldwide user base. Because of their importance and distinctiveness, these videos might be considered cultural treasures.

NLM‘s channel is not only a repository of medical information and a terrific learning resource. It features historical lectures, key discoveries, and notable events in medical history. You will also learn some helpful tips for navigating NLM resources. We strongly suggest this channel to everyone interested in tracing the medicine of medical advancements.

2. MedCramVideos | 525,000 Followers

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You’ve come to the real site if you’re seeking a YouTube channel to help you prepare for forthcoming examinations. MedCramVideos, founded in 2012 by Dr. Roger Seheult and retired PA student, Kyle Allred, is one of the most popular medical YouTube channels. Dr. Seheult, the channel’s host, is a clinical and test preparation educator.

His lectures are perfect for anyone studying for the USMLE, MCAT, NDBE, RN, RT, MD, PANCE, NCLEX, NAPLEX, DO, PA, NP, and other medical examinations. If you want to learn and examine more difficult medical topics, their website MedCram.com may also interest you. They provide free and paid online lectures on various topics to help you save time studying and achieve more on tests.

3. iMedicalSchool | 85,600 Followers

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As the channel portrays itself, iMedicalSchool is a genuine medical school on YouTube, recreating a fun, school-like experience on the video network. They do an excellent job explaining complex medical topics to medical students, practitioners, and patients.

The channel delivers simple explanations and valuable images, making the content accessible. If you struggle with medical terminology or want to take a break from textbooks, iMedicalSchool is a fun way to learn. Nonetheless, the channel advises users that its information is for amusement and should not be used to self-treat ailments or disorders.

4. Medical Channel of Armando Hasudungan | 1,033,000 Subscribers

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Dr. Armando Hasudungan is a top online medical instructor who appreciates art and science. He skillfully converts science and medicine’s complexities into art. Dr. Hasudungan routinely posts interesting videos for medical students and healthcare professionals.

This is the YouTube Channels for Medical to watch if you need to learn more about nephrology, cell biology, embryology, neurology, the reproductive system, pharmacology, or microbiology. Despite offering academic theories and explanations of complicated topics, this YouTube vlog is most famous for the included hand-drawn visuals, which make it unique and different.

5. One Minute Medical School | 32,800 Fans

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As the name implies, Youtube channel names this channel includes one-minute instructional videos on various medical topics. Dr. Rob Tarzwell, Is the host Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia, Clinical Assistant Professor. The channel is immediately identified by its characteristic whiteboard, which simulates an authentic classroom experience.

Dr. Tarzwell addresses various health, medical, and biology-related concerns, using straightforward explanations and avoiding medical jargon. When he goes into in-depth, complex topics, he prefers nuclear medicine, radiobiology, musculoskeletal problems, and cardio-respiratory medicine.

6. Interactive Biology | 169,000 Monthly Users

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Another popular medical YouTube channel, Interactive Biology, is committed to making biology more enjoyable and approachable.

Their goal is to simplify scientific topics such that even a first-year high school student may comprehend Graduate-level Neurobiology while still enjoying the learning process. This medical YouTube channel is perfect if you want to refresh your memory, are interested in anatomy, or want to read more about how the human body works.

Because the videos combine high-quality imagery and simple language, the medical terminology used in Interactive Biology is somewhat limited my Youtube channel. You will learn more about kinesiology, pathology, the neurological system, the muscular system, the circulatory system, and high school biology on this channel. Make that the videos are not intended to prepare you for a medical exam or test, so take advantage of the textbook study.

7. Harvard Medical School | 108,000 Subscriptions

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Not surprisingly, Harvard Medical School is featured on the list of the finest medical YouTube channels to follow. Their videos cover various topics, including scientific breakthroughs, biomedical research trends, and medical education.

Many videos include thought leaders, Harvard alums, and lecturers discussing diverse themes in health policy, health education, and medical research. Their intellectual content aims to inform and educate readers by giving impartial perspectives and relevant research knowledge.

Videos are typically at most 5 minutes long, create a Youtube channel and even the most difficult topics are likely to bore you. We advise anybody searching for reliable and compelling info to use this channel.

8. American Heart Association (AHA)

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This is another best sample of a medical YouTube channel with a worthy goal and a well-thought-out idea. It is ideal for those studying Cardiology, Cardiac Monitoring, Cardiovascular Sonography, and EKG since it focuses on developing knowledge of health concerns connected to cardiovascular illnesses and stroke.

The American Heart Association’s YouTube channel emphasizes healthy eating, nutritional food selection, and physical activity. It is also a terrific source of exercise and healthy recipe exercises.

9. Healthcare Triage | 347,000 Monthly Subscribers

Healthcare Triage is another best medical YouTube channel to follow. He is the host Associate Dean for Research Mentoring at Indiana University School of Medicine and Dr. Aaron Carroll, Professor of Pediatrics. His videos discuss healthcare policy and medical research and answer many concerns regarding medicine, health, and healthcare.

This channel benefits prospective healthcare professionals and those working in the area. It answers many of your questions, presenting interactively, from pure science to lifestyle and culinary elements. Dr. Carroll’s videos also cover contemporary public health issues and controversies.

10. American Cancer Society | 17,200 members

The American Cancer Society’s YouTube channel is a powerful resource for cancer survivors and their families, providing information and personal stories to encourage and support them.

Consider this channel your online information for everything linked to the condition and its influence on people’s lives. Explore their video playlists for real-life guidance and expertise. Meet cancer survivors and participate in projects to promote awareness and positively affect the cancer battle.

11. Siemens | 183,000 Customers

Siemens has been acknowledged for its technical prowess and precision medical equipment technology. Their YouTube channel is dedicated to the most recent technology advancements, systems, and ideas designed to meet the different needs of the medical profession. It would benefit diagnostic medical sonographers operating with imaging tools and sonography students.

12. Khan Academy of Medicine | 1.09 million subscribers

Khan Academy Medicine is a well-known YouTube channel that offers a world-class education to anybody, anywhere. Every medical student in the world would benefit from seeing the highlighted videos. No new content has been published on this channel since 2016 is intriguing. Despite this, the videos have over 1 million viewers who utilize them for reference while studying and revising.

Khan Academy is one of the most popular go-to channels for medical students since it serves as a virtual library for lectures on medical issues, test prep guides, and practice questions. Furthermore, their website is constantly updated with medical content, so you may always get up-to-date lectures there.

13. Dr. Najeeb Lectures | 982,000 Followers

Dr. Najeeb is one of the most well-known medical educators on the internet. He publishes new videos on Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Medicine every week. Dr. Najeeb’s YouTube channel is an extension of his comprehensive video collection. It includes free sample videos on various topics, including pathology, cardiology, immunology, and many more.

14. 305,000 Subscribers | Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine is another excellent channel for medical-related videos. Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, Eric Strong, is the show’s host.

People from all around the globe watch the vlog, and the content is not expressly instructional. It offers various topics, from personal adventures to tips and tricks for new students and illustrative lectures. Dr. Strong also responds quickly to video comments and questions.

15. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | 156,000 Subscribers

The CDC YouTube channel offers reliable, authoritative, and high-quality health information. Their videos range from common illness prevention and treatment to viral pandemic emergency reactions. Whatever healthcare issue you search for on the internet, you’re sure to stumble across a link to a CDC YouTube video with the most reliable and up-to-date information.

16. JJ MEdicine | 62,600 Followers

This channel, managed by a medical student who enjoys teaching others about science and medicine, is for those interested in biochemistry, clinical skills, molecular biology, pharmacology, anatomy, and physiology.

You’ve come to the real site if you’re seeking a more fun and interactive site to learn otherwise dull medical terminology. Along with the informational content and diverse topics, the host makes a point of making useful tips for rapidly learning important medical terms and acronyms.

17. Philips Healthcare | 25,700 Customers

Philips Healthcare’s YouTube channel showcases the brand’s revolutionary imaging solutions. Their videos cover various healthcare topics, from hospital health to telemedicine. The channel is ideal for anyone interested in the medical profession and those interested in science and technology advancements in general.

18. Osmosis | 1.3 million subscribers

Osmosis, one of YouTube’s most popular medical channels, provides in-depth explanations on various medical topics, including pathophysiology, adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), Von Hippel-Lindau disease, and the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

The Osmosis YouTube channel is an extension of the Osmosis.org learning platform, concentrating on in-depth videos for health professionals and students. It includes thousands of practice questions, flashcards, study plans, and collaboration tools.

19. Nabil Ebraheim | 398,000 Fans

Dr. Ebraheim’s videos, seen by thousands of medical students and practitioners worldwide, offer 3D images supported by entertaining presentations that include essential vocabulary and explanations.

His enormous love for education and unique teaching skills will captivate you. Dr. Nabil Ebraheim is the Chairman of Orthopaedics and the Residency Program Director in The University of Toledo Medical Center. He aims to make orthopedic education accessible and understandable to anybody interested in the profession.

20. 266,000 Subscribers | Lecturio Medical Videos

Lecturio Medical is the best medical channel that publishes video lecture series presented by its professionals every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you are a nursing student, pre-med, medical, a health professional, or just interested in medicine, you should subscribe to this channel.

Lecturio Medical aims to assist students globally in doing well on any medical board test (incl. USMLE way 1 & 2 CK, COMLEX Level 1 & 2, MCAT). Their lecture format and presentation mimic a genuine classroom experience. Those seeking additional academic materials and advanced question banks for relevant board examinations could use the video resources they supply. 

More Medical Study Aids

The videos on this list of the 20 best medical YouTube channels will undoubtedly persuade you that studying and comprehending medical topics can be simpler and more enjoyable. Many resources are available from medical entertainment channels to courses and test preparation to help you study, recall more effectively, and enjoy learning more about health and medical topics.

Do you have any terms for useful resources for studying medical terminology?

Check out our incredibly simple medical terminology learning tips. 


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