Youzik: New Address Youtube MP3 Converter to Download Free Music

Youzik is a YouTube MP3 converter that can download and convert videos from YouTube.

Free and fast.

Youzik Youtube MP3 Converter: Several sites on the Internet allow you to convert streaming videos to MP3 format. However, not all of them are very dependable or functional. Some sites don’t work at all, while others are slow and deliver a low-quality MP3 files.

Youzik distinguished out from the crowd of YouTube MP3 converters. Music in MP3 format may still be downloaded. Although we favor codecs with higher audio quality, MP3 remains popular and provides unsurpassed ease.

It is the standard format for listening to music everywhere and on any device, as it is compatible with all platforms and software. We urge you to download about Youzik, its features, its new address, and the best alternatives to Youtube MP3 converter for free music downloads.

Youzik: Youtube MP3 Converter for Free Music Download (2022)

YouTube does not enable you to download videos using its app (at least not for free), and it must be in the foreground when you are listening to music. As a result, you’ll need to employ a YouTube mp3 converter.

There are various methods for obtaining audio from YouTube videos. Use a website or install a free YouTube mp3 converter on your computer. Some are too slow to convert and download, while others are cluttered with advertisements or are challenging to use.

  • Youzik is presently the most well-known.
  • Youzik, this is a pretty straightforward site.
  • Its accessibility accounts for a big portion of its success.
  • Youzik is not the first site of its sort, which explains why it is so well thought out.
  • As a result, its creators have had time to take inspiration from predecessors to provide the quickest and most intuitive experience imaginable.

Youzik makes it easy to download any music video from YouTube to MP3 format in only a few minutes. Furthermore, Youzik MP3s are of high quality and will provide you with free and unlimited access to your favorite music. However, this service is only available for music videos.

You should be aware, however, that Youzik is a service with some limits. The most evident is that if you have an active ad blocker, the download may not work. No specific justification is offered, but such a convenient and free service may be excused for urging you to make money by advertising it.

However, keep in mind the legal context. You can only download a video if you have permission from the copyright owner. Unauthorized uploads are expressly prohibited under the social media terms of service.

Youzik has a new address. Be advised that the address of the YouTube free mp3 download site changes regularly. The new converter address is currently:

You may use a Firefox or Chrome browser to access Youzik features on your computer. You may also install an add-on to make things simpler for yourself. The application is compatible with major web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and others. For quicker conversion, use the Youzik mobile app. At the moment, it only agrees with Android smartphones.

How to Use Youzik to Download Music

Youzik allows you to download files in an easy and fast problem.

Here are the actions to take:

To begin, go to YouTube and create a playlist of music to download, such as a public or private playlist. Some playlists order similar types of music or albums from specific groups to make your work easier.

  1. Choose music from the artists’ official channels for the best quality wherever feasible.
  2. Go to Youzik in a new browser tab, then copy the link (URL) of one of the videos on your list from the browser’s search box or YouTube’s share option.
  3. To download the music to your smartphone, utilize the sharing tool to receive the video link. This is done if you are on the YouTube app, which does not have a URL, rather than the website.
  4. Paste the link into Youzik’s search field, then click the “search” button.
  5. Click on the little cloud to access the Youzik site’s downloads page.
  6. Click “Download MP3” or “Download MP4” (the “Download MP3 in HD” option is a commercial offer that we strongly discourage).
  7. 6- Once the conversion magic is complete, assuming everything went correctly, you must look in your downloads!
  8. As a result, you may put the music on your smartphone for free. For “Apple Users,” you only need to utilize software such as iTunes for iPhone and iPad.

For Android devices, you may store the music straight on an SD card or move it to your smartphone’s internal memory via a micro USB or USB type C connector. After that, you may save and organize your music in the folders and playlists of your choice.

Top 10 Best Youzik Alternative

Do you require additional sites like Youzik?

List of the top Alternative Youtube MP3 converters for free YouTube video downloads. These Youzik-like Youtube MP3 converters offer various advantages. They are more efficient than browser-based solutions.

They don’t ask for your email address and, in most cases, enable you to extract audio from numerous videos at once. Furthermore, this converter software supports various output formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, and others.

1. 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter

Youzik: Youtube MP3 Converter

Don’t be misled by the name. The solution does allow you to save video soundtracks in OGG and M4A formats. The solution does not just support material from popular social media platforms. It can also capture audio from content posted on Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, SoundCloud, and other websites Youzik Alternative.

To begin, copy the address from your web browser and click the green “Paste URL” button. Unlike several YouTube to MP3 converters, the solution does not require any additional software. When you upgrade to the premium version 4K YouTube to MP3, you can download whole playlists. However, the free software is enough for most purposes.

Site URL:

2. Any Video Converter Free

Youzik: Youtube MP3 Converter

Any Video Converter Free is a free YouTube converter for Windows and Mac. In addition to obtaining videos from multiple platforms and converting them to various output formats, it also allows for video editing and DVD burning. The only disadvantage is that the UI is a little easier to use. This, Youzik Alternative however, does not diminish its use or efficacy.



Youzik: Youtube MP3 Converter

FLVTO is a Youzik Alternative for downloading videos from the most popular social networks. It is the most downloaded software on the market, with approximately 2 million visits each month globally, including 170 in France.

It has several advantages. You may, for example, load 000 videos at the same time and listen to your media directly on the software, which has an audio player.


4. MP3 Youtube

Youzik: Youtube MP3 Converter

MP3 Youtube is a free and simple online converter that allows you to download YouTube videos to MP3. It is one of the greatest Youzik free online converter options. Its downside is that it contains adverts and has fewer features than Youzik.


5. OnlineVideoConverter

It is one of the popular free YouTube video converters. It is impossible to declare that it is the greatest of all. One thing is sure: Online Video Converter converts YouTube videos to high-quality MP3 files.

It has the advantage of streamlining and simplifying the transcoding process with no requirements and in just a few clicks. Another advantage of the OnlineVideoConverter site is that it is available in a version that is compatible with all web browsers.

Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox


6. MP3Hub

We need to locate a site to halt the march of our Top 5, and MP3 Hub offers its unique features. The site, like Youzik, is easy, fast, and has its own YouTube video search engine. Still, its most outstanding feature is that it is entirely compatible with other video providers such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Instagram. As a result, MP3 Hub is worth investigating.


7. Ytbmp3

As the name implies, Ytbmp3 exclusively allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 online. And he’s pretty good at it. It is similar to the Youzik App and determined out for its ease of use Youzik Alternative.


8. Y2mate

Y2Mate, like Youzik, is an online downloader that converts and downloads audio and video files from popular video-sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and others in high quality to different media file formats MP3, MP4, FLV, and others.


9. Anything2mp3

Anything2mp3 is another convenient and effective online converter. The output formats available are diverse and may be tailored to the unique demands of users, including mp3, ogg, aac, and wma.


10. Ytmp3

YouTube videos convert to mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) files and download them for free with ytmp3 – this service is available for PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Videos are always converted at the greatest possible quality. Please keep in mind that the site only transforms videos up to 2 hours long. As a result, converting a video takes less than two minutes.


Is it legal for YouTube videos and converted to audio to download?

Both yes and no.

Video downloads or audio extraction from popular social media videos are 100% secure and legal only if you download your original material. You must be the author and uploader of the material.

Alternatively, you have formal permission from the individual or entity who owns the video. If the information is in the public domain, you can receive it free on social media.


These audios are, in problem, free to use for personal use. However, some cannot be utilized for public rebroadcasting (such as on YouTube) due to copyright issues. In this scenario, the YouTube terms and conditions allow you to download these contents only with the copyright owner’s permission. 



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