Starting A YouTube Channel? Read This First

Videos are informative, interactive, educative, and simply fun. The charm of video content over people is indisputable. And this is maybe the reason why a lot of people are leaving their jobs and starting a career as a YouTube video content creator. They understand the importance of videos in people’s life. It entertains us for sure, but it also helps us make a purchasing decision, which is why a lot of brands also work with YouTube influencers to get exposers.

But being a YouTube content creator is challenging. The creating and uploading part may seem easy, but running a successful channel demands more than a few nicely shot put-together content. To get success on YouTube for an individual or even a brand looking to promote their business using this platform, you need to know the right tips or hacks for your channel.

Why? Well, because by August 2019, there were 31 million YouTube channels globally. With the scenario of 2020, this number must have subsequently increased. So, if you or your brand plans to make a mark on the YouTube community, you need more than just luck. So, follow these tips for a successful channel.

1. Know your niche

For a successful channel, the first thing you need to do is figure out your niche. Your content cannot be all over the place. For a brand, that might be a bit easy as they have to focus on their industry. For instance, a cosmetic company can upload makeup tutorials, which focuses on audience needs without talking about sales only.

But for an individual, narrowing down your niche can be a bit hard. However, go with your
passion and what you want to share with the community. Maybe you are a baker and want to share recipes or you love vlogging your daily life. Knowing what you want to do will help you plan content better.

2. Know the audience and competition

Two people making the same type of video can be unique if they know their audience,
competitors, and their USP. So, find out more about your demographic. What they want to see or watch and why? What your competitors are doing and what they aren’t. It will aid you in making your video unique and provide something extra to the audience, and connect with them.

Also, do a keyword search to figure out what words or phrases people are using to search for the content you are planning to make a video on. That will ensure you use those words in your title or description or so leading to more leads.

3. Equipment matters

Sure, the quality of smartphone cameras makes it simpler to shoot a video. But you still need more equipment for quality video, like a microphone and a source of artificial light, especially if shooting indoors.

Gradually, you do need to think about buying a professional camera if you want YouTube to be your source of income. Or even brands looking for more exposure needs to upload professional content.

4. Add an outro

Ensuring to put CTA on a video is also crucial because it keeps your audience on your channel for more time, which increases your ranking. It also shows Google that people find your channel interesting so they will recommend it more. To add CTA in your video, include the outro to the video. It is the end screen where you can ask people to subscribe or put links to other videos.
Use an outro making tool for creating appealing and consistent outros.

5. Work on your channel art

It means that the video thumbnail, the cover image of the channel, the name of the channel, the display picture, and the description all needs to be top-notch. All these things aid in creating an identity for your channel, and you cannot take it lightly.

For established brands, the name is simple as they usually go with their brand name. The cover image is the logo of their brand and more. But for individuals, it requires thought. The channel name and the cover image must be vibrant and should resonate with the content you plan to share. Create a logo for your channel and use it on your cover image.
Write a description that catches the essence of your channel and what you aim to do with it.
Lastly, when creating a video, be sure to work on its thumbnail as it encourages people to click on the video.

6. Write a script as part of planning the video

Whether you are promoting a brand or it is a personal video, the best thing to do is create a script for that particular video. It will ensure that everything comes out the way you want to. When you have a script, you know every character and item in a scene and know how to shoot it as well.

Also, it makes sure that you do not fumble or forget to shoot a sequence. A script also includes the angles you want to shoot the video in, and you must take more than one angle of a scene. When you have it written in the script, it makes the shooting process a bit simpler.

7. Always look for motivation

Even the top YouTubers need inspiration because they too suffer from writer’s block. When you feel like your current videos are not as creative as the ones you made previously, it is time to take a break. It is fine to take breaks so that you can come up with better content for your viewers.

In that period take a look at your channel, list down the ideas that you have, and research them. No idea is ever truly unique, but you can make it unique as when you research, you can find a technique or editing style or even come up with a way to make the idea truly yours.

The only thing is to never copy someone else’s video. Just take inspiration from them and then work on your idea. Lastly, trust yourself and your ideas; if you are satisfied with it, the viewers will love it as well. It is the sincerity and honesty that will keep the audience coming back.

8. Make sure every second of the video offers something valuable

Every second and frame of your video should offer valuable content to your viewers. Do not waste the video with clips or shots that don’t offer anything or is out of context. That is why, when editing, make sure every clip that you use in the final product has some relevance. It is especially vital when you are beginning your YouTube journey.

Maybe once you have a loyal customer base, it will become easier to get away with clips or moments that don’t forward the story but are crucial for you to put in.

9. Work on getting long-term deals

Sponsorships are imperative as it helps a YouTuber earn money and establish themselves as an influencer. But there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for sponsorships:

First, they should be related to your niche or the theme that you usually make videos on.
Secondly, if you can find a long-term deal with a brand or retailer that will benefit your YouTube video more than one-time sponsorship from a random sponsor.
Make sure that you are honest in your review and try the product. Doing fake reviews may not end well in the long run.

10. Work on your title

● Optimizing your video so that they can get more views and traffic and higher rank on
search is crucial. One of the ways to do that is by writing a compelling and relevant title.
The title of your videos encourages people to click on it along with the thumbnail. Tips:
● Use keywords that viewers use to search for your content.
● If it goes with the title, write video in your title as it has high searches
● Never go beyond the 66 character mark for your title as then it doesn’t show fully on the page.

These tips will ensure that you start or create a channel that grows in subscribers and is
successful. However, to create a channel, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Now, sign in using your Google id and password.

2. Now, go to the Google account menu which you can find on the top upper right corner by clicking your profile picture.

3. Here you now select ‘my channel’ from the upper-right part of the screen. Click on create my channel and you now have one. Here you can see your profile picture, and more. To edit these, go to your ‘find your Google profile’ option and then customize these as per your choice.

4. Now go to ‘activities under your channel’.

Here you can choose from a variety of things that you want viewers to do when they come to your channel. The four options that you have are- like, comment, subscribe, and favorite a video.

5. Click on okay, and your YouTube channel is ready.

To conclude, the best tip is to keep learning, be authentic, and come up with fresh and engaging content and you will win the love of your audience.



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