CSM Certification Training program, in Pune, India is being offered on the online learning
platform of Knowledgehut. Knowledgehut is a global registered education provider of Scrum alliance. In this article we will be talking about the latest CSM certification course and what are the benefits of attending the course and pre-requisites that you need to satisfy to attend the course.

The certified Scrum Master Training certification program will be a comprehensive program that is designed with the aim to help you become an exemplary Scrum Master with knowledge and understanding of the real-time activities of scrum and simulations. You will be imparted knowledge through experiential learning process through the help of role plays, real case studies, etc, that drives your learning towards becoming a skilled practitioner with requisite knowledge of Scrum.

I. Why you should do certified Scrum Master Training?

There has been increased adoption of agile workflow framework among enterprises which are making them seek requisite talent who can take in hand the role and responsibility of
implementing Scrum in their organization. According to the 2014 survey of VersionOne State of Agile which has shown that there are above 94% organizations across the world who are currently using the advanced agile practices and methodologies in some form or the other. In this regard, as every other organization is going agile, it becomes pertinent for them to recruit the best-fit candidate for their firm who is both trained in excelling the models of agile team.

So, the project managers of the organization are tending to have more pressure in this term to only hire the creative employees, on the basis of their experience and expertise in the industry and also based on their maximum potential that can drive the organization towards success.

According to the recent state of scrum report from the accredited Scrum Alliance there are more than 81% respondents from the 4000+ who agrees that a globally registered agile certification will help in improving the scrum practice and hiring of the right talent.
Moreover, the same case is for those candidates who are holding their foundational CSM
certification which has received a renowned place on the list of the Global Knowledge among some of the top paying certifications because the average salary of certified scrum master is around $101,729. It is to inform just for the record that a latest Scrum alliance report suggests that the total number of certified scrummaster (CSM) has exponentially increased across the world becoming more than 2 Lakhs since the past few years.

The Certified Scrum Master certification in Pune has been prepared with the sole aim of
providing a comprehensive overview of agile methodologies and practices using Scrum
framework while also making sure that the detailed techniques are covered in the course so that the candidates finds it easy in becoming a skilled practitioner.

The idea of imparting coaching in such a way is that if Scrum is understood properly can be the major source of giving an extreme boost to employee’s morale, the quality of deliverables they provide and most importantly, it has a great role in doing away with the external disturbances inhibiting quality so that team workflows improves for good in quicker and effective delivery of the projects.


As a certified Scrum Master you get included in the well known elite group of professionals
of Scrum. The members of the group are only those who has demonstrated their skill and understanding of Scrum in the real world context and those are only meant to be the scrum specialists whose job is to drive the project team towards successful completion. That is why our latest CSM certification must validate your skill in Scrum and hence we bring to you the CSM certification training in Pune, offered by Knowledgehut.

1. It adds to your job profile the professional credibility you possess as a scrum master.
Our training will help you learn the requisite scrum concepts so that you can
seamlessly be part of an agile team.

2. It gives you personal satisfaction that you are equipped with the skills and have
become a subject matter expert of Scrum with the CSM certification.

3. You acquire an advantageous position in the job career to command salary as per your
choice as a certified scrum Master can easily command upwards salary of $100k.

4. The skills you learn from the CSM certification training program ease your job search
by making you competent to be fit in multiple job roles with unique skill set.

5. The certification adds value to your career and you being a skilled professional in
scrum add value to your organization by improving the work quality and structuring
the team towards driving quality deliverables.

6. The skills that are imparted to you in the training help you get closely engaged with
the organisational hierarchy to take better decisions that result in improving overall
productivity, making you a stellar performer.


  • You get to learn the fundamental concepts of Agile and Scrum and will play a huge
    role in helping the team in their effective implementation of Scrum across the
  • Acquire the understanding of all the necessary concepts and terminologies of scrum
    and complete the implementation of Scrum process.
  • Understand multiple roles that are involved in Scrum and learn the extensive scope of the role of a Scrum Master role in effective implementation of Scrum.
  • Learn about the core competencies of Scrum Master in protecting the scrum team from any internal or external distractions.
  • Get acquainted with the entire scrum Ceremonies involved such as product backlog,
    sprint retrospective, daily scrum, done definition, and sprint backlog.
  • Play your essential role in facilitating the development of Scrum Teams and of thewhole organization whilst also responding to any change.
  • Work towards improving the complete transparency in the team workflow. This can be done by proper inspection and adaption of transparent rules so that each events and members’ contribution is visible to everyone.

As a scrum Master you act mainly as a Servant Leader and hence your job would be to
help the collaborative workflow among the team members by following all the scrum
process properly.


There are no as such pre-requisites that is needed to fulfill before attending our CSM certification training in Pune as it is open for anyone to attend it be it a fresher or professional who has are learning enthusiasts.

Those candidates who are looking to further their job career in project management and want to gain detailed understanding of scrum, they can attend it. It is assured that the course will be delivered by our experienced CSTs who deliver the training program in such an exemplary way that it suits both the beginners and our experienced professionals in scrum. However, it is wisely recommended for you to come attend the course with basic knowledge of Scrum and its usage in the context of real-world. You can learn fundamentals of scrum by doing the one day Agile and Scrum foundation training course on the learning platform of knowledgeHut.


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