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PCNOK, or the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, is a massive issue for Oklahoma’s healthcare system. It assists people in 77 counties. This organization is in the United States and comprises 19 Oklahoma Community Health Centers. PCNOK was founded in 2014 to improve teamwork. It has grown to be one of Oklahoma’s most extensive networks of primary care doctors in the previous eight years.

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Their care approach encompasses all life periods, from birth to old age. Today, we’ll discuss this care network in depth, including its aims, services, and technology.

Let’s get started since there’s a lot to talk about.

PCNOK Overview

Pcnok (Patient Care Network) is an essential approach in digital healthcare to aid the chronically sick and aged in the health, care, and rehabilitation industries and help the population age.

With social distance, restricted travel owing to the covid crisis, and a surge in illnesses induced by a sedentary lifestyle, it is more important than ever for people to utilize internet technologies to keep an eye on vulnerable people from afar.

The PCNOK Mission

This comprehensive care package covers all stages of life, from pregnancy to old age.

PCNOK works to accomplish three major healthcare goals:

• Improved overall care • Healthier people • More prudent expenditure

In other words, PCNOK’s fundamental purpose and conviction are that health care should be accessible, of high quality, and as inexpensive as feasible for the benefit of society.

It does this by fostering mutually beneficial relationships. For example, the group purchases them all at once to save money. It is mostly concerned with clinics, hospitals, and doctors.

How Does It Work?

PCNOK provides a technology solution that has been employed in medical research and is available to all patients. This function lets the patient’s health be monitored even while not in the hospital. It is a new technology that assists doctors in treating people who have just been discharged from the hospital or who have difficult chronic conditions. Doctors may use this technology to support their patients who are on long-term treatment and need to be checked on at specific periods.

PCNOK Member Organizations

Anyone in Oklahoma who works in health care and wants to work together to enhance their patients’ care and quality of life is welcome to join PCNOK. The alliance provides its members with tools, training, and assistance.

Community Health Connection, Inc. • Family Medical Center of Oklahoma, Inc. • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center, Inc. • Community Health Centers, Inc.

• Shortgrass Community Health Center, Inc.

• Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers

• East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center

Stigler Wellness and Health Center, Inc. Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc. Great Salt Plains Health Center

  •  Lawton Community Health Center Kiamichi Family Medical Center Inc.
  •  Morton Comprehensive Health Services Inc.

Advantages for Health Care Professionals

Smart, active monitoring settings that work effectively may be set up at home using this technology. So that doctors may treat many patients at once at their most important moments.

PCNOK Advantages

patient Advantages


The technology is constantly aware of the patient’s overall health. This makes patients feel protected and powerful while receiving therapy. Technology benefits patients since it can care for their health issues in severe instances, perhaps saving their lives. It supports and maintains the appropriate treatment to fit the patients’ lives.

Regarding Family Members

Family members and caregivers may rely on the medical team to closely check their loved one’s health and ensure that any significant issues are identified and corrected as soon as possible.

For the SSN Patient Care Network, it is feasible to reduce the number of people who need to go to the emergency department and the number of people who are already there. It also lets you reserve home access for people who need it. Remote assistance makes it simpler for doctors, patients, and their families to limit the spread of sickness.

PCNOK’s main focus

PCNOK created the investigation software, Mediation, and data on care coordination. PCNOK is built on and completes the many foundational model types for the fundamental association. It also features a variety of rewards sorts. You’ll be startled to find that PCNOK‘s total revenue is less than $5,000,000, which is much lower than the market average.

Everyone Has Access

PCNOK members accept Medicare, private insurance, Medicaid, and patients who pay out of pocket. Patients who pay cash and make less than 200% of the poverty line may be eligible for discounts if they qualify and can produce evidence of income.

The Effects of PCNOK on Society as a Whole 

PCNOK‘s people all work. It wishes to spread the news about rapid advancements in care delivery. Strategies for integrating mental health and well-being are included in the plans. Care groups, telemedicine, and health and wellness are additional choices.

People in PCNOK, like Medicare, give the greatest services. Further choices exist, such as Medicaid, private insurance, and patients who pay for their care. Furthermore, fresh information reveals that PCNOK works with various organizations. They aid in keeping track of how various things have impacted various people.

Initially, PCNOK serviced around 500 people from government-paid offices. Individual organizations are also included. PCNOK has earned a great lot of trust as an organization. The best medical care is important for the advancement of civilization.

Comprehensive Prevention and Primary Care

Members of PCNOK manage 125 healthcare delivery locations in cities and rural regions. The majority of these locations are referred to as Patient-Centered Medical Homes, including medical, digital dentistry, visual, mental health, certain specialty care, diagnostic testing, pharmacy, and nutrition. They may also refer patients to other specialty care if necessary. PCNOK is Oklahoma’s largest organization.

Solutions and Innovation

Members of PCNOK work to enhance innovative methods of providing care, such as integrating mental health, telemedicine, care teams, and health coaches into primary care.


PCNOK assists a wide range of people in 77 countries. This Oklahoma network also assists people from all around the nation. These people are included in the care model. Overall, this network significantly impacts the people who utilize it.


Community partnerships, integrative principles, and social determinants of health may help people improve their health and wellness. This has a significant influence on the whole state.

How to join the PCNOK Network

It is simple to join the PCNOK Network and only takes a few minutes. You must first make an account on the website. After you sign in, you’ll be presented with a menu of choices. The first choice is to sign the network as a member.

When you become a member of the network, you gain access to all its features and benefits. The second option is to become a paid member. When you become a premium member, you have access to additional features and benefits that members who do not pay for premium memberships do not enjoy.

The final option is to become an advertiser on the network. As an advertiser, you may place adverts on the site and earn money every time a user clicks on one of your ads. The fourth option is to become a member of the network as an author. You may write articles for the site as a publisher and be paid for each published one. It is simple to join the PCNOK Network and only takes a few minutes.

What Are the Advantages of Using PCNOK?

Patients may utilize its services to do the following:

1. find a doctor or nurse.

It includes a database of healthcare providers in Oklahoma that you may search for.

Patients may do their search by area, specialty, or service type.

2. Check on the health of a loved one.

They provide people and their families with access to health information.

This information contains test results, medical data, and other things.

3. find what health resources are available in your region.

This will provide you with information and resources such as exercise and good eating.

What Does the Governing Body of the PCNOK Mean?

This PCNOK governing body has been considered seriously in the medical industry. This is also legal, and it was determined that the agreement was fair. This medical system is available to anybody with Medicaid or private insurance. This organization lets people pay for their care or utilize Medicare.

It also provides a variety of answers and innovative ideas in fields such as telemedicine, health coaches, mental health, and others. This organization works on eyesight, mental health, and other fields.

It has around 63 locations in cities and rural regions where people can get medical and preventative care. This organization engages the community, works with social elements, and integrates. Ideas for improving one’s health and wellness are also offered. As the network expands, people in 77 countries benefit from improved health care and living services. However, this organization has a significant impact on people’s health.

Weaknesses of PCNOK

  •  PCNOK has a lower market share in its industry.
  •  When it comes to employee income, PCNOK’s is lower than the industry average.
  •  When it comes to revenue growth, PCNOK’s is lower than the industry average.
  •  When an organization employs fewer people, it grows more slowly.
  •  The gap in PCNOK’s sales growth is bigger than the industry average.

PCNOK Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PCNOK’s total revenue?

In 2022, the network made $1.1 million in revenue. Most of its revenue comes from patient care, but it also makes money by selling pharmaceuticals, renting equipment, and accepting contributions.

How many people are employed by PCNOK?

PCNOK now employs just 25 people.

What is PCNOK’s address?

PCNOK’s address is 3000 N. Grand Blvd., Central Oklahoma City, OK.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Where is its headquarters located?

PCNOK’s headquarters are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

What are the primary industries of PCNOK?

Doctors’ offices and hospital clinics are the primary businesses of PCNOK.

What Kinds of Health Insurance Do They Take?

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma works with Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and people who pay for their care.

Which Industries stand to Gain from PCNOK?

The PCNOK is most beneficial to hospitals, clinics, and doctors. 


PCNOK works to enhance care by advancing the three healthcare reform objectives. This network pushes companies to work and spend money more wisely. That’s all there is to know about the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma in 2022. If you have any queries, please post them in the space below.



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