9 Best Online Fax Services In 2022

Occasionally, you must send fax. However, few people own fax machines or even have access to them. You could always use a physical fax machine at your local print shop for a fee, but it’s expensive and cumbersome. Online fax services are significantly more comfortable to use, free online fax services less expensive to operate than an actual fax machine, and occasionally provide additional features, such as digital signature capabilities. No matter how frequently or not you send, the top online fax services simplify your life.

If you switch to an online fax provider, you may be able to dispose of your multifunction printer with faxing capabilities. Many online fax service includes the option to get the dedicated fax number you can use to send and receive fax pages through a web portal, email, or even mobile and desktop apps printers scanners & fax machines. Although faxing is still an annoyance, fax services near me these services assist in modernizing the process.

What Is Faxing Online?

The most reliable online fax services allow you to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. To send a fax, either generate a PDF or scan the pages of the document you wish to send. The file is then uploaded to the fax service. Then, enter other information, such as the recipient’s name and fax number, and add a cover page, if desired. The internet fax provider handles the remainder. The recipient receives the documents in the same manner as if you had sent them through Fax.

You must have a paid account to receive faxes through an online fax provider. In most circumstances, you can access digital copies of the faxes you receive by logging into a web portal or having them forwarded to your email. You will need a paid subscription account if you intend to use an online fax service frequently.

9 Best Online Fax Services

1. eFax


Online Fax Services eFax

You can send and receive faxes using eFax via a web interface, a mobile app, or your email. We appreciate the mobile application and the option to configure international and toll-free numbers. Nevertheless, online fax services free eFax is hindered by its high price, upfront setup fee, security and performance difficulties, and bad web user experience. Prices begin at $16.95 per month, including 150 pages of incoming and outgoing faxes. In addition, there is a one-time setup fee of $10. (Note: Ziff Davis, Inc., the parent company of PCMag, is a minority shareholder in Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc., which operates eFax.)

2. Fax.Plus


Online Fax Services Fax.Plus

Fax. Plus is an inexpensive, user-friendly, and feature-packed online fax service. It is one of the top online fax services with customizable pricing, a free tier, and superior mobile applications. With a free Fax.Plus account, fax cover sheet template you can send ten pages without charge, but you cannot receive faxes. Each additional page costs 20 cents. This free tier permits electronic signatures, multiple recipients, and mobile app usage. Paid subscriptions begin at $5.99 per month for 100 shared pages, either sent or received, making it one of the cheapest services we’ve evaluated (aside from the free options). Suppose you surpass your limit, Fax.Plus charges 10 cents per page.

3. FaxZero


Online Fax Services FaxZero

FaxZero is a freemium fax solution that can fulfil most of your faxing requirements. Despite its relative simplicity, it is the only free service we tested with regenerating page allocations. You can send up to five faxes daily, with a limit of three pages per Fax (plus a cover page); regarding delivery speeds, faxes from paying customers to take precedence over those from free consumers printers copiers and fax machines. With the free plan, FaxZero imprints its logo on cover pages. Paid faxes cost $2.09 for up to 25 pages plus a cover sheet, but payment must be made through PayPal. FaxZero is the best option if you require little from a fax service (including the capacity to receive faxes).

4. HelloFax


Online Fax Services HelloFax

HelloFax is a best online fax service that provides an excellent user experience, a reasonable price, and an editor that makes working with attachments straightforward. Integrated form-filling and digital signing capabilities eliminate the need to print and deliver papers physically. Despite the absence of a mobile application, HelloFax remains one of our top choices for online fax services.

5. iFax



Best free online fax service iFax is an online fax service that offers desktop and mobile applications. Its pricing plans do not provide a convincing value, and the business charges significantly more for most plans if you sign up using its mobile apps. Starting at $9.99 per month, you can send 200 faxes, but you cannot receive faxes, and you do not obtain a fax number. A fax number, the ability to receive faxes, and an increase in the number of pages you can send and receive are included with more expensive plans fax online.

6. mFax



Free fax mFax is a user-friendly internet faxing service, although it lacks essential features of leading competitors, such as digital signatures for documents and mobile apps. The web interface at least adapts well to mobile displays. The fax from computer  Solo plan from mFax costs $12 monthly and includes 250 fax sheets for sending or receiving fax near me. Frequent fax users can select more expensive plans that enhance the number of pages they can send and receive and the number of individuals that can access their accounts email to fax.

7. MyFax



MyFax enables the sending and receiving faxes over the web, email, and mobile devices. Also, MyFax also offers international and toll-free lines. Its online interface and pricing structure are inconvenient. However, based on our testing, we have some reservations about how it handles passwords. Monthly pricing begins at $10 for 100 outgoing and 200 incoming pages. Costlier plans with higher limits are preferable for commercial users. MyFax offers a 14-day free trial, albeit financial information is required to obtain it. (Note: Ziff Davis, Inc., the parent company of PCMag, is a minority shareholder in Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc., which owns MyFax.)

8. RingCentral Fax


RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax simplifies the sending and receiving of faxes. This is a good, albeit costly, option if you’re in the market for a vanity fax number or intend to send many faxes per month. We enjoy its clean web and mobile apps, too. RingCentral, however, does not support foreign phone lines and lacks digital signature facilities. RingCentral Fax offers two tiers of pricing. The Fax 1500 plan allows you to transmit or receive up to 1,500 pages monthly for $22.99. This tier’s per-page overage fee is 4.9 cents. RingCentral’s different fees brought the monthly price close to $26 during testing. RingCentral offers more options and an annual payment option with modest savings.

9. SRFax



SRFax is a cheap and user-friendly faxing alternative. It supported logins with multi-factor authentication and performed well in our tests. However, how to send a fax SRFax lacks a specific mobile application and digital signature features. SRFax offers various faxing plans for consumers, beginning at $3.29 a month to send or receive up to 25 pages per month and 10 cents per page after that. (Note: Ziff Davis, Inc., the parent company of PCMag, is a minority shareholder in Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc., which owns SRFax.)

How to Send a Fax Online

These fax services offer a web interface, although their usability varies greatly. In the same way that well-designed software may generate user confidence, so can antiquated services free fax app.

HelloFax and mFax fax app have the industry’s best-designed and most functional web interfaces. eFax and MyFax both feature interfaces that resemble webmail inboxes from the 1990s. Despite their age, these interfaces reliably transmit faxes.

Using Mobile Devices To Fax

Most online fax service businesses offer Android and iPhone applications. Using a mobile faxing application, you may take a picture of a document and email it among these providers eFax, and Fax.Plus, iFax, MyFax, and RingCentral offer mobile applications. We prefer that online fax services have a dedicated mobile app, but a mobile website is acceptable. FaxZero, mFax, and SRFax, fedex fax are all highly mobile-friendly feature websites.

What is the best complimentary online faxing service?

If you transmit faxes infrequently, a free service will suffice printers, copiers and fax machines . The best free faxing providers include Fax.Plus, HelloFax, and FaxZero can you fax from iphone.

Fax.Plus, you can fax ten pages for free (ever for your account). HelloFax allows you to fax five pages for free. FaxZero allows you to send five free faxes daily, with a maximum of three pages and a cover page per Fax. According to FaxZero, their revenue model relies on advertising.


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