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Mike Waddell spent most of his weekends in 2020 stuffing trading cards depicting Bigfoot, Mothman, and other weird cryptids into promo packs and mailing them to prospective collectors, investors, and gaming firms. He hoped they’d like MetaZoo, his latest trading card game (TCG). He had a valid argument.

MetaZoo cards have skyrocketed in value and popularity since then. As of January this year, the most current Kickstarter campaign has earned more than $1.8 million, and MetaZoo cards are available at major retailers such as Walmart.

According to certain investors and collectors, MetaZoo is similar to a first-edition Pokémon Go Charizard hologram or an unopened box of Magic: The Gathering booster packs. A few sample MetaZoo cards that are now deemed uncommon may sell for thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

Some rare cards, such as the Red Ink First Secret Rare Box Topper, which sells for $20,000 on eBay, allow you to call in even more. Steve Aoki, a well-known figure in the collectibles sector, has recently joined MetaZoo.

What is MetaZoo?

MetaZoo is a Kickstarter/TCG based on Cryptids. The subject of the TCG is Cryptid Nation’s creatures, spells, and artefacts. The first set, financed on Kickstarter, is based on US cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey Devil, and others.

This indicates that the designers want to leave their design choices open for whatever comes afterward. It is a trading card game (TCG) similar to Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering.

The game “MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation” is based on breaching the fourth wall, or “meta.” This implies that the animals and spells will be stronger or weaker depending on where you play.

For example, water creatures and spells will be more powerful if you play when it is raining. When you play by a fire in the dead of winter, your flame spells become twice as powerful. However, your opponent’s snow creatures will get stronger and may be able to dodge direct blows. As a result, the setting is a critical component of the game. As a result, you may tailor your deck to your surroundings, making your animals stronger.

How Do You Play MetaZoo Card Game?

You are a sorcerer in MetaZoo who utilizes your spellbook to manipulate magic and animals. To win, you must compete against other casters. You may utilize the cards and pages to attack or defend against your opponent.

When you win, your opponent’s life points are reduced from 1000 to zero. But it would help if you also said they could not do the same to you. You accomplish this by casting spells that make it easier or harder to draw cards.

There are two methods to win the game:

1) Remove all 1000 life points from your opponent; 2) Be the first player to remove 500 life points from your opponent.

Every card in the arts medal game has two sides. One side belongs to your opponent, while the other belongs to you. These cards’ two sides are referred to as “flip sides.”

Players who flip their cards may employ various talents based on their current circumstances (attacking, defending, drawing extra cards). The purpose of metazoa games is to be able to flip over more and more cards into your column until it fills up and begins to take over all ten places on the table. The game ends when one person flips all 10 cards into their column.

What is the price?

Right now, all you can see are the pricing for the Kickstarter first editions. The majority cost well over $2,000 apiece.  They may continue to rise when more of the first edition is released.

Check out the pricing on eBay. MetaZoo cards may only be purchased and sold on the secondary market. We’re still waiting for the first round of non-Kickstarter first editions to arrive. The Bazaar market on MetaZoo has been open for a time.

However, they have now taken it down, so people do not have to purchase and sell anything on eBay, secret forums, and Discord.

Where Can I Buy MetaZoo?

A MetaZoo game may be preordered on the MetaZoo marketplace or purchased through a TCG retailer near you. You may use the shop finder on the website to discover a store near you that sells the games. All you want to do is enter your location, the size of the search area, and the size of the search area. You may also place a purchase online via eBay or Amazon Kindle. Remember that this only applies to cards that MetaZoo has previously released.

What is the total number of MetaZoo cards?

The “set” had 93 distinct sample cards, each with precisely 100 copies printed. We can calculate that 9,300 MetaZoo Cryptid Nation sample cards were produced using basic math.

Indrid Cold
Righteous Reckoning
Flood the Earth
Headless Horseman
Old Scratch
Cryptid Nation Promo
New Year’s New Beginnings
Powerup Red
Death Beam
Jersey Devil
Grim Reaper
Mothman 1st Edition
Headless Coal Miner
River of Time

Why is MetaZoo so pricey?

The true reason for the massive quantity of cash is that each level of support nets you MetaZoo TCG promo cards. The upper levels contained unique promo cards that were only 1 in 1000 or 1 in 250, which could make them quite valuable in a TCG.

Is MetaZoo a Reliable Investment?

Many buyers and sellers speculate on MetaZoo’s long-term viability, and the firm is devoted to making its product range and brand. However, investors should consider a few issues with this product before purchasing anything from MetaZoo.

The game’s usage of a player’s physical surroundings is a major fact. This makes MetaZoo a difficult game to play, both competitively and online. As we’ve seen, every successful card game has transitioned to a digital marketing platform that allows players to join and compete over the internet.

But how will this be accomplished in a game where the player must determine what is happening around them in real-time? Furthermore, the site of a tournament should have a significant influence on competitive play. This would result in generally dull formats with many of the same cards and techniques being played.

How thrilling would that be to witness?

Will sponsors support these events so that attendees and players have a good time?

MetaZoo works with which distributors?

Here is a list of distributors that MetaZoo Games works with globally.

Why is MetaZoo so well-liked?

Meta Zoo game cards are popular among players since they allow them to make decks. A deck contains many types of cards. And will include at least 40 cards and up to 60 cards. Players build their decks by purchasing cards from other players. Alternatively, you may get it by tearing apart booster packs (packs contain 12 random cards).

Cards are classified based on their rarity. Examples include common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and holographic cards. They may also be fashioned to resemble foil (a gleaming version of a common or uncommon card) or gold (a rare or ultra-rare card). To defeat their opponents, players make decks with varying tactics and appearances.

The mana system is crucial to the game since it dictates how long it takes for a card’s effect to take effect. Mana points must be obtained from the land, creatures, and spells. Lands must provide one-third of your mana pool for one mana point every round.

When performed on an empty

On the board, creatures earn two mana points every turn cycle, whereas spells generate three.

However, if there are currently five creatures in play, each creature creates just one mana point every round cycle. For example, if your opponent has three creatures in play, you’d need four on your side to gain two mana points each round rather than simply one.


Even though I’ve covered a lot of ground here, I hope you know whether MetaZoo is a worthy purchase. The answer is a resounding YES to certain things and a resounding NO to others.

Following my advice, you’ll make wise decisions concerning your MetaZoo collection and investments. If you have any questions or tips for future blogs. I’d want to know what you think.

MetaZoo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) How much did it raise?

In only one day, MetaZoo’s Kickstarter for playing cards garnered $1 million.

When was MetaZoo released?

It’s finalized. We’re excited to announce that MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation (1st Edition) will be out on July 30, 2021.

Is MetaZoo true?

MetaZoo is a Kickstarter/TCG based on Cryptids. The subject of the TCG is Cryptid Nation’s creatures, spells, and artefacts. The first set, financed on Kickstarter, is based on US cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey Devil, and others.

What is the next MetaZoo set?

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation, a new booster set from MetaZoo Games LLC, will be released. – The first edition of UFO will be released on July 29, 2022.

How much money did it make on Kickstarter?

MetaZoo is a trading card game (TCG) centered on cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, SlideRock Bolter, Indrid Cold, and the Flatwoods Monster!

Two hundred fifty-five people have given $18,249 to help make this project a reality.

Who produces MetaZoo?

Michael Waddell’s MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is a trading card game that will be published shortly. It is now at the fundraising stage. The first group, titled “Beasties,” will include cryptids from the United States, such as Bigfoot, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, the Flatwoods Monster, and Indrid Cold.

How many old scuffs have been extracted from that?

It needs to be clarified exactly what MetaZoo items Old Scratch might be referring to since Booster Boxes have already been verified. 100 Old Scratch cards were sent worldwide, and it is MetaZoo Games’ second hidden rare card.

How long has MetaZoo been available?

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is MetaZoo Games’ debut game. It was released today, July 30, after a spring Kickstarter campaign. The card game is based on both ancient and modern legends. It features Pokémon-like monsters such as Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the Mothman. 


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