Online Ludo as The New Card Game

Online Ludo as The New Card Game

One of the most enjoyable games from their childhood days, for most people around the world, has to be Ludo. It has accounted for several hours of unabated fun across generations. However, the current generation has retained the charm of the delightful game in a slightly different form- the digital form. Technology has made it possible to play Ludo either on PCs or on mobile apps, with help from the Internet.


Those who want to play Ludo online must be able to download these apps or log on to suitable websites. Instructions to play these games are pretty self-explanatory, such that even tiny tots can manage. The appearance remains the same, although the feel has changed a bit. People generally require guidance on how to earn money from these games since they have to deposit money for them to play legitimate Ludo games. This money is withdrawn through wallets and online bank accounts in much the same way across all Ludo websites, but the account needs to be verified initially.

The game starts only when a player gets the number 6 on his dice. This player slowly completes 4 rounds of the entire virtual Ludo board before getting into his or her own house. The first player who can get all his or her own color pieces to enter his or her house wins the game. Each player can pass another player on the board and eliminate color pieces as well.

Win Through Referral Codes

If a player registers other players through his or her referral codes, he also stands chances of winning cash. Individual rooms can be created to play with others with the help of these codes.

Good Looking Skins

The appearance and theme of a virtual Ludo board here are known as its skin. This skin can be changed during the course of the game. Individuals at specific levels often get the opportunities to choose from different skins. Each of the skins has sounds to suit them as well.

Bonuses are based on the number of games completed. In certain websites and apps, the bonuses are higher amounts than others. Also, the bonuses arrive earlier in certain online versions of Ludo as opposed to others.

Win-win For All

Online Ludo is a win-win game for all. Game developers are able to offer a large number of options to customers and thereby make money. On the other hand, players also make money and have numerous hours of fun with their families and friends. It can be safely said that online Ludo today is just as engaging as the card games of yesteryear.

Availability of Voice Chat

These days, many game manufacturers also provide a Voice Chat facility over Ludo, in which players can talk to each other through the Internet. This helps unknown people get to know each other quickly, allowing them to play several games and form friendships along the way too. Through regular chat, individuals on Ludo websites and apps can share emotions through emojis.

Ensure Maximum Security at All Times

On the pretext of playing Ludo, conmen on the Internet can get individuals to leak vital personal information, which could lead to dangerous data breaches. These can be avoided by playing on reputed websites and apps only. Such sites will ensure that none of the personal information is shared with third-party websites, and also verify the identity of each user. Gaming skills are now being used to earn a lot of money, and so users must be doubly cautious.

Following Ludo Strategies

There are a wide variety of strategies that can be used to maximize the chances of winning a Ludo game. Many of these strategies have been extensively described on various websites. Here is a look at some of them:

  1. Make All the Tokens Move – Do not wait for one token to complete the journey and return home, and other squares must not be blocked during the game. Putting all tokens into the board as soon as possible is the best way to win.
  2. Follow Rule of 7 – It is a good strategy to be 7 steps ahead of the opponent while on the board. This gives a fair probability of being able to escape as the opponent’s token comes closer. It is easily a player’s best chance of survival.
  3. Increase Chances of Killing Opponent’s Tokens – Firstly players must remember that for this to happen, they have to decrease their own probability of getting killed. There are greater chances of knocking off an opponent’s token when more than one token of the other player attack it.
  4. Play the Waiting Game – Strategically move tokens to get them to the star-shaped signs on boards. Keep them safe here for an amount of time that is adequate to decide the next move.
  5. Use Math Skills – Probability might be helpful for scoring well here




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