NBA Live Streaming Websites

The Top Best 6 NBA Live Streaming Websites In 2020

Basketball lovers all across the world are ready for the 2019-2020 NBA regular season that was halted on March 11. No matter the COVID-19 pandemic, the keenness hasn’t decreased a touch.

While required, questions like “Where am I able to watch NBA live?” and “How to stream NBA games?” have started emerging on the web.

To answer them once and for all, during this article we’ve shared reliable streaming sources for watching both regular season and postseason NBA live streams.

How To Watch Live NBA Season?

Presently, the proper to broadcast 2020 NBA games is restricted to four different national networks namely ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV. Additionally, regional sports networks have the proper to broadcast an area NBA team.

NBA Live Streaming Websites

Undoubtedly, cable and satellite TV are the 2 most viable options for enjoying NBA games of 2020. However, if you don’t want to incur the hassles and expenses related to these streaming sources then you believe cable-replacement streaming services or often mentioned as over-the-top streaming services.

NBA League Pass performs presentation access to nationally tv games that are aired during the playoffs. To stream those you’ll subscribe NBA TV.

Streaming Services For Watching NBA Live Stream

1. AT&T TV Now

NBA Live Streaming Websites

AT&T TV Now or formerly referred to as DirecTV now’s a somewhat cheaper yet feature-packed streaming source for NBA live streams. Fortunately, AT&T TV Presently allows access to ESPN, TNT, and ABC. the very best tier subscription plan of this service allows subscribers to enjoy regional coverage. New subscribers can enroll for a free trial.

2. Sling TV

NBA Live Streaming Websites

Sling TV is the lowest way of watching nationally tv games on ESPN and TNT. Unfortunately, it’s only available in selected regions. aside from, NBA games you’ll also watch other sports-oriented content on Sling TV. almost like AT&T TV Now, Sling TV also offers a free subscription.

3. Hulu Live TV

NBA Live Streaming Websites

Another great option for live tv streaming is Hulu Live TV. NBA streaming on Hulu Live TV is formed possible through ESPN, TNT, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Sadly, you can’t find NBA TV on Hulu. The subscription plan of Hulu Live TV starts from $54.99.

4. YouTube TV

NBA Live Streaming WebsitesWith ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, ABC, and some other regional sports networks YouTube TV is that the most feasible NBA streaming apps. The $64.99/month might sound a touch pricey but YouTube TV is that the easiest method of streaming everything in one place. Additionally, the native Android and iOS applications will assist you to enjoy NBA live stream on mobile devices.

6. FuboTV

NBA Live Streaming Websites

With the unavailability of ESPN, FuboTV is a different reliable NBA live tv coverage service. Basketball fans can access this service by employing a free trial and enrolling for the $54.99 subscription plan down the road.

How To Stream NBA Games With NBA League Move?

As you would possibly or won’t know, NBA League Pass is that the official streaming service for NBA 2020. It is often used for watching regular season and postseason games.

NBA League Pass is out there in three different pricing tiers to cater to the wants of subscribers. supported your preference you’ll follow your favorite team for the whole season or enjoy live games of all teams. Lastly, the NBA League Pass Premium is right for those that have an interest in in-arena streams.

NBA League Pass offers presentation introduction to nationally tv games that are aired during the playoffs. To stream, you’ll subscribe NBA TV.

It is worth noting that, counting on your location you’ll face coverage blackout even with NBA League With the unavailability of ESPN, FuboTV is a different reliable NBA live tv coverage service. Luckily, employing a VPN service you’ll surpass geo-blocking restrictions and utilize the league pass to its full potential.

Get The NBA League Pass

How do watch the NBA Live Stream In Canada?

NBA Live Streaming

Inspired to stream last year’s champions, Raptors 2020 NBA games?

A reasonable subscription charge, SportsNet and TSN will assist you to enjoy NBA streaming in Canda. These services are available at a monthly subscription charge of around CA$19.99. Lastly, you’ll even use the NBA League Pass discussed within the previous section.

Free Online Sports Websites For NBA Streaming

Over the years, many unofficial yet free online sports streaming sites have emerged out of the blue. A bulk of them are both fraudulent or promote the redistribution of malware through intrusive advertisements. Consequently, using any such website for watching live NBA games are often risky.

We advise our reader to put in a reliable ad-blocker before accessing any free NBA streaming sites.
The three famous NBA live streaming free websites continue,


The restart of the 2019-20 NBA season will begin on 30th July and 22 teams will play this season at a single-site campus at Disney World Resort in Florida.

We hope that the knowledge about the NBA games live-streaming sources may need to help you.


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