Bigg Boss 14: Everything to know from the past to future

Bigg boss: Aj Scene Paltega which means Bigg boss Season 14 is the 14th
season of the famous Indian reality television shows Bigg Boss. The show was
launched on Colors in September 2020 and has been aired for the second

It is the first season with no Salim as a host. This season marks a new trend in
Big Boss, which is banging as a theme in the show. During the show, the
contestants get together and start to act as bangers. The audience judges their
performances during the show. The judges watch the performance of all the

This season’s theme is banging. Each contestant tries to show his/her banger-
ness. The contestants get together in a studio to compete, and then after they
compete in the show, the audience vote for them, and the winner is declared.
Several categories are being contested in this season; some include Banging,
Performance, Showmanship, Relationship Building, and many more.

As for the contestants, many have already made their presence felt on Big Boss.
They include Danyal Rasputina, Kavita Kumar, and Sheena Bedi. The most
important categories are Performance, Showmanship, Relationship Building,
and many more. This season promises a lot of fun and entertainment for the
viewers. The audience gets to witness the contestants interact with each other
and perform different stunts to entertain and amaze the audience.

It is interesting that some of the contestants have been replaced this season
because of poor performance. Many have been replaced this season who are not
doing well and could not make their presence felt on the show.

The audience for Bigg boss is increasing in the United States of America. Big
bosses Season 14 was broadcasted on CBS in the United States. which means it
is now being viewed in other parts of the world.

However, this season has been a success in India also. Big bosses are now
topping the viewership charts for the second season in a row on Colors.

The show is one of the most popular television shows among viewers in
America. It has been a massive hit in America as well, and it is very well
received by Indian viewers too. With its success, many companies are interested
in producing similar TV shows related to Big boss-like Boss themes.

According to Variety, the executives of Viacom are keen to launch Boss 14
with some significant changes. According to a Variety article, Viacom, which
owns channels in more than 200 countries worldwide, wants to launch a new

series of the show based on the American version of the show. The show will
air on CBS later this year.

Viacom is also interested in launching a new version of Boss in partnership
with a TV network in India, a source told Variety. However, this report did not
specify if the network being mentioned in the report is CBS or not.

According to an entry on Bigg boss fan forums on Yahoo Answers, Viacom is
interested in launching a spin-off of Big Boss in India where contestants would
be sent to America to compete. Since the original Big Boss is in America, there
is no need to send contestants to America to win.

This shows contestants would be asked to perform stunts such as Throwing
a party in a very different way. The contestants will also have to go to a party in
New York and perform acts like standing in a queue, or sitting at a desk, and so



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