What Is The Technology Behind Prisma App

Everyone would go to have their portrait as an art piece. Many are giving millions to create a masterpiece. Now it had become cheap and simple. This app, ‘Prisma,’ which went viral, took the photoholics to a different period. Becoming released in June by a Russian startup with a similar name, Prisma photo editing app has attracted more than a score of millions worldwide.

To those who are seeing for art in each photo, ‘Prisma’ comes in usable. Though there are dozens of photo editing app with totally cool features, this one stands out with its combination of technology and tradition.

What Is Prisma?

Prisma is a free app that attaches filters to your photos to use them in artistic artworks. Like Waterlogue and Fotosketcher, Prisma works magic on your photos to make them look very different than the originals.

Prisma is a photo editing mobile application that uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to use artistic effects to transform pictures. This app was created by Alexey Moiseenkov (Russian: Алексей Моисеенков), Oleg Poyaganov, Andrey Usoltsev, Ilya Frolov, Aram Hardy. It was launched in June 2016 as a Prisma app free mobile app.

Prisma App

What Does It Do?

This new-age app adds an artistic touch to your photos. Prisma app online merely stating it’s like Picasso drawing your pictures. Yes, the magic brush of great artists will reflect in your photos. There are more than 30 filters that Prisma offers for free. The filters vary from the Caribbean to the scream, Heisenberg, etc. iPhone Prisma app ios, Prisma app android.

Secret Technology

Blending two photos is what ‘Prisma’ really creates. In the article, the picture you choose or take through the Prisma app is then compared or related to the selected filter’s various styles. The alteration is made without affecting the original picture.

The method is technically known as a convolutional neural network search. The app’s algorithm, which depends massively on Artificial Intelligence, goes through the tons of artistic styles and chooses the Prisma app photo the particular one with the original photo as a reference. Thus the resultant image you get is the blend of the two images, with your original photo retained at maximum intensity.

Also, the picture you alter gets stored in the Prisma database only for a short period in encrypted form. This provides the users the freedom to use any photo with privacy.

Different From Peers?

Speaking of technology, all photo editing app has a unique program. What makes Prisma so much is the learning and application of the filters which it creates.

Unlike different apps, Prisma inspects the original image as many layers, and the effect is used to every layer separately. But in various photo editing apps, the filter is used as a coating to the original image, which is artificial. Prisma is like a pioneer to these photo editors. The improved GPU’s, which is used to create the essential app structure, increases the mobile phone photos’ standard.

What’s Next?

The next level of the photo, a still image, is a motion picture. And Prisma is getting its foot steadily on the evolution pad. Soon you will be able to convert your videos into live art, just like the images in Harry Potter movies, along with the Prisma’s artistic styles.

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